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The Career Guidance Workshop

The students of Std IX and X had a career guidance workshop on the 5th of December 2015. They were visited by four professionals in their respective careers who are also our parents.

Mr. Sripad Dixit, who is an employee of the VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration), gave them a brief idea about the structure and organization of a micro–chip through a Power Point Presentation.

Then Mr. Abhijit Ketkar who is a town planning architect, motivated the student by helping them to get some knowledge and idea about the sky scrapers and bungalows where they have been living for years.

The students also had an interaction with Mr. Sarfaraz Shaw, who is a Captain Of the Merchant Navy. He gave them an account of his life on the sea. He also shared his experience of the time when he became a victim of a private attack.

Mr. Abhishek Ghosh, who has designed the web page of our school, also interacted with the student. He is a web page designed as well as a professional photographer. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for the students. They were given an insight into four different fields. This provided them a wider base for choosing their career.

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