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The Mountain Men ‘Sherpas‘ Visit

On 26th July 2016, Dawa Tshiri Sherpa and Dorchi Sherpa popularly known as the ‘Mountain Men’ visited Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Lohegaon. Legends in their own right, these men, through sheer determination and hard work scaled the heights of the greatest and most dangerous mountains in the world not once but many times. They showed the world that ‘No mountain is too tall’ if you have the determination and are ready to put in your hundred percent. These mountaineers of international fame have climbed 6-8 mountains out of 14 eight thousandeers, their simplicity, attitude and drive to achieve what they set their eyes on humbled the students and staff alike.

Dorchi climbed the Everest 6 times while Dawa climbed it from 7 different routes reflecting the vastness of their mountaineering journey. Speaking about K2, the second highest mountain in the world, notoriously known for its extreme difficulties, avalanche prone areas, bad weathers, subzero temperatures as low as -20 degree Celsius and pencil-thinned narrow climbing routes. Most importantly, the fact that it is situated in PoK, where terrorism is far more a fatal threat than the subsequent challenges on higher altitudes of the mountain, sends shivers down the spine. Disregarding the adversities offered by nature or manmade; both of them have summited K2 not once but twice. No wonder, for such astonishing deeds they are highly respected and recognized at international levels, as the best Sherpas in the world.

During the morning assembly, a short film on both the Sherpas was shown and then the students of STD VI to X interacted with the Sherpas and asked them questions about their experience, difficulties faced, avalanches, descend from the Everest etc. Dorchi Sherpa replied to all the questions and the answers were translated by Mr. Umesh Zirpe of GiriPremi Mountaineering institute. As a token of our appreciation for taking time out and interacting with the students of VPMS, the principal, Mrs. Mrinalini Bhosale felicitated the esteemed guests with traditional Maharashtrian gifts and beautiful cards made by the students.

The children were awe struck and happy to avail the chance to interact with these real life heroes.

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