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Reports – June 2017

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Orientation Programme for the Parents

On 16th and 17th and 18th June, 2017 the school had organized orientation programme for the parents of Classes I to X. It was arranged in different sessions for pre-primary section, Classes I-III, IV-V, VI- VIII and IX- X. The teachers like Mrs Sarika, Mrs Deepali, Mrs. Sonali, Mr. Bajirao and Mrs.Sangita took the parents through the sessions and guided them about the changed assessment pattern, school rules and policies, school calendar diary, the list of holidays and the shift in holidays from 2nd and 4th Saturday to 1st and 3rd Saturday, availability of books and notebooks, school uniform, shoes and socks. The Principal solved the queries raised by the parents about the assessment pattern, excursion and field visits. This orientation programme was a successful interaction.

Month End Activities

Fancy Dress Competition [Class I]

Fancy Dress Competition was conducted for the students of class I on 30th June 2017. The Class Teacher guided the students in selection of the roles based on the themes like mythology, nature and community helpers. The characters draped themselves as Savitribai Phule, Lokmanya Tilak Goddess Rukhmini, doctor, police officer, butterflies, flowers, fruits, and plants etc. Each participant prepared his/her dialogues and dressing very beautifully. It was very pleasing to see and listen the performance of tiny tots. This activity helped the students to develop their confidence, expressions and creativity. The performances of the tiny tots were judged on the basis of the criteria like attire, theme, confidence and presentation.

Designing Different Shapes [Class II]

To develop the interest and sharpen the creative and artistic skills of the students ‘Designing different shapes’ activity was conducted on June month end for class II. The in charge teachers gave necessary instructions and guided the students regarding the activity. Using colour-papers, fevicol, scissor and colours the students prepared variety of beautiful shapes as flowers, leaves, geometrical shapes and animals. This activity helped the students to develop their thinking and creative skills. The winners of the activity were declared on the basis of the criteria like interest, creativity, material used and decoration.

Road Safety Awareness [III Daisy & Rose]

To create an awareness among the students Road Safety Awareness activity was conducted for the classes like III Daisy and Rose. The Class Teachers showed a PPT to the students and explained the traffic rules and the related symbols. The PPT was followed by a healthy interaction between the teachers and the students. The doubts and queries of the students were solved and a few important slogans were recited. Finally the teachers conducted a short quiz and declared its winners.

Tree Adoption and Plantation Activity [Class IV & V]

On June month-end class IV &V students participated enthusiastically in ‘Tree Adoption and Plantation’ activity. In the beginning the teacher collected all the saplings brought by the students and explained them the need of tree plantation and conservation. The incharge teacher’s idea of adopting trees was welcomed whole heartedly by the students. The teacher divided the students into different groups and appealed each of them to adopt one plant and conserve it. This was followed by activities like digging pits, planting, watering and weeding. The students felt happy for performing this noble task of enriching the environment.

Class Decoration [Class VI]

“Every child is an artist”, keeping this in mind and to explore the creative potential in the young minds of students a unique Inter-house Class Decoration Competition for Class VI was conducted on 8th July 2017 at Little Flower School, Loni. The children showcased their creative skills in decorating the class and came up with amazing art work. Students used beautiful patterns, ribbons, flowers, strips of different colours, balloons, threads and images to decorate the class. Each of the segment was decorated so beautifully and diligently by the children. It was a treat to the eyes. The final judgement was made by the class teacher. He chose the best performers following the criteria as creativity, use of material, appearance and quality of work.

Visit To Orphanage [Class VII]

The school had organized a visit to Gangadhar Baba Chatralaya Orphanage situated at Guha in Rahuri as a month end activity for class VII. Thirty seven students of the class were accompanied by teachers as Mr. Halim & Mrs. Meena. On reaching at the place the students of LFS were greeted by some volunteers and the children from the orphanage. The volunteers gave information about the Chatralaya and its functioning. The students took a round in the campus visiting different sections like dormitories, granary, library, office, playground and the farm looked after by the children. LFS students performed some cultural activities such as skits, mimes, and also recited some poems for the orphans. In return they also performed some poems and religious songs. LFS students arranged different types of games such as dodge ball, ring race and many more. After having a lunch with them LFS students offered some gifts and eatables. The visit was a great satisfaction. It served the objective of enhancing the feeling of brotherhood among the students and made them aware of social responsibilities.

