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Reports June and July

June 2018


KG ‘Pleased to meet you’ Activity

On 29th June the school conducted ‘Pleased to Meet You’ activity for its KG students with an objective to develop social etiquettes among the students. The tiny tots introduced themselves to the class giving necessary details which included name, class, hobby and address. This activity was carried out on the school ground under the guidance of the concerned class-teachers. All the students participated in the activity very enthusiastically.

Clay Modelling Activity

[Class I to III ]

A Clay Modeling Activity was conducted for the students from Classes I to III on Saturday, 30th June 2018. The objective of the activity was to develop their imagination and creativity. The children enjoyed the activity and used their creativity well to make different models of Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Insects, Vehicles, Houses etc. The teacher took round during the activity and motivated the students lagging in its completion. This activity helped to enhance the skills of finger dexterity, handling apparatus and effective skills such as creativity and Imagination. The art work was judged by the class teachers and Coordinator of the Primary section.

Rally on Reduce Plastic Use

[Class IV &V]

On 30th June 2018 the school conducted a ‘Rally on Reduce Plastic Use’. The students of class IV and V participated in it. On the way from Loni Central to S.T. Bus-stop the students gave slogans like ‘Say no to plastic, Plastic Hatao Duniya Bachao, Use cloth bags avoid plastic bags etc. This activity was conducted to create an awareness among the students as well as among the general public about the damages caused to the environment due to extreme use of plastic. The students took initiative in the activity and developed a respectful attitude towards it.

‘ Mime and Identify’


On June month-end ‘Mime and Identify’ activity was conducted for the students of class VI to VIII in the Multi-purpose Hall of our school. As the activity was announced in advance the students could prepare themselves for it. The teachers had grouped the students randomly and guided them about presentation discussing the criteria as Team Spirit, Time Management, Creativity, Innovation and Presentation. On the day of presentation, they used different props and highlighted various social and economic issues. After each presentation the audience-students of different classes showed their talent in identifying the message and interpreting it. This activity was fruitful to develop their sense of team work, creativity, thinking skills and innovation. All the students had participated with great enthusiasm.

Basic Safety Rules

Class IX

The students of class IX were divided into four teams as Coral, Ruby, Sapphire and Saffron who enthusiastically participated in the – “Basic Safety Rules” month end activity.” All these teams selected a topic as per their choice like Cyber safety, Road safety, Natural disaster and home/school safety and prepared posters which included information like slogans on safety, different safety symbols and different safety rules. The students displayed their creativity and innovation. Finally, each group stated the importance of their posters and the need of safety at different sites. This activity enabled the pupils do a good deal of research, understand the importance of safety and the need to follow it. The teacher examined the presentation of each house and graded in the light of the parameters as teamwork, richness of content, creativity, confidence, originality and Aesthetic skill.

Preparation of Family Budget’

Class X

On 30th June 2018 the school conducted ‘Preparation of Family Budget’ activity for the students of class X with an objective to understand the importance of expenditure against earnings, saving for the future and be able to decide the needs and priorities. The students were divided into four groups as per their houses. They sat together and discussed the chosen topics like family budget of a farmer, of a businessman, of a service personnel and that of their own family. Once they finished with the discussion the teacher guided them how to put the budget on paper in the form of a table. The students drew three columns as for expenditure, earnings and savings. They also realized the responsibility that a family head has to carry out. The students also discussed about the ways to save or invest savings in the form of fix deposits, investment in share market, in LIC etc. After listening to each group, they found that the top priority

in each family is given to the investment in education and health. This activity enhanced students’ interpersonal, thinking and decision making skills.


Literature Club

The literature club conducted Crossword Puzzle Making activity for its members with an objective of enhancing students’ knowledge of English vocabulary. Initially the teacher divided the members into various groups and appointed a leader for each. A list of topics was provided. Each team was asked to pick up one and form a crossword puzzle using the subject-related vocabulary. All the members of different teams worked according to the criteria as group dynamics, presentation, time management and accuracy. The students displayed their talent in preparing the puzzle and appropriate descriptions. This activity enhanced their thinking, interpersonal relationship and creative skills. After completing the activity the crossword puzzles were interchanged and solved by the pupils with fun and enjoyment. The pupils were proud of their creations and felt motivated to use different vocabulary to enrich their language.

