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Reports – Sept 2014



In short it was brain washing for the parents to bring up their children with a happy and playful environment and strengthen the intimate bond between mother, father and child.



During this the students had carried out the cleanliness of classrooms, corridors, playground and washrooms. Students enjoyed the activity and felt responsible for the cleanliness around them. The assembly during this week‘s were focused on the theme of “Cleanliness” . During this week they presented skits and demonstrated the importance of cleanliness.

In short this week was a noble experience, which generated a self and social awareness maintaining clean, healthy and hygening environment.

Month end activity


Book Mark Activity: (I – III)

Book mark activity was conducted for the students of class I to III. It was told to the students to bring required material like sketch pen, colour, lace, ice cream stick, stickers to prepare book mark. In charge teachers explained how to prepare book marks and how it is useful to open particular topic from the book. Students used their gained knowledge and prepared various book marks. They decorated ice cream sticks, pasted stickers on the strip, drew small pictures and coloured it. The activity helped the student’s to understand the importance of book marks and develop their creative skills. Students enjoyed the activity.


I Daisy-

Suyash Giri

Komal Aher

Jayesh Dahale

I Rose

Gawade Shantanu

Atharva Deshpande

Yash Ladhane

III Daisy

Sanika Gadhave

Snehal Aher

Raj Kharde

III Rose

Kavya Mahamine

Sammruddhi Kadam

Krish Wani

Quiz Activity: Class IV

To develop general knowledge of the students the quiz activity was conducted for the students of class IV. In charge teacher divided the students into 4 groups according to their houses. Questions based on different subjects were asked to each house and score was written on the board. Including all rounds coral house scored more and declared as the winner house. The activity enabled the students to develop their GK and thinking skill. Students enjoyed the activity.


Coral House.

Flower arrangement: (Class V)

Flower arrangement activity was conducted for class V. It was told to the students to bring different types of flowers for the activity. A stipulated time of 1 hour was given to the students to arrange the flowers. Students used their artistic sill with innovative ideas and arranged beautifully in various designs. Students were judged on the basis of the criteria like creativity, use of material and decoration. This activity enabled the students to develop their creative and artistic skill. Students enjoyed the activity a lot.


Arpita Mahadik

Rutuja Anarthe

Mrudula Mahamine.

Collage Making Activity: Class Vi)

To develop artistic and creative skill collage making activity was conducted for the students of class VI (In charge teacher provided some pictures of animals and birds to the students to do the collage work) cut small pieces of paper and coloured them beautifully. They pasted them on the pictures properly at proper place to colour the pictures. All students participated with great interest and tried to show their artistic skill through the activity. Students were judged on the basis of criteria like creativity, use of proper colour and overall presentation. Students could develop their creative and artistic skills through the activity.


Chinmayi Mahamine

Priti Mirpagar

Sakshi Mulay

Poster making Activity:

Poster making Activity was conducted for the students of class VII. The theme cleanliness was given to the students to prepare posters. Students used their innovative ideas and write various slogans based on the topic given. Everybody participated with great interest and decorated posters very beautifully. Students were judged on the basis of the criteria like content, decoration, grammatical correction and overall presentation. This activity enabled the students to develop their creative and thinking skill.


Kirti Gaikar

Bhagyashree Waditke

Mayuri Chavan

Psychological Awareness:

Psychological Awareness was conducted for class VII. Dr. Ashu Sharma guided the students about physical Hygiene and cleanliness. She took small exercise and told the importance of nutritious diet. All students of class VII listened carefully and asked the doubts to the doctor. She cleared the doubts of the students by answering their questions. This activity helped the students to know the importance of physical cleanliness and fitness. The activity was really fruitful for the students.

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