Quiz Activity [Class VIII]

‘To enhance students’ interest in general knowledge Quiz Activity was conducted for class VIII on 30th June 2017. It was informed to the students before a week about the topics for quiz activity and to collect questionnaire. The in charge teacher divided the students into four groups as per their house. The questions were asked based on Sport, Indian history, Literature, and scientific inventions. Each house participated with great interest and tried to answer correctly to increase score. Sapphire house scored the highest and was declared as the winner house. This activity helped students to develop team spirit.

Basic Safety Rules’ [Class IX]

On 30th June 2017 ‘Basic Safety Rules’ activity was conducted for the students of class IX. In charge teacher divided the students into four groups as per their house and told them to select one of the topics from Cyber safety, Road safety, Natural disaster and home\school safety to prepare slogan, rules or symbol. Each house students participated enthusiastically and tried to perform the best. This activity helped the students to develop teamwork, richness of content, creativity, confidence. Students enjoyed the activity a lot.

Class X Family Budget :

Collecting comparative prices for the required consumable articles

As a part of June Month-end activity the above mentioned Work Education activity was conducted for class X students by the class teacher. To enhance students’ knowledge about the requirements of consumable articles of their family, the students were taken to taken to Sarnot Shopee in Loni. As guided by the teacher the students had prepared a chart to enlist the consumable articles. They also noted different brands of articles, their prices and quantity. This enabled the students to make comparative study of the commodities required at home and think about their choice as per the family budget. While doing this the students interacted with the staff in the shopee to get an appropriate information. Before leaving, the students also interacted with the owner of the shopee and thanked him for being co-operative and helpful. After reaching to school, the students shared their experiences about the activity with their teachers. This activity enabled them to understand the economic activities and be social.

Club Activities

Literary Club

Activity: Debate

The literary club arranged debate activity in English for the club members. The topic of the activity for senior group was ‘Should cell phones be banned in schools?’ and the junior group was ‘Television is better than Books’. The teacher gave the instructions about its conduct and criteria. The topics were announced a week before. The students were prepared. As per their interest, the teacher designed the ‘for and against’ teams. The teams were given time to discuss and jot down the points for argument. The students participated in a healthy manner citing the reasons and supporting them with suitable examples from day to day life. At the end the English teacher appreciated their participation and motivated and guided them by making necessary suggestions in the light of the criteria as Richness of Content, Rebuttal Skills, Body Language, Participation and Co-ordination.

Maths Club

Activity-Designing 3D Shapes

Maths Club conducted ‘Making 3D shapes’ activity in Maths lab to inculcate the importance of 3D shapes in our daily life. As suggested the students had brought chart papers, fevicol, pencil, A4 size paper, scissor, cello tape etc. The in charge teacher guided the students about making 3D shapes with the help of `Nets’. Students participated with great interest and designed 3D shapes accurately. The students were also told to draw different 3D shapes on isometric paper. This activity helped the students to develop their skills in 3D drawing which is used in the field of architecture, animation and auto cad technologies.

Heritage Club

Making PPT on Architecture of Ancient India.

To educate the students about the glorious past of India, our Heritage Club conducted a power point presentation activity based on the topic ‘Architecture of Ancient India’. The inchrge teacher guided the students about preparation of power point presentation before one week and had explained the topic ‘Architecture of Ancient India’. Each student came prepared and presented a PPT within a stipulated time of 5 mins. They presented the information about Tajmahal (Agra), the University of Nalanda, Tawang Monastry, Hampi, Sun Temple, Iron Pillar (Delhi), Ajanta & Ellora caves. This activity helped the students to develop their knowledge about the characteristics of various styles of Indian architecture and sculpture of different times.

Eco Club

Seed Sowing Activity’

On 24th June, 2017 the Eco Club conducted ‘Seed sowing activity’ for the students of VI to X classes. The In charge teacher divided the students into four groups and explained them the scientific procedure of sowing seeds in plastic bags. The students showed great interest in the activity by following the given instructions. They filled the bags with fertile soil, added some fertilizer, sowed the seeds and watered them. Everybody enjoyed the activity. The teacher appealed the students to hold tree plantation campaigns in their areas. The objective of the activity was to enhance students’ interest in plantation and understand the importance of plants and trees in our day to day life.

