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Student Activities 2014-15


The Oratory Club at PCMRD was created with the objective of improving the communication skills. Under this the students are motivated to research, and come out with different dimensions to a particular topic. Post this, interactive sessions are conducted resulting in improvement in their presentation, confidence and vocabulary. Necessary feedback is given to the participants to improve upon the problem areas.


Following presentations were conducted during the academic year 2014-15:DateDetails27-Aug-14Contract A/c15-Sep-14Labour laws1-Oct-14Marketing Mix3-Feb-15Corporate Finance5-Feb-15Emotional Intelligence26-Feb-15Industrial Relation20-Mar-15Integrated Marketing Communication25-26 March 2015Human Resource Management6-7 Oct 2014Organisational Behaviour2 Feb 2015Student Presentation on Industrial visit to Mehtre Packaging Pvt Ltd15 Feb 2015Student Presentation on Industrial visit to ACG Pam Pac Pvt Ltd28-Feb-15Live Screening of Union Budget and Discussion thereof

Case Study

The teaching methodology at our Institute includes presentations, workshops, group discussion, case studies etc. Some of the case studies related to:22-Aug-14Performance Management16-Oct-14Enterprise Performance Mgt29-Jan-15Soft Skills18-Mar-15Assessment for ‘Managing for Sustainability’ – Case study based on Corporate Governance27-Mar-15Wealth and Portfolio Management of Individual


Debate Competition

Debate competition was organised on 5th September 2014 on the following topics:

1) Do films cause social evil?

2) Are reservations in job justified?

Group Discussion:

To improve the communication, analytical and decision making skills group discussisons are held on a regular basis. Some of the areas on which discussion were held are – Strategies, Fundamentals of Financial Management, Time Management, Wealth Management, etc.

JOURNAL AND NEWSPAPER CLUBDateDetails26-Sep-14B – QuizA quiz on latest happenings in the field of business. It was conducted by Mr. Raghunanadan Helwade, Financial Analyst,10-Oct-14Research ProjectStudents of MBA – I undertook a project to understand the impact of economic environment on a particular sector. Some of the sectors – Petroleum and Energy, FMCG, Automobiles, etc.4-Feb-15Collage CompetitionStudents are encouraged to read the newspapers and highlight the happenings in a week through collage. Students of MBA – I and MBA – II prepared a collage on the topic – Impact of Recession.Besides this, students also prepared a collage individually on their ‘Role Model’. This helped them to identify the main qualities which they admired in a person, which they can imbibe in themselves.23-Feb-15Desk ResearchStudents opting for Finance Specialization researched on the topic Globalization. They were asked to critically analyse whether globalization has spread wealth and income more evenly between citizens of different nations or has it widened the gap, rewarding those who were already well-off and leaving others in greater poverty.14-Mar-15Research ProjectTo make a comparative analysis of the growth of a specific General Insurance Company on various parameters like premium, prodcuts offered etc.19-Mar-15Research ProjectThe students of HR specialization undertook a project to analyse the CSR activity of companies


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