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Traditional Day

6th February 2015

The “Traditional Day” celebration was to represent Indian culture. The whole team was in different Indian outfits. The event was an effort to contribute to remember our culture and celebrate the event with great enthusiasm and gusto. So typically the Bengali’s wore a kurta and dhoti in Bangla style, the Maharashtrian’s wore saree and accessories in a particular Maharashtrian style, the Malayalee’s wore a white shirt and Mundu with golden borders, the Guajarati’s wore sari in Guajarati style, the Punjabi’s wore salwar kameeze and so on, which represented Indian tradition form different states.

The atmosphere everywhere was of joy and celebration. Lunch was arranged by the institute as an appreciation towards the efforts taken by the students for the PCMRD Management fest 2015. Lots of photos were clicked to cherish the memories of the day. The day concluded with the prize distribution of traditional day- Rubina Pathan MBA 1st Year student, and Mihir Natu MBA 2nd Year Student were the winners of the Traditional Day. The director also felicitated the students who were winners in various extracurricular events organized by other management institutes in Pune city.

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