Heritage Club

To enhance student’s enthusiasm and interest in the rich Indian culture and develop respect towards the nation’s legacy, the heritage club conducted an activity based on ‘Collecting pictures of different Temples and Monuments’. As per the instructions, the students brought their pictures of temples & monuments and displayed them attractively. The students were amazed to see the old pictures of Bhairav Mandir, Mangla Gauri temple, Laxminarayan temple, Shri Raddha Raman temple as well as some monuments like Qutub Minar, Victoria Memorial, Charminar etc. and listen the stories about them. The students delivered information about ancient temples and monuments of India, the rulers who introduced or installed them & the designs or style of construction. This activity helped the students understand the significance of the historical temples and monuments & the change that occurred in it in the course of time and style of architecture.

Maths Club :

On 23rd June, the students of Maths Club were divided into four teams as Coral, Ruby, Sapphire and Saffron for the Maths Quiz Activity. Each team under the leadership of its captain participated enthusiastically in the activity. The quiz consisted of different rounds like question framing, rapid fire, buzzer, puzzle, double trouble and magic wand rounds which were based on the basic concepts of Maths, its history, formulae, laws of exponent, theorems, puzzles, funny questions, logical questions etc. During the activity students performed intelligently. The score of each team was reflected on the board. The in-charge teacher examined the performance of each house in the light of the parameters as Co-ordination, Accuracy and Time Management. Through this activity the life skills like critical thinking, logical thinking, interpersonal relationship and decision making were observed.

Little Chef Club :

Little Chef Club aims at providing a wide range of experience about understanding recipes, preparing wonderful dishes and understanding their nutritive values. To acquaint the students with vegetable cutlet preparation and the equipment used the club had conducted an activity on 23rd June 2018. As per the guidelines the students brought the ingredients and the other material needed for making the dish in group. Mrs. Sonali Argade guided the students about hygiene and handling of the tools. Students made delicious vegetable cutlets using nutritious ingredients like potato, fenugreek, gram, kidney beans etc. Each group of students explained the recipe of their dish and shared the dishes. The activity enabled the students to get acquainted with the cooking skills like cutting, grilling, roasting, frying and decorating dish etc. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students.

Science Club :

On 23rd June a movie on Plants and Animals was shown to the students as a part of club activity. The compact discs based on the life, habitat and the adaptation of animals and plant were shown to the students in the school A.V. room. The activity enabled students to study the diversity in the plant and animal life. Finally, the teacher asked students share their opinion about the film. She conducted a discussion and got a questionnaire solved. The activity amazed all of them by the beauty of the living world. The activity was fruitful for knowing the flora and fauna of our planet.

Art Club :

The Art Club conducted `Paper Art` activity on 23rd June 2018. As per the guidelines the students had brought colour papers, fevicol, scissor, markers and glitters. They showed their creativity and aesthetic skills by preparing different paper articles and designs. They also prepared envelopes of different sizes and designs on it for sending greetings, letters and other paper materials. The activity provided a space to the pupils to show their creativity in decorating and colouring different things.

Eco Club:

On 30th June 2018 the Eco Club conducted Seed Plantation activity. The students had brought their collection of seeds of different flower and show plants. They showed great enthusiasm in planting the seeds in the school premises. They used scientific methods. The teacher guided the students and made them feel responsible and care for plants in daily life.

Activity: Toy Day

On 28th June Toy Day activity was conducted for the Pre-primary section of the school. As guided by the teachers the students had brought the best of all the toys they had at home. It was a wonderful thing to see the kids with colourful toys. The teachers called them one by one on the class stage and encouraged them to speak about their lovely toys. They demonstrated a sense of pride in describing their toys. It was also a great joy for them to speak before the whole class. This activity generated a sense of confidence and boosted them to speak confidently.

XSEED Training Report:

Little Flower School had organized a workshop for its XSEED teachers on 16th June 2018. Mrs. Pallavi Furiya was the resource person for the training. It was conducted in two sessions. In the first session she explained 5 A’s of teaching learning process in detail that are “aim, action, analysis, application and assessment “. She also gave a demo class to train the teacher to make their class more effective. Further she guided about teacher’s manual, content book and workbook in detail. In second session she explained about weekly and yearly planning. As the feedback of training she has asked the teachers to deliver the micro teaching and motivated them. She concluded explaining the Blue scale points for effective teaching. In short the training was very informative and useful for teachers.

