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Visit of Community Helpers

A Community Helper is anyone who helps others by providing a service. The importance of community helpers is a building block of civics understanding. School conducted “Visit of Community Helpers” from 20th to 22ndFebruary’19 for Pre-Primary students, in this episode, children investigate who community helpers are? Why are they important? How do they keep the community safe and healthy? What do they do to make life better for the people in the community?

Our young learners came to know the various helpers around us and their importance in our life. They understood about our direct and indirect helpers and why do we need them. Following Community Helpers visited us and shared their work experience with our young students.

Advocates, Mrs. Meera Singh and Mr. Atul Lagad spoke about the function of courts. Cook, Mr. Shivanad showed the tools he uses in the kitchen to cook food for them. Security Guard, Mr. Vishwas Shinde spoke about his duties and how he keeps check on visitors to the school. Dentist, Mrs. Anupama Walavalkar showed the tools and a denture to conduct the activity of ‘Brushing Teeth’.

Nurse, Mrs. Chinchu Navneet spoke about the personal hygiene. Banker, Mr. Kanukolanu Sampath showed a short movie related to banking and explained the function of different counters in a bank.

Helping Staff, Mrs. Savita Kohle suggested how to keep our surroundings clean. Bus Conductor, Mrs. Anjum Shaikh helped them to know the rules we need to follow while travelling in a bus.

Driver, Mr. Bhagwat spoke about the traffic rules he follows while driving.

Thanks to all the Community Helpers who supported us by being present on the day.

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