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World Parents Day

The students of the Pre-Primary section celebrated World Parents’ Day on 26th July 2017. An invitation written in a poetic verse was sent much in advance in order to ensure maximum participation.

On the day of the activity a welcome board was set up in the foyer area where the Coordinator of the section warmly welcomed the parents. The parents were directed to the different venues as three activities were going on simultaneously.

In the first activity parents joined the little once in enthusiastically doing the Zumba on peppy numbers. Next they went to the selfie corner to click a selfie and preserve the memories with their bundles of joy. Last but not the least the parents replace the teachers in the class and took up reciting nursery rhymes and stories to the rapt audience.

It was a fun-filled day for the teachers, students and the parents. It was a day in which the parents actually became a part of the school family.

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