Orientation Programme for Parents:

On 23rd June 2018 the school had organized Orientation Programme for the parents. It was held in three sessions for Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary sections respectively in the Multipurpose Hall. It was attended by a good number of parents. In the beginning of the sessions the parents were introduced with the achievement of the school in the AISSE Exam held in March 2018. A video on the assessment pattern of exam was shown. Besides this the school policies were read out and the planning of activities, functions and celebrations was announced. Xseed pattern was explained to the new parents. All the three sessions were very interactive as the parents raised several queries related to external exams, sports activities and remedial. The Principal solved the queries by explaining how the things are carried out as per the school policies. The parents welcomed the suggestion about the one time collection of the amount required for the external exams, sports, Annual Day drapery. The Principal declared the launching of the mobile app for effective communication, the issue of identity cards, school calenders etc. The meeting was a healthy interaction. It concluded with Vande Mataram after the Vote of thanks by Mr. Halim.

July 2018


Vegetable Printing

Pre Primary Section

Painting is a way for children to do many important things like convey ideas, express emotions, use their senses, explore colours, explore process and outcomes, and create aesthetically pleasing works and experiences. Little flower school students of PRI PRIMARY section expressed their ideas and develop their five motor skill through vegetable printing skill in the month end activity on 31st July2018. They dipped the vegetables like potato, capsicum lady’s finger, onion in water colour and printed on flowers, vegetables, fishes on paper. Teacher also discussed the importance of eating green vegetables for healthy sense organ and happy life. The activity made the students creative and thought them to appreciate the nature for providing us so many valuable things.

News paper bag making

[Class I to III]

Planet earth is facing a serious environment threat and SGS realizes the importance of taking action to overcome this problem. To sensitize students about the significance of re-usable and ecofriendly items like paper bags instead of plastic bags, Paper bag making activity was conducted in the school as the month end activity in July 2018. Students brought the material require for making bags like paper, scissor, gum, thread etc. and made bags in different shapes and sizes. Through this activity student develop their concentration skill and handling the tools. Teacher explained the importance of use of paper bag instead of plastic bag. Students enjoyed the activity and made them responsible towards the environment. It taught them that use only paper bags not plastic bags and help in preventing pollution. 

Best out of waste

[Class IV &V]

In order to make the children aware of uses of waste material, and to give them a lesson on reducing waste to save our future, a “Best out of waste” activity was conducted at the end of the month on 31st July 2018 for the classes IV and V. Students have demonstrated mind blowing ideas through their activity. Right from waste rope to broken bangles, plastic bangles, waste nails, match boxes, newspapers every waste material was used to make best thing.

The class was fell of best things like pen stands, wall papers, Flower vase, cottage house with sticks and many more useful things.

The activity helped to enhance not only creative and presentation skill of the students but also help to realize the importance of recycling and reusing the waste material available to them.

Students enjoyed the activity.

Face painting / Pot decoration


“Every child is an artist”, keeping this in mind and to explore the creative potential in the young minds of students a unique individual Pot Decoration Competition for Class VI to VIII was conducted on 31st  July 2018 at Little Flower School, Loni. The children showcased their creative skills in decorating the pots and came up with amazing art work. Students used beautiful patterns, ribbons, flowers, strips of different colours, balloons, threads and images to decorate the pots. Students have painted the pot using their innovative ideas like brush work, combing, finger sweeping, impressing, slip trailing and wax resist. Some students drawn traditional paintings on the pot like Warli painting and Madhubani painting. Students did reverse glass painting which was impressive. They have used water colour, poster colour, acrylic colour and glass colour.

Traditional values were taught and inculcated among the children through this enjoyable and exciting learning process.

Each of the segment was decorated so beautifully and diligently by the children. It was a treat to the eyes. The final judgment was made by the art teacher. She chose the best performers following the criteria as creativity, use of material, appearance and quality of work. This was indeed the fun –filled experience for all of them.

Make a Nursery.

