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Stress Management Session

On 29th January 2018, the school organized a Stress management session, for all the students and parents of Std X. The session was conducted by Ms. Tanvi Kulkarni from the organization ‘Drishti’.

The first session was conducted only for the students, in which the students were divided into five groups and were asked to prepare ‘Madadds’ on things of everyday use. The students were given limited time to prepare and present their advertisements in front of the other groups. The idea was to build up a certain level of ‘stress’ in them and finally asking them to perform within a short duration of time. The students were made to realize that in spite of limitations in time, they were all able to perform, and everyone gave it their best shot. It was thus explained to them, that, whatever time they had left in hand, before the board exams, if put into use wisely and in a focused manner, they would all be able to do their best. Certain tips were also shared with the students like, ‘setting realistic goals, prioritizing, taking essential breaks, thoroughly going through what they already know rather than trying to introduce any new information into the brain at the last minute etc.’ The first session then ended with a question answer round.

The second session was conducted for all the students and parents together. Initially the parent along with the child were given an opportunity to discuss as to what their current fears were and what were all the possible reasons that were causing anxiety and stress to them. They were then asked to rate themselves on a ten point rating scale for stress with 1- Slightly Nervous and 10 – Panicked. The concept of ‘eustress’ which is the good level of stress that is required for optimal performance and ‘distress’ which is the bad level of stress that lowers one’s performance was explained. Parents were also made to understand, as to how, they should now be supporting their child to go through the examination process and creating realistic goals and expectations for themselves and their child. Lastly the importance of a time table to be made and followed for these last thirty days was explained to the parents and the children and ways in which it should be made was explained.

The last session was conducted only for the parents where their child’s current emotional state was explained to them, the various things the child could currently be going through as a teenager along with the apprehension and stress of the upcoming board exams was explained to them. The importance of healthy breaks for the child was reiterated along with the need for a well structured time table.

The parents also put forth their queries on helping their child through this entire process and the various hurdles in communication they were currently facing with the child was expressed.

Lastly, handouts debriefing the entire session were given out to the students and parents along with a feedback form. The parents were happy about the initiative taken up by the school in organizing a session on ‘Stress management’ which they felt had really helped them.

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