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Reports – July 2017

Month-end Activities

Vegetable Printing [ KG]

To develop the artistic skills of the students’ Vegetable printing activity was conducted on 31st July 2017 for the pre-primary students. The In charge teachers gave them papers with different pictures .The teacher provided colours, cut vegetables like ladies finger, onion, potato, lemon and guided the students to decorate the pictures for the same. Each student participated with great interest and tried to show their artistic skills. By using cut vegetables they printed beautiful flowers, leaves and decorated their paper. The winners were declared on the basis of the criteria like use of appropriate colour and overall presentation. Students enjoyed the activity a lot and make a beautiful design of vegetable printing by displaying their talent and artistic skill

Cleanliness Drive [Class I]

To create an awareness among the students regarding cleanliness and its benefits Cleanliness Drive was conducted for the students of classes I to V during which they cleaned the respective class rooms. Even the teachers were a part of this drive. After cleaning the classrooms, all students and in charge teachers assembled in the A.V. hall to see a video clip on cleanliness. Thereafter the teachers delivered the speech on the importance of sanitation. Also some of the students shared the importance of self-hygiene. At the end of the activity everybody took oath of keeping our home, locality and city clean .This activity was enjoyable and motivating.

Fruit Day Activity [Class II]

‘Fruit Day Activity’ was conducted for the students of class II Rose and Daisy on 31 June 2017. As instructed the students had brought a fruit of their choice. They were amazed to see variety of fruits like Banana, Apple, Pomegranate, Grapes, and Pineapple etc. The teacher guided the students to speak about the fruits brought by them within a stipulated time of one minute. The students spoke about the fruits describing their features and nutritious value. This activity helped the students to speak creatively and realize the importance of fruits in one’s life.

Visit to Snehalaya

[Class III Daisy and Rose]

On 31st July, 2017 students of classes III Daisy and Rose had been to the orphanage “Snehalaya” at Ahmednagar along with two teachers and two attendance. After reaching there, Students saw the documentary of Snehalaya for 25 minutes. Further, they saw their hostels and dining hall. Students of LFS interacted with the students and played some games like ‘Simon says”. Students and teacher donated some old clothes and pencils .The interaction with the students and teachers there increased the students confidence and living spirit.

Creative Poster making Activity

[Class IV]

To give an exposure to the students’ artistic skills and enhance respectful attitude towards environment Poster Making Activity was conducted for class IV Rose and Daisy. The In charge teacher declared the theme ‘save environment’ and students drew posters with different messages to save the beautiful environment. They participated with great interest and showcased their hidden talent. All the students read out their messages which helped them to think seriously about the degradation and realized the need to protect it.

Visit to Sauce Factory

[Class VI ]

An industrial visit was organized for the students of class VI on 31st July 2017. 36 students along with two teachers visited to Royal Tomato Sauce Factory at Aadgaon. On reaching there the owner of the industry showed them the machines used in the making of sauce and pickle, the workers required, cleanliness to be maintained, the sale of the goods, the profit earned, the difficulties faced and his hard work. He shared a good deal of information when the students raised several queries about the preparation. The students were amazed to see the industry and learn about the hard work and inspiring story of the owner. On returning back, the basis of the knowledge gained by the students, the teacher explained the features of small scale industry and how the migration towards the cities can be stopped if people are encouraged to start with the small scale industries in the rural area itself.

Rakhi Making Activity [Class VII ]

To develop innovative ideas and artistic sense of the students Rakhi making activity was conducted for class VII. The in charge teacher divided the students into four groups which worked separately on the theme `I am Kalam’ given well in advance. Using the required materials like thread, beads, gum, bindis, colourful glaze papers etc. Each student participated in the group with great enthusiasm and displayed his/her innovative ideas and creation. The creations of the students were really beautiful. The theme was also highlighted by the students in a creative manner by writing slogan at the top of Rakhi .The activity helped the students to develop creative, artistic and thinking skills.

Visit to Samarth Nursery – Class: VIII

To make the students aware of the different methods of preparing saplings and to know how to take care of them, Students of class VIII visited Samarth Nursery At Astagaon on 31st July 2017.Students observed different plants in the nursery and interacted with its owner very curiously to know about them and their types. Students collected information about fertilizers, types of plants, type of soil used for the different types of plants etc. They also discussed about methods of preparing saplings and the care needed to be taken to grow them. Students were very happy to visit the place as they could collect the information and cleared the doubts through interaction with the owner. This visit was really knowledgeable and fruitful.

Visit to Plant Nursery [ Class IX ]

To familiarise students with the scientific process of tree plantation, students visited Samarth Nursery at Astagaon on 31st July 2017 The owner of the nursery gave crucial information regarding seed treatment before sowing, preparation of pits and beds to sow the seeds and soil content for the germination of different plants. Students wrote information in their dairies and interacted with him to clear the doubts. They also interacted with the gardener to know the tools used for the bed and pit preparation. This activity helped the pupils to know the management required to make the nursery.

Family Budget [Class X]

Keeping Record and Allocation of Family Income on Various Heads.

On July month-end the school conducted the above stated activity during which the teacher explained the students about the importance of keeping records of expenses in the form of vouchers, bills, receipts etc. The teacher also discussed about different sources of income of a family and allocation of family income on various heads. During this the students interacted giving household examples and shared their doubts.

Club Activities:

Literary Club: Story Telling [Individual]

To make students think imaginatively and creatively & enhance an effective use of language story telling activity was conducted. The students narrated stories with great enthusiasm following an appropriate style of narration using the themes of their choice.The performance of each individual was judged on the basis of the parameters as content, voice modulation, body language, fluency, and effective presentation by the club in charge Mr. Ashok.

Science Club: Finger Print Activity

To enhance scientific and practical skills, the science club conducted an activity named ‘Finger Prints’ in the school laboratory. The In charge teacher guided the students regarding the use of material as talcum powder, tape, black pepper, lipstick to perform the experiment. The students followed the suggested steps and performed the experiment. They were amazed to see their own finger prints by following simple methods. Students came to know that fingerprint is the only notably unchanged and infallible thing to identify individuals. This activity helped the students understand the unique patterns of fingerprints like plain arch, radial loop, plain whorl, double loop whorl etc. They realized how it helps to solve real-life mysteries.

Heritage Club – Movie Review (Mysore)

To value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture, the heritage club of Little Flower School, Loni conducted Movie Review Activity on 22nd July 2017 in the A.V. Room. The club activity started with Mysore movie from Apex Media Creation related to an introduction about Mysore. Before showing video teacher instructed to watch it carefully and silently .They could watch various historical things as Place of Mysore, Jaganmohan Palace, