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Session on Tips and Techniques to deal with Situations in Life

Date: 18th December 2017 Duration: 1 hour Resource Person: Mr. Suresh Jagdale Attendees: STD IX & X students

An interactive session on ‘Dealing With Difficult Situations in Life’ and ‘Study Techniques For STD IX and X’ was conducted on 18th December 2017 by Mr. Suresh Jagdale from the Lions Club and ‘Keep Moving Movement’. The session focused on the tips and tricks of dealing with issues in life. Mr. Jagdale began the session by drawing an abstract figure on the board. He connected this drawing beautifully to the real life situation and explained that everyone has a different point of view and the reason for problems being prolonged is that no one wants to sit back, think and understand the situation and then search for a solution. It is important for everyone to try and have an alternate or different approach to situations.

Mr. Jagdale also narrated a real life story of a village girl Anjurani, who at a very young age achieved her dream of going to School by convincing her parents. He explained that hurdles are a part of life and finding a way out is what life is all about.

Many study tips and techniques were also shared with the students.

The students learned many new things and look forward to implementing them in life. It was a fun filled and interactive session. Ms Vinutha Ronurkar, Principal presented Mr. Jagdale with a token of appreciation for taking time out and sharing his knowledge with the students.

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