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VPMUN Conference Chapter II

12 students of Std – VIII and IX participated enthusiastically in VPMUN Conference Chapter II, in VPMS, Pune. The reason behind conducting VPMUN was to make the young generation aware of the problems faced by different countries in the world and finding solutions to win over them. The conference was held on 17th and 18th November. Students were allotted in different committees which were United Nation Security Council, Economies and Social Council, and United Nations Human Rights Council and the agendas of the global issues were discussed. Initially the students were nervous and stressed. However, as they started to prepare, their confidence increased. The level of their enthusiasm was very high. It was a thrilling moment to seek the students of our school excel out of their shell and debate smartly in the sessions. The students presented their opening speeches and their agendas firmly. They gave their views and opinions intelligently. Our students accepted the challenges and answered the questions in a scholarly manner. It was their hard work and perseverance which portrait them as leaders of tomorrow. Students have nurtured unforgettable memories which they will store with them forever.

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