Class IX

To familaries the students with the scientific process of tree plantation and different methods of preparing sapling students of class IX visited Sahyadri Nursery at Astagaon on 31st July 2018 for month end activity- ‘Make a Nursery’. The owner of the nursery gave crucial information regarding seed treatment before sowing, preparation of pits and beds to sow the seeds and soil content for the germination of different plants. Students noted information in their dairies and interacted with him to clear their doubts. They also communicated with the gardener to know the tools used for the bed and pit preparation. This activity helps the pupils to know the management required to make the nursery.

Preparation of Family Budget’

Class X

Last month the students have performed the same activity and prepared family budget for one year. They performed this activity House wise. Each group considered ex person from different professions and prepared their yearly family budget. They performed the activity as a month end activity on 31st July 2018.

This month the same groups took reference of the last month’s planning and prepared their annual budget. They enjoyed the activity as they got the opportunity to experience that planning a family budget considering all ups and downs as well as every family member’s needs is not an easy task. And that too considering a Tea stall owner’s lifestyle, or a farmer’s lifestyle and planning was quiet challenging for them. They even experienced how their parents must be making both ends meet while nurturing them and providing them the best as per their capabilities.

The groups were also observed struggling hard to increase their savings and sacrificing their small luxuries. Indeed, it was a great learning experience for all.

All the groups prepared a small presentation of their budget on paper and submitted to the class teacher. The best presentation is awarded with certificate.


Literature Club: Picture reading

To develop the critical and visual thinking skills of the student’s picture reading activity was conducted as the part of literature club on 28th July 2018. In charge teacher has divided the students in to group of 4-5 and assign the different pictures. Students observes and make a mind map to describe the picture using their knowledge about the concept given in the picture. Students describe the picture in their own words using creative ideas. It helps them to express their own view and built the confidence. The activity helped them to enhance their vocabulary skill and listening skill. It helped them to strengthen their visual thinking skill. All the members took part enthusiastically and express their feelings win confidence.

Heritage Club: ‘Monuments of India’

To educate the students about the glorious past of India, Heritage Club conducted an exhibition based activity on ‘Monuments of India’. In charge teacher guided the students about preparation of models before one week and had explained the topic ‘Monuments of India’. Students actively collected the information of their own topic in detail and presented with the help of model within a stipulated time of 5 minutes. The models were Golden Temple, Tajmahal, Ajanta and Ellora caves, Qutub Minar and Shivneri Fort. This activity helped the students to develop their knowledge about the characteristics of various styles of Indian Monuments of different times.

Maths Club: Documentary on the life of Srinivas Ramanujan

The department of Maths club plays an important role in forming interactions between faculty and students generating interest in mathematics. To encourage and support the study of mathematics, research and fellowship school conducted Maths club activity on 28th July 2018. A Documentary on the life of Srinivas Ramanujan was shown to the students to create interest to study mathematics. The documentary helped children to know about the inventions and contribution in the field of mathematics by Ramanujan, they were amazed to see the achievements and awards in his short life span. Students mentioned notes of the inventions and important dates to remember. They were inspired by the life history of the great mathematician and it was indeed a motivational treat for them.

Little Chef Club: Healthy and Nutritious Dishes

“The healthy outside starts from the inside.”

Students of the chef club at little flower school displayed their innovative skill by collecting the recipes of making healthy and nutritious dishes like “Bhel and Poha”. The students were divided in to the groups of 4-5 as per house. They have brought different recipes of making Bhel and Poha with proper steps, ingredients and pictures. Students have find the nutritious value of each ingredients in their dish. Students displayed recipes on the chart paper in the form of collage and presented the recipes in front of the other student’s house wise. They explained the nutritious value of their dish. Through this activity student understand the benefits of eating healthy food and also working in team.

Science Club: ‘States of matter’

To enhance the scientific and practical skills, the science club conducted an activity ‘States of matter’ in the chemistry laboratory. The in-charge teacher introduces and demonstrates to the students about different states of matter, how matter converts its states through diffrent processes like evaporation, sublimation, distillation, latent heat of fusion, latent heat of vaporisation, water of crystallization, melting and boiling point of water. The students followed the suggested steps and performed the same experiments intelligently within the stipulated time. They were amazed to see how matter change its states. The activity helped them to get real experience by doing on their own.The activity was fruitful and enabled to obtain additional information about states of matter and enjoyed by the students.

