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Reports – November 2018



Children always enjoy dance and music. Keeping this in mind school conducted “Action song Competition” on 30th November 2018 as a month end activity. Students came prepared with their favourite action song and presented enthusiastically. The activity helped the students to develop their Fine motor skills, eye and hand co-ordination, to strengthen the memory and recall, to build self-confidence etc. All the students actively participated in this competition and enjoyed a lot.


Mask making competition was organized on 30th Nov 2018at Little Flower school Loni. Mask making is one of the most enjoyable craft that children can be engaged in.This activity was organized to explore and encourage creativity in children and offer them a platform to show their skill in mask making. It inspired the children to think and work creatively and promoted artistic excellence. Children participated earnestly in the competition. Children came up with amazing art work in mask making. A variety of paper and plastic plate mask, head bands, eye masks etc. were made by the children and appreciated by one and all. Teacher selected the best students based on creativity, detailing of design and overall impact and originality. Students enjoyed the activity.


Rangoli originates from two words ‘Rang’ which means colors and ‘Holi’ which means celebration. Rangoli is an artistic celebration of colors. It is one of the most enjoyable arts that students can be engaged in. Little Flower School, Loni organized a Rangoli Competition for class 4th to 8thon 30th November 2018 as the month end activity. Teachers have allotted the places to the students in new building hall as per their houses and section. Students exhibited their designs as per the themes like Nature, Save water, Sports and favourite cartoon. Each group students were eager to do their best to win their house in the competition. It helped them to build their team spirit .Students used their creativity and exhibited their flare in the art by making Rangoli Design using geometric shapes and floral motifs. Rangoli colors, Flower petals were used to decorate the Rangoli. Group effort, team spirit, and individual inputs in the form of planning, designing, outlining, analyzing the colour combinations and presenting the final Rangoli made the day for the winning teams. The activity encouraged students to think and work creatively and promote artistic excellence.


To make the students aware about importance of health and nutrition “Chart preparation” activity was conducted based on the topic ‘Balance Diet’ for the students of class IX. The students brought the required material as per the guidence. The incharge teacher divided the students into four groups as per their houses and guided them to prepare the charts. The students drew beautiful pictures of different food items, prepared pie charts, mentioning the food items and their nutritive values. Each group wrote and explained the importance of carbohydrates, fa, proteins and vitamins for health in the given stipulated time. The activity helped them to work in team, to be a good listener as well as good speaker.The winners of the activity were judged on the basis of the criteria as content, design, explanation, participation and overall presentation.



Leaf art is an artwork involving the delicate trimming of leaves to develop a picture or landscape. Students of Art club enjoyed the leaf Art activity on 24th November 2018.They collected the different types of leaves from the nature which brought them close to the nature. Students were guided by the art teacher as well as they also came up with different ideas. Students made different things like leaf bookmark, leaf calligraphy leaf painting, sew patterns on the leaf, leaf snake craft etc. The activity helped the students to strengthen their creative skill and brought them in contact to beautiful nature.

CHEF CLUB- Nutritious snacks

School has conducted “Skit writing and presentation based on Food etiquettes and table manner” chef club activity on 24th November 2018. Students written the skits based on given topic and presented in front of the students. Students came up with different ideas in group. They have presented skits based on table manners, napkin etiquettes, handling utensils, importance of nutritious food, Disadvantage of junk food for our health etc. It helped the students to change their wrong practices related to their eating habits and inculcate good. Skit presentation also helped to develop their self-confidence to speak in front of their peer group. Students use their creative skill to present the skit. Everyone learn one or other valuable thing from the activity.


To develop the interest and sharpen the student’s creative and artistic skills ‘Card Making Activity’ was conducted for heritage club students. Incharge teachers gave necessary instructions and guided students regarding activity. Using their knowledge and skills the students prepared different types of cards with the help of information about historical monuments, historical sites and different famous places. Students showed different pictures and information in it. They used ice-cream sticks, pictures and other decorative material like beads and bindis. This activity helped the students to develop their thinking, creative and artistic skills.


“Every child is an artist”, keeping this is in mind and to explore the creative potential in the young minds of students a unique ‘Library Decoration Activity’ for Literature Club was conducted on 24th November 2018 at Little Flower School, Loni. The children showcased their creative skills in decorating the library and came up with amazing art work. Students used beautiful patterns, ribbon, flower, strip of different colour, balloon, thread and images, different quotes of authors, poets and scientists to decorate library. Some of the students decorated with birthday theme in their mind. Each of the segment was decorated so beautifully and diligently by the children, it was treat to the eyes.