Science Club

Showing a CD on Blue Planet

To develop students’ interest in the life on the earth and in the ocean the club incharge showed a CD on blue planet and the natural history of ocean in the AV hall. The In charge teacher guided the students by explaining the Habitat and adaptation of aquatic animals and birds. The students watched the movie and were amazed to see the natural history of Blue Planet, the beauty beneath the ocean, the formation of coral reef, Shark hunting etc. Students came to know the facts about endangered species and the terms related to such species like loxodonta African (African Elephant),Eubalena glacialies (whales) Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus) Snow Leopard (Uncia uncia) etc. This activity helped the students develop observation and scientific attitude. The teacher solved the queries by giving additional information about the oceanic life.

Little Chef Club

Salad Making Activity

Little Chef Club conducted salad making activity to enhance students skill and talent in salad making and understand its nutritive value. The teacher explained the recipe to the students discussing how to present it nicely in a plate. As suggested they brought all the necessary things like fruits, vegetables, serving plates and knives etc. As per the beautiful colors and tastes of the ingredients, students decorated their plates with different shapes like smileys, plants and animals, birds etc. They shared their salad with their friends and enjoyed a great variety in taste. This activity helped the students understand the nutritious value of the salad they prepared and learnt to follow good habits about maintaining hygiene while preparing different dishes or drinks.

Teachers’ Assembly

On the first day of the academic session 2017-18 i.e. on 8th June, the teachers of Little Flower School presented a beautiful assembly for the students. The teachers presented a good thought, an amazing fact and News. A puppet show based on a moral story was beautifully presented by Ms Deepali and Ms. Veena. As a tribute to the mothers of the world, the teachers like Mr. Kiran Dhage, Kiran Wakole Mr.Ashok , Mr.Somnath, Mrs. Madhuri and Mr.Bajirao enacted a short skit emphasizing the importance of mother in one’s life. The students loved watching their teachers enacting on the stage and learnt to be kind respectful and responsible towards mother. The assembly of the day was compered beautifully by Ms. Deepali. The Principal appreciated the efforts of the teachers.

Yoga Day Celebration

Little Flower School celebrated Yoga Day on 21st June 2017 with great interest. Our Yoga teacher delivered a speech emphasizing the importance of yoga in one’s life and performed some yoga asana like Padma asana, Pranayama, Tad asana, Chakra asana etc. Students and teachers followed the instructions of Yoga teacher and performed yoga asanas very enthusiastically. Everybody realized the importance of yoga and felt it as a true secret of happiness a healthy life.


On 1st July, 2017 Little Flower School proudly celebrated its 17th Annual Prize Day for the academic year 2016-17 in the new building. It was presided by the Chief Guest Smt. Sindhutai Balasaheb Vikhe Patil, Guest of Honour Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil, Chairman of Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation, Pune and the special invitee General Dhanda, CEO of PRES. Among the other dignitaries present were Mr. Kashinath Vikhe Patil, Balasaheb Kerunath Vikhe Patil, Mr. Tarachand Mhaske, Mr. Chandgude and Mr. Nanasaheb Shelke.

The programme commenced with lighting of lamp and garlanding the portrait of the Founder Fathers- Padmashri Late Dr. Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil and Padmabhushan late Dr. Balasaheb Vikhe Patil.After the introduction and felicitation of the Chief Guest and other dignitaries the school Principal Mrs. Swati Kharde presented the Annual School Report. This was followed by Prize Distribution. The School took pride to honour the qualities of its students. The Guests honoured the academically meritorious pupils from class I to X. 76 students received the prizes for their excellence in General Proficiency, Good Progress, Subject Topper, Good Conduct and 100% attendance. Dr. Sanjeev Kulkarni the parent of our school topper in AISSE and the ex-student Ms Mitali Lamkhade expressed their gratitude towards the school for its contribution in making students’ life more meaningful. The Guest of Honour Hon’ble Dr Ashok Vikhe Patil addressed the gathering and emphasised that the teachers and the parents together can give a better future to the students. Mrs. Mrunalini Bhosale, the Principal of VPMS Lohegaon presented the mission and vision of Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation, Pune.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Nandini, Director of Schools Programme and Joint Secretary of Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation, Pune. The programme was compered by M. Halim, Mr. Bajirao and Mrs. Sarika. It was graced by parents in a large number. The programme culminated with National Anthem.