Art Club:

Every child is born with artistic sensibilities. Artist emerges when the child is given the support at home and school . To find artistic sensibility school conducted “Art club activity” on 28th July 2018. Students of art club were guided by the teacher for knitting and weaving. They have brought the material require for knitting and weaving like needle, cloth, thread , wool , frame etc. Students learned to hold and weave different shapes on the cloth as well as making the chain with wool. Some students showed their creativity in drawing on clothes and then knitting on it.

The activity helped them to concentrate and develop their artistic skills.

Eco Club: “Up cycle of plastic bottle”

To help students become better citizens by instilling in them the need to recycle school conducted Eco Club activity that is “Up cycle of plastic bottle” on 28th July 2018. Teacher divided the student in group 4 or 5 according to their class . They have made different things by using waste bottle like drip to irrigate plants, hanging feeder bowl for birds, sprinkler, candle stand, broom and many more. Teacher explained the importance of recycling and how it will help to preserve this planet and future generations. Teacher also guided about the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle. Overall the activity helped to reduce and reuse plastic and save nature.



On 15 July 2018 the management, teachers, staff and students celebrated the auspicious day of Guru Purnima with great reverence and devotion. This day is celebrated on the full moon day of the Asadha month of the Hindu Calendar in all parts of the world. The program started with the shloka “Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Mheshwar”. Students have expressed their feelings on the Guru Purnima by thanking their gurus. School has conducted different activities on the same day. A power point presentation along with some value based videos on the life of the great guru was shown to primary section students. Students of secondary section did the plantation on the occasion of Guru Purnima. The day was full of gaiety and happiness all around.

Birth Anniversary of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Sir:

On the occasion of Death anniversary of Late. Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam school conducted tree-plantation activity in the school campus for the classes V and VI. Teachers divided the students into four groups as per their house and assigned the work of digging pits, planting saplings and watering them. Before the plantation the teacher introduced the students with the available plant species, stated their importance and the scientific way of planting them. The teacher allotted specific area to each group and supervised the activity. The students prepared pits and planted the saplings properly. They performed the activity effectively under the guidance of the teacher. This activity helped the students to develop an awareness about the god gifted environment. 

On the same day classes VII to X students were issued the books of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam from Kalam library and read. They have written the summary of the reading in their own words which helped them to enhance their reading and vocabulary skills. The students of Primary sections made the cards for their gurus based on the theme save trees. The day was full of gaiety.

Ashadi Ekadashi.

On the occasion of Ashadi Ekadashi a group of warkari called as dindi go singing and dancing to the holy town of Pandhpur with palkhi.

Our school has presented the replica of this traditional palkhi in our own school premises. The sounds of “veena” and “tal” filled the whole school when the students of grade 4 came to school dressed up as warkari carrying saffron flags and Tulsi sapling in tulsivrindavans.

The event was brought into existence to sensitize the young minds with traditional integrity amongst each other. Teacher popped in and made realistic probes to give it realistic look. The soothing Bhajans and songs mesmerized the whole school campus. The little children were the real heroes as without them the event was just an imagination which came into existence with their little footsteps. Our school principal ma’am addressed the gathering explaining the importance of dindi. The participation of all the children of grade IV in the event gave a message of social awareness and a feeling of oneness.

Felicitation Ceremony of Master Avdhoot Jadhav

The Little flower school loni, held Felicitation ceremony to honour Master Avdhoot Jadhav who had brought laurel to the school by achieving grand success in various exams like JEE, NEET IISERE etc. The felicitation ceremony was organized on 24 July 2018. The special achievement of him was he bagged the first ‘All India Rank” in Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Entrance Examination.

The eminent personality Nila Vikhe who is political adviser to the Prime Minister of Sweden was the Chief Guest for the program accompanied by Hon. Chairman Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil along with Joint Secretory and Director Schools Program Mrs. Nandini Charles.