On 24th November 2018 math’s club students enjoyed the “Olympic Estimation” activity. Olympic games, athletic festival that originated in ancient Greece. The ancient Olympic Games include several sports events. Thousands of athletes compete against each other every four years. Olympians are symbols of honour for their country. Students of math’s club collected the information about the countries and numbers of gold, silver and bronze medals bagged by the particular country. They have presented collected data with the help of bar graph, double bar graph and pie chart. With the help of various graph, they could compare the victory of different countries in Olympic games. The activity helped them to sharpen their data handling skill and explore the information of different countries.


To create awareness about the environment and the factors affecting it, students were asked to prepare a power point presentation on environment. The activity was conducted in A.V. room on 24 November2018. Students focused on the beauty of nature and raised some environmental issues, created by humans. The activity had shown the glimpses of the creativity of students and their responsibility towards environmental issues like air pollution, soil pollution and many more. The activity developed presentation skills along with computer literacy as well as it helped to raise some burning issues like Global warming, Acid rain and etc


Every Annual prize Day is an important milestone in the journey of a student’s life. Little Flower School, Loni celebrated its 18th Annual Prize Day on 1st and 2nd November 2018 .The event was marked with a grand cultural programm and Prize Distribution ceremony. The function commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the chief guest, Dr.Ashok Vikhe Patil the chairman of Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation, Pune along with Mrs. Nandini Charles the director and joint secretary of VPMS, Pune and our principal Mrs. Swati Kharde. The prize distribution ceremony, where the chief guest gave away the prizes to students based on their academic performance, good conduct and progress and 100% attendance for the academic year 2017-18 on the first day of the programm. The tiny tots of our school added the glory to the programm by taking everyone to the world tour by presenting the drama “Sound Of Music”. Classes nursery to 2 was taken to everyone different places of the world like Russia, Portugal, China, Malaysia and India. Students presented folkdances of all the countries which were the attraction of the programm. “The greater the difficulty, the greater is the glory” considering this quote student from class 3rd to 5th presented a small drama based on the life of the Jessica Cox world’s first armless pilot who proved the concept about there’s nothing as such impossible. She was a woman with great spirit and is very inspiring and motivational person in the world. Students performed all those character which had a vital role in her life. This drama influenced everyone and was the outstanding one. Then we had another one more drama based on the theme “Swatantrayachi Yashoghata” which was written by Mr. Swagat Throat. Students from class 6th to 10th had participated and performed very well with great enthusiasm and zeal in the drama. The drama was all about the great freedom fighters, activists, and the revolutionaries who came up together and sacrificed their life for one common goal- freedom of India from The foreign rule.Many students performed the best efforts of the prominent freedom activists through their roles. The roles were Mangal Pande, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Subhash Chandra Bose , Veer Savarkar ,Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Chaphekar Brothers, Bhagat Singh and many such leaders who fought for independence. There were many dance performances by students on the same which took the audience to the period of independence of India. Finally, the annual meet concluded with the small performance of teachers, vote of thanks given by the student Saumyadeep Das. The function thus concluded with the brief yet encouraging speech of guest, the vote of thanks followed by the Vande Mataram..The function was appreciated by many of the parents.


Vikhe Patil Model United Nations(VPMUN) 2018-19 was hosted by Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune on 17th & 18th of November 2018 with 120 participants of 17 different schools and gratefully our school got a chance to be amongst those 17 schools. 8 students of our school were honored to part in this program where we were provided great hospitality and generosity. The program was inaugurated by 4 dignitaries including our school Principal Mrs. Swati Kharde by lightening the Holy lamp and including some beautiful performances. The conference was divided into committees according to their agendas which were DISEC, SOCHAUM, and ECOFIN etc. students preceded towards their respective committees for the conference. Students participated with passion, enthusiasm and kept learning about different countries. They also presented possible solutions to global problems in the committees. The second day was equally beneficial rewarding and radiant with spectacular debates, arguments and ambitious interview. Everyone had a great learning experience. The last ceremony was prize distribution ceremony where the winners were awarded with medals and certificates.


The most awaited day of the year, yes the class picnic……..

We started early on 1st December morning, a group of 83 students accompanied with five teachers mainly Mrs. Kamini Aher, Mrs. Swati Bawake, Mrs. Tejal Gaikwad, Mr.Kiran Wakole and Physical in charge Mr. Deepak Ranpise. It took us 3 hours to reach our destination. Students had their nutritious breakfast on the way while travelling in bus itself. We reached to the picnic spot at 10:30am. Social Study teacher Mr. Wakole Sir highlighted the silent features of the fort to the students which help to inculcate love and sensitization towards the fort among the children. Moreover students were gained the knowledge about architecture and archaeology about the fort from the guide who guided them about the fort. Students climbed the fort enthusiastically with sharing the information about the fort which they have read in the books. First they witness statue of Jijabai and young Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Shivai temple. Next they visited to treasure of water that is Badami Talav, where the water is available throughout the year. Then students had their delicious lunch and marched towards Lenyadri located about 5km north of Junner in Pune. Students have seen the ancient caves which are famous for Lord Ganesha. Students enjoyed the beautiful sights of nature. At last students visited Vigneshwara temple of Ozar which is dedicated to Ganesha, The elephant headed god of wisdom. It was a wonderful experience where we learnt many things. Students learnt the values of Sharing, caring, organisation, awareness, cleanliness, hard work, peace, team work etc. All the students expressed a desire to revisit the place with their friends. Some also mentioned that though they had been to these places with their family, they enjoyed coming with their friends the most. A great day for all the students and teachers as well as it strengthened the bond between the students and their teachers.


