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Traffic Safety Drive

Dates – 15th, 16th & 17th August 2018

Traffic as we know is a big a problem as much as it’s a headache. More time is spent on travelling from one place to another than anything else. That said, people not obeying the traffic rules is a major concern which is taking more lives than a catastrophe. According to survey, 413 people die every day; which is equivalent to a jumbo jet crash. 

Traffic Ticket

We at PCMRD decided to do our bit for the society and what better day than the Independence Day itself. We along with City Catalyst, a NGO which works to solve the traffic issues that is faced by all; dedicated 3 whole days to spread awareness about traffic problems and the consequences faced by the public. This was done at the Savitribai Phule Pune University circle where 50 students of MBA 1st & 2nd year took active part along with 3 faculty members and the traffic police themselves. The students distributed tiny brochures which had some insights about accidents, some instructions and also showcased some placards. The public thanked them with utmost gratitude to have taken such an initiative.  

Traffic drive group

Community service being an important aspect of PCMRD, the PCMRD Community Development Cell (PCDC) organizes such drives regularly in order to inculcate good values among the students, which will make them a responsible citizen in the times to come. 

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