The chief guest honoured Avdhoot with memento and bouquet in presence of his parents, teachers and students. He interacted with the students by giving some success tips to achieve their goal in life. The Chief Guest of the function also shared her experiences with the students and encouraged them. Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil also emphasized on the need to adopt a new perspective towards scientific research. He said it is imperative that students and teachers are both well-acquainted with life, ways and challenges of the research sector. The programme concluded by Mrs Swati Kharde Principal, LFS proposing the vote of thanks which filled the schools atmosphere energetic and enthusiastic .

Nutrition Week

Little flower school always taking great efforts to improve the health and wellness of their students and the link between nutrition, physical activity and learning- because healthy kids are better prepare to learn. School celebrated “Nutrition Week” from 26th to 31st July 2018 for Pre-primary section. Teacher asked the students to bring healthy nutritious ingredients to make nutritious dishes like brown bread, green vegetables, pulses, fruits, beet, potato etc. Teacher made the delicious and nutritious dishes like sandwich, Chana Bhel, paratha in the week. Students enjoyed the yummy nutritious dishes in school. Every day teacher explained the importance of the ingredients used to make dish. Even students presented the short poems based on the vegetables and fruits telling their importance through it. To make this week more successful school arranged Guest lecture on 31st July2018 by nutrition expert Dr. Shilpa N. Aher .She encouraged the students to develop healthy eating habits like washing hands before and after every meal, brushing teeth twice a day, using liquid hand wash to wash the hands, using napkin in tiffin bag and many more. The week was really very enthusiastic and healthy for the students as well as school which spread the awareness of nutrition in every one’s mind.


Field visit to Nursery at Astagaon.

Instead of just reading and writing in the four wall of classroom, Little flower school is taking the effort to offer creative and experience learning to the students through educational Field trips. As a part of it, to provide real world experiences school organized a Field visit for std IV to Nursery at Astagaon on Wednesday 4th July 2018.

The main objective of conducting a Field visit for students is to reinforce experiential and contextual learning. It is a way of enhancing classroom learning by making real world connections. Students observed the varieties of Cactus. They also interacted with nursery owner and collected the information about different types of cactus and their appearance. Students enjoyed the field visit and gained precious information about the plants.

Field visit to Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Babhaleshwar.

School has organized the field visit on 17 July 2018 for the class V to Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Babhaleshwar. The main objective of the field visit was to make students aware of the advanced cultivation techniques used to grow the plants and vegetables. It was also expected that the students should get the experiential knowledge of this cultivation techniques. During the visit students observed the advanced cultivation techniques such as polyhouse, green house, use of drip irrigation and sprinklers, cultivation of spirulina, etc. Students gained the knowledge about vegetative propagation method and collected the information about inorganic and organic fertilizers and their importance in healthy growth of plants. Finally, they were guided for different stages of cultivation such as ploughing, sowing, manuring, weeding and irrigation practically. The field visit is knowledgeable and enjoy by the students.

Field visit to Sai Bangalore Bakery, Loni.

To know the actual process of making bakery items school has organized the field visit to Sai Bangalore Bakery, Loni on Friday 20th July 2018 for the PRE -PRIMARY section. Students visited the kitchen of bakery. Teacher showed them the ingredients used to make the bakery items like flour, Maida, baking soda and many more. Students seen the process of mixing all ingredients and making brown and white bread, cake, cream roll etc. Teacher explained the cooking methods that are baking and roasting by showing practically. Students were surprised to see real chef wearing apron with cap who maintained cleanliness while preparing things. They tasted the yummy cake offered by the bakery owner and enjoyed the visit by getting the actual experience.


Guest speakers have become an important part of the educational experiences for students. They expose the students to real life experiences . Keeping this in mind school has organized Guest lecture on “TAKING CARE OF PETS”on 20 July 2018 for classe II . Mr Dighe veterinary doctor

was the speaker for the program. He told that pets are the part of our everyday lives. They always keep us happy so it is our first responsibility to take care of the pets and keep them healthy. He explained many ways to take care of pets like providing them nutritious food, take for walk, give bath every day, take them to the veterinary doctor when they sick, give them anti-rabies vaccines, giveing them love , affection, proper housing and care. He also told about the precaution need to take after dog bite like clean the wound under running water, take the rabies vaccine from civil hospital etc.Even he explained about health and hygiene rule while handling pets. The session was interactive and interesting for the students.

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