The most awaited day of the year was the school picnic to the Laxmi Agro Tourism, Shrirampur.98 students of Pre-primary classes taken the picnic on 27th December, 2018 along with 5 teachers with great enthusiasm & curiosity .The students got down at the venue and felt amazed to see the beautiful entrance with the statues of Cow with baby cow and Big Eagle. Floating ducks in the pond welcomed these tiny tots in to the campus. Students had their delicious breakfast. After that students visited to the green grass lawn where they enjoyed playing slides, Swings, climbing on ladders and See-Saw and many more. Every child was given the opportunity to participate and enjoy themselves. The most attractive activity of picnic was the boat riding in nearby lake. After that students had their lunch with their friends and learn to share and care. Students enjoyed the rain dance and horse riding with the help of the staff of resort. The statues of big fish followed by Dragon became the centre attraction to the small kids. At the end of the picnic snacks were enjoyed by the students. The trip was very enjoyable where students strengthen the bond between the students and teachers. Finally school buses started homeward journey at about 1.45 p.m. At about 3.10p.m. the buses entered the school campus. Everyone had a big smile on their faces indicating that had great fun.


Ahmednagar is a historically important tourist destination and has numerous monuments, places and museums to feast our eyes on. Little Flower school, Loni organized the educational trip to Ahmednagar for the classes 1 to 3 on 1st December 2018.150 students accompanying with 8 teachers were taken to Planetarium and Chand Bibi Mahal one of the attraction of Ahmednagar city. We have started our journey early in the morning at 7 and reach to the destination at 10 am. It took near about 3 hours to reach the spot. Students enjoyed the journey sitting with their best friend and sharing their thoughts each other. We had our breakfast while travelling in bus itself. First we visited Efforts academy .Efforts Academy has set up this planetarium in its educational complex at Dhangarwadi. Magnificent small bridges over the water body lead us to the science museum. Here we got information about the show screened in the dome related to the planets, constellation and important invention of Mars in detail. After that students had delicious lunch and marched towards the Chand Bibi Mahal. Students were amazed to see the big hill and the monument situated on it. Bhupendra Sahu the guide explores all the history of Mahal to the students which were really informative. He gave information about the construction of mahal, tombs at the Mahal and surrounding area. Students enjoyed the scenery at the hilltop and we left the place at 5pm. evening .Really it was the pleasant experience where students learnt many things. The students learnt the values of Sharing, caring, adventure, organization, awareness, cleanliness, discovery, quality of work, team work, etc. Besides, the visit enhances our knowledge about the great historical place and solar system. All the students expressed a desire to revisit the place.


Article Writing is essentially the procedure to write informative, valuable articles with the goal that they can make a best impression in the minds of readers. When the article is highly attractive, it is sure that students will get very good marks and a large number of people will browse your articles through internet. The vast majority of the times, article composing can tire and tedious. The way toward examining certain data and after that arranging it in your mind is very monotonous. Considering this fact Little Flower School had organized a free Workshop on Article Writing for the students of Class 7th to 10th. The resource person Mrs. Usha ma,am from SCRIBIDO CAMPUS was invited to guide the students regarding the same. She shared some TOP TIPS of article writing with the students.

The objectives of the workshop

  1. To enable the students to enhance their academic writing.

  2. To enable them to write article free from all conventional rules.

  3. To enhance their creativity in academics writing.

  4. To develop their ideas in academic writing

The workshop was open for all interested students from class 7th to 10th. Around 70 students had participated in the workshop. All the participants were given the TOP TIPs of writing Article and a compendium consisting of articles and handouts on different aspects of writings. One hour was dedicated for the workshop. The participants were divided into 5 groups and each group was of even number so they were paired with another partner in the same group. They were given 5 topics like TEAMWROK, FAMILY, etc. 10 minutes time was allotted to them to write an article on the topics. Students actively participated in the activity and wrote the article with the help of TOP TIPS and their innovative ideas. 2 articles from each groups were selected randomly and students read them loudly. The resource person was stunned to hear the artistic language of the students and she guided the students wherever necessary. The entire training was very fruitful for the participant to make their academic writing impressive and expressive.

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