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Reports – October 2015

Club Reports

Literary Club —————Just a Minute

The club students were provided a list of twenty topics well in advance for the Just a Minute activity with an objective to develop confidence among the pupils and enhance their ideas, creativity and fluency. Each child was asked to speak for one minute on the topic provided on the spot. This activity gave the pupils an opportunity to think independently and express ideas and thoughts creatively, fluently and rationally. The performance of each student was examined with the help of the criteria as richness of content, fluency, vocabulary, confidence and presentation.

Chef Club ——————Writing Recipes of Nutritious Dishes

To familiarize the students with the recipes of nutritive dishes, the in charge teacher read out the recipes of a few dishes like beetroot, upma, tomato soup etc. and explained the same. The main focus was on the knowledge of different ingredients, five components of food and balanced diet. Then the teacher asked the pupils to write the recipe of their favorite dish in their own words. The students worked in groups and wrote the procedure of the same. The group leader of each group read and explained the importance of its nutritional value. The students enjoyed the activity.

Eco Club ————————Cleanliness Activity

On 17th Oct. the Eco Club conducted cleanliness activity at the site of Lord Ganesh temple. As per the instructions the club students had brought the required tools like broom, dustbin, sickles and spades to clean the temple surroundings. The students were divided into 4 groups and worked effectively under the guidance of the in charge teacher . Honorable Principal ma’am visited the site and inspired the students by appreciating their efforts and asking a few questions on the need of cleanliness in day to day life. After finishing the activity the group leaders spoke on the importance of cleanliness. The focus of the activity was mainly on inculcating the habit of cleanliness of the surroundings among the pupils.

Little Scientist’s Science Club

The club in charge Mrs. Sangita conducted Science Quiz in the science lab. Students of class VI and X were grouped house wise. The Quiz was conducted in eight rounds based on inventions, discoveries, deficiency diseases, units of different terms, formulae for different terms and a round based on descriptive questions. The students enjoyed the activity. It enabled them to develop the knowledge of science and gain confidence. The students learnt to work in team with proper co-ordination and time-management.

Handball Event 

On 31st October 2015 Hand Ball Event was conducted for the students of class IX & X. The activity was conducted House wise. All the four houses participated in the competition. The students of Ruby, Sapphire, Coral and Emerald cheered their house-teams. The physical teacher recorded the score of each house and assessed the students’ performance. Students got the opportunity to show their speed, physical ability, flexibility and strength. At the end of the competition Mr. Aher declared the score and winners. The winner team was Coral House and the runner up team was Ruby House. The winners were honoured next day during the assembly.


To get the knowledge about the health of teeth- A Demo on Cleanliness of Teeth was organized by the school for pre-primary section on dated 13th October, 2015. The demo was introduced by Dr. Ruchi Deshmukh and Dr. Sailee Lahare (Pravara Medical Trust). Doctor showed an artificial jaw of human being. They started from questioning the students – do you brush your teeth every day? They gave information how to take care of our teeth. They suggested brushing our teeth in circular motion, to brush twice in a day, to change our brush within two or three months, to clean our tongue, to avoid eating more chocolate. It was a knowledgeable demo.They gave the students one colgate. In this way on Monday dated October 13, 2015 in the morning 45 to 50 minutes students learnt so many new things about their teeth and learnt the right way to brush our teeth. Students enjoyed and gained knowledge about the heath of teeth.


Our school had organised field visit to the Post-Office for the pre – primary section on 15th October 2015, at 11.00 am along with their class teachers.

The head of the post-office Mr. Desai & Mrs. Belsare welcomed all the students. The post man introduced himself to the children. They introduced with the post box its colour and its use. The postman tell the students that the people post their letters, documents in the red box. Students posted the handmade Diwali greeting cards for their parents.

The visit to the post office was very fruitful as it helped gaining good deal of information about the letters, parcels, money orders, stamps etc. The students returned back to school at 12.00pm with important information.


On 3rd Nov, 2015 Tuesday Students of class II Daisy and Rose visited the “ Lomeshware Clothe shop” in Loni. The students were accompanied by two teachers Mrs Girhe Deepali and Mrs Deshmukh Kavita. As per their EVS content teachers explained different kinds of fabrics. The shopkeeper had shown different types of fabrics and seasonable clothes like cotton woollen ,polyster, pure cotton ,silk velvet ,satin etc.