Field Visit To Aurangabad

“It is better to see something than to hear about it a thousand times”. Every expedition made is an experience which leaves students pondering and implores them to think.

The students of class I and II of our school went on an educational trip to Aurangabad on 12 December 2015. It was life enriching experience for the students to visit the historical places like Bibi ka Maqubqra and Panchakki which are the living examples of our architectural tactics of our ancient kings.The tiny tots of LFS had the pleasure of enjoying the warmth of sun on a Siddharth Garden at Aurangabad. They had fun watching the roaring lions, white tigers leopards, bear, snakes, fishes, foxes and wolfves . They were thrilled to see the largest bird ostrich. Students learnt a couple of facts which really made the trip even more interesting. The excursion provided an enlightening opportunity to students enabling them to enhance their thinking and increase their knowledge.

It was a remarkable and fun filled experience for the kids as they came back with a smile on their faces.

Field Visit To Pune

To encourage and prepare the students towards successful further study and lifelong contributions in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and History, the school had organized an educational trip to Science Park of Chinchwad and the temples on Parvati Hill in Pune on 24th Dec 2015 for the classes V to IX.

The park includes a section entitled “Dinosaur Park” and various educational galleries providing information about all the topics related to science. All the students were thrilled by visiting Dinosur Park . They had seen replicas of dinosaurs like the Plateosaurus, the Ankylosaurus, the Stegosaurus, the Tyrannosaurus, the Archaeopteryx, the Velociraptor, the Psittacosaurus and others. NCSM has prepared these exhibits. Then students had observed near about 42 models which helped them to understand the working of pulleys, periscopes, microphone and other such technologies. All these were the part of “Temporary Exhibition Gallery”.The visit to the“ 3D Auditorium” also helped the students gain knowledge about astronomy, planets, stars etc.

Pimpri Chinchwad is the city of automobiles so there is a special gallery with 87 exhibits. Students visited the “Automobile gallery” and procured the information about the invention of the wheel, the steam engine, motor cycles and cars. They learnt how the various components of an automobile like the engine, the gear box, wheels and other parts work by actually operating them. All the students visited the “Energy gallery” which has 32 exhibits explaining all forms of energy like solar, potential, kinetic, sound, mechanical and others. One can operate these exhibits to learn how energy transforms into different forms. At last students enjoyed seeing ‘Fun gallery’ which consists of 62 exhibits . They learnt various concepts of science through small games by operating the exhibits.

After seeing the Science Park the students moved to the historical place “Parvati” situated in the southern end of the city. It has 108 steps to climb the top of the hill to get the magnificent view of the city. Students visited the famous four temples named Shiva, Ganesh, Vishnu and Kartikeya respectively situated on the top of the hill. It is one of the oldest heritage structures of Pune and reminiscent of the Peshwa dynasty. It is situated at a height of 2100 feet above the sea level. Being the highest point in Pune, it provided them a beautiful panoramic view of the Pune city.. There the students visited an interesting museum that commemorates the Peshwa rule. The students were amazed to see the paintings, weapons, jewellery, pots, clothes, the coins and the foreign currencies of the period. The trip was really knowledgeable and enjoyable for the students.

Training Programme For Xseed Teachers

On 5th June, 2017 Little Flower School had organized ‘Xseed Training Programme’ under the guidance of the resource person Mrs. Pallavi Furia for the teachers recruited in the Primary Section of the school this year. She highlighted two points in the session as personality development and skill based learning. She conducted the activities like imaginative drawing, handling the situation in the personality development session which help the teachers to gain confidence in their work. Further she guided about “7 survival skills in life” which helped the teachers to inculcate the skills like critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, writing and oral communication, curiosity and imagination among the students. In short, the training was very informative and useful for the teachers.


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