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Scrabble Challenge

Mattel India organized a ‘Mattel Scrabble challenge’, an initiative aimed at helping kids improve their vocabulary and lexicon, as well as develop their cognitive and reasoning skills.

The challenge was open for the students of STD VI to X. The students were given a practice worksheet on 5th Dec’17. The contest was held in School during School hours on 6th Dec’17

5 students Avishi Razdan and Rishit Kesharwani of STD VII B, Shahrzad Shaw of STD VIII, Subhagya Gupta of STD IX and Dyuti Anand of STD X were selected for the city finale held on 14 December 2017.

Rishit Kesharwani was selected as the STD VII representative for the nationals which was held in Mumbai on 17th December 2017. He stood fourth in the Nationals.

The students realized that world of words can be a lot of fun and learning how to build a better vocabulary can be a pleasurable and profitable investment of both your time and effort. The students enjoyed the overall experience.

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