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Reports – June 2015

Xseed Teachers Training Programme

On 2nd June 2016 Little Flower School had organized Xseed Teachers’ Training Programme to introduce new version of Xseed books under the guidance of the resource person Mrs. Payal Mehta. She conducted the training in two sessions. In the first session she explained the difference between the previous and the new version of Xseed. She highlighted how the new edition can reduce the burden of teachers and students and how effectively it supports and facilitates the learning process. Further she guided and gave detail information about using manual and content book for effective teaching in the class. In the second session she explained how to prepare an academic planning for preprimary and primary section. As a feedback of the training program, she had asked the teachers to deliver micro teaching and motivated them. She concluded by explaining the way to follow Blue scale points for effective teaching.

In short, the training was very informative and useful for the teachers.

ICT Training

On 1st June 2016 the school had organised ICT and internet accessing training for the teachers under the guidance of our computer teacher Mrs. Sarika Aher .The main objectives of the work shop were to enable the teachers, to create an email ID and open an account to enhance quick communication and sharing of information. She explained the procedure to open the mail account, write and send it. For practice everybody was asked to send a mail to the principal. All the school teachers showed great interest and enthusiasm in reaping the benefits of the same.

C.C.E Workshop Conducted by the Secondary teachers

To enhance the understanding of CCE, the school had organized a one day workshop for all the teachers on 7th June 2016 between 8.30 a.m.to 5.00 p.m. It was conducted by the teachers of the secondary section in two sessions.

In the beginning of the first session Mrs. Sangita Sonawane introduced CCE with great interest. With the help of a power point presentation she focused on importance of CCE, the assessment patterns and the areas stated in the report card. She created interest among the teachers by conducting an activity on the areas covered. The subject teachers explained the co-scholastic subjects. Mr.Bajirao Gadhave highlighted the importance and objectives LSRW skills of language and explained them in detail. He also focused on the type of tools used to assess the linguistic skills, the assessment of speaking and listening with an appropriate criteria for each of the activities and the board pattern of English question paper. The scholastic area of mathematics was covered by Mr. Kiran Dhage. He focused on how to generate interest in mathematics and develop mathematical skills among students by taking the support of different types of tools and techniques. Mr.Halim Shaikh gave a power point presentation to explain the type of tools and techniques that can be used in science to assess the development of scientific skills among the children. Mr Kiran Wakole explained how social science is connected with all the subjects and the kind of assessments.

The second session began with the topics of co scholastic area. Mrs. Vaishali Vyawahare explained the ten life skills and stated their significance and how to maintain the supportive documents. Detail information of work education was given by Mr Kiran Dhage . He even suggested suitable activities for Work education. Literary skills and attitudes and values were explained by Mr. Gadhave in detail. Mr. Kiran Wakole Highlighted co-curricular activities in detail This was was followed by Mr. Halim who presented P.P.T. on Health and physical education. As this training programme was interactive and based on the experience of the teachers, it helped to clarify the doubts and generate a good understanding of CCE. 

First Day Assembly by Teachers

To motivate and inspire the students, teachers of LFS presented 1st day assembly on 9th June 2016. All teachers were participated with great interest and enthusiasm. Assembly began with a good thought. presented by Mr Gadhave. This was followed by an amazing factby Mr. Gosavi and News headlines by Mr. Kuldharan. The lady teachers presented a beautiful mime based on the theme Save Water. Creativity and performance of the mime was really noteworthy. Students were mesmerized by the performance. Mr. Kiran Dhage expressed his patriotic feeling by singing patriotic song and Mrs Vaishali Vyawahare also expressed her feeling by singing devotional song. Mr. Kiran Wakole checked general knowledge by asking G.K questions .At the end of the assembly, Principal madam welcomed the new students and teachers with beautifully designed greeting cards. Really the assembly was very beautiful and informative.

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