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Tribute to Dr. Balasaheb Vikhe Patil

It is hard to forget someone, that who you know you will always remember

The primary and the senior students gathered together on the school ground to pay homage to our very own Shri Balasaheb Vikhe Patil on 5th January 2017. The stage had big flexes of this great personality. The white attire of the staff members was a sign of thanking our Dear Shri. Balasaheb. The programme was attended by all the members of the school. The assembly started with the school prayer by the students of the senior section. This was followed by a small inspirational skit ‘The Blue Ribbon’. The idea of the skit was to thank Dr. Balasaheb Vikhe Patil for all his great services. The blue ribbons were distributed to all the teachers and students to pass it on to people with whom they were inspired. The choir of students sang two melodious songs dedicated to him.

The teachers read heartfelt poems written specially for him. A ‘bheda’ sapling was planted in remembrance of him and his ashes were sprinkled around it to remind everyone about this eminent personality’s vision and mission and that every student should strive to fulfill his dream and carry the torch. The assembly ended on this note and surely each one present there will always remember Shri Balasaheb Vikhe Patil for the relentless work that he had done for our society.

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