Students were amazed to see the different types of fabrics. They learned different types of fabrics and seasonable fabrics. Moreover students of class 2 Daisy and Rose enjoyed this field visit.

Visit to the Fire Station

A visit to the Fire station at Pravaranagar was organised on 5th October 2015. This field trip was accompanied by class teachers of LKG and UKG. At the fire station the assistant security officer, Mr. S. E. Muley provided them necessary information. He explained the significance of red colour of fire fighter . Then the fireman Mr. Nadim Patel, demonstrated ways of extinguishing fire such as using moving monitor, hose pipe, delivery pipe, long monitor and foam. He gave a brief information about it. He also told about instruments like Helmet, Gunboot etc. Further he gave information about told the fire fighter and its capacity of 2700 litre water tank, 500 litre foam tank and a ladder. This field trip was very informative for the students. They got good experience of the trip.

Field visit to Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Babhaleshwar.

On 3rd Nov. 2015 the students of class I along with 2 teachers visited the Krishi Vighyan Kendra, Babhaleshwar. The students reached there at 10:00 am. Mr. Boroude , officer, guided the students.

He showed the students different types of trees such as guava, drum stick, mango and many more. They were shown different types of small saplings and explained them how to prepare a sapling. The visit to the K.V.K was very fruitful as it helped gaining good deal of information about the plants. The students returned back to school at 12.00pm with their class teachers.

Diwali Greeting Card Making Activity

Greeting Card Making activity was conducted on 4th Nov, 2015 for the students of std. I, II and III. It was told to the students before three days to prepare messages on the occasion of Diwali festival for their friends, uncle, aunty, brother, sister and close relatives. Students came prepared with the required material like pen, pencil, sketch pen, colour, glue etc. Incharge teacher provided handmade paper, envelop and post stamp to each student and guided them about activity. Students wrote best wishes through their messages and decorated beautifully. They put the greeting cards in the envelops provided and pasted stamps on them. Finally they submitted those to the in charge teacher. This activity helped the students to develop their creativity and good relationship. The students enjoyed this activity a lot.

Annual Prize Day : 2014-15

[Session I : KG- Class III]

The Annual Prize Day of our school, held on 30th August,2015 was a day of great joy and excitement. It was held in two sessions in the Indoor Sports Facility Hall of Sanik school. During the first session held between 10 a.m. to 1p.m. the students from KG to Class III were awarded for their excellence in the areas like Class Toppers, General Proficiency, Good Progress , Good Conduct and 100% Attendance by the Chief Guest Dr. Annasaheb Tambe, Secretary of PRES and the Guest of Honour Dr. Nalini Ghatge ,the Principal of College of Home Science . The school Principal’s Annual Report was followed by the encouraging speeches of the guests of the session. The littlites gave 12 beautiful performances which included dances, dramas and group songs. Pray for India , Tu Buddhi De, Dignity of Labour and the drama – Zansi Ki Rani received a big round of applause. The Programme came to an end with National Anthem .

Annual Prize Day : 2014-15

[Session II : Class IV- X]

Little Flower School celebrated the second session of its Annual Prize Day on 30th Aug. 2015 between 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the gracious presence of the noteworthy Chief Guest Hon’ble Brigadier Jagdishchandra Bagul, the Director of Pravara Public School and the Guest of Honour Colonel Saniv Mallick, Campus Director Engineering college Loni. Around 73 students were awarded by the distinguished guests for their splendid achievements during the academic year 2014-15 in the areas as Class Toppers, General Proficiency, Good Progress , Good Conduct and 100% Attendance. This was followed by our school Principal’s Annual Report. The Chief Guest in his speech congratulated the prize winners for their remarkable achievements and inspired one and all to make oneself ever better. The students of class X compered the entire programme very effectively. During this session the students focused on the theme of the cultural programme ‘ Cherishing Indian Values’ through their performances. The presentation of Patriotic Dance [X], Tiger Dance [VIII] Bamboo Dance[VI} and Drama on Dr. Kalam [VII] and on Bhagatsingh [IX} were the marvellous performances of the day. There was an overwhelming response and support from the parents. The audience left home with sweet memories of this grand celebration after the National Anthem in sign language.

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