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WORKSHOP – Remodelled Structure of Assessment for Secondary Classes- STD IX and X

A workshop on ‘Remodelled Structure of Assessment for Secondary Classes’ was organized by CBSE, COEP on 22nd December 2017 at Akshara International School, Wakad from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The session focused on the changed system of assessment pattern for STD IX and X. The session was attended by Principals, Vice principals and exam coordinators of various Schools across Maharashtra. Participants were served breakfast as soon as they reached the venue. The session began with a prayer (aanapan) followed by introduction of participants. Each group was then given a topic ranging from ’How to increase Student participation’, ‘Fair and Equal’, ‘Class Rules, ‘One Minute Until Dispersal’, Things out of my control, things in my control’, ‘Non Verbal Communication in classroom’. After putting together everyone’s thoughts on these topics and sometime spent on discussion the participants were regrouped subject wise and each group was given topics as Periodic Tests, Notebooks and Co Scholastic. Each group made a presentation based on their understanding of the circular and the way things are carried on in their respective Schools. It was unanimously agreed that three periodic tests have to be conducted in the increasing order of syllabus covering 25%, 50% and 75% of the portion. The total marks for each periodic test can be set by each School. The importance of Rubrics to assess and award grades for each assessment was emphasized upon so that there is no ambiguity. Later each group made a question paper based on their subjects and discussed the same in the forum. The Workshop helped clear a lot of doubts and reassure everyone that they are on the right track.

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