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Visit to Suzlon

Suzlon Energy Limited, a world-leading wind energy company based in Pune India, together with the architect, pledged to create the greenest office in India. Living the motto of the company, ‘powering a greener tomorrow’, the architect relied exclusively on non-toxic and recycled materials. They achieved a LEED Platinum and TERI GRIHA 5 Star certification. The company claims to have over 14,800 MW of wind energy capacity installed globally, with operations across 19 countries and a workforce of over 7,000.

On 14th July, 2016 an industrial visit to Suzlon- One Earth, Pune for students of grade 8th was organised. Mrs Remmya Parthasarathy and Mr Prakash Pujari had accompanied the students. The students reached the venue at 10 am. Mr Dnyaneswar, Manager of the on-site campus had organised for video presentations based on the history of Suzlon, the production of wind mills and assembling of wind mills. After the presentation the students were taken to a simulated model of their on-site campus. Mr Dnyaneswar explained every aspect of their office architecture and took the students around the campus. Students were really mesmerised by the well planned and organised structure of Suzlon-One Earth campus. This was followed by a Q&A session where the children got their queries answered. The children got to learn a lot about the company’s policy of optimum use of alternate resources. The students were explained the history of windmill production.

The students were very happy after the visit as they were exposed to such a well planned architecture for the first time. They were motivated towards the use of alternate resources. Many students stepped out of the campus with the spark of using alternate resources as the theme for their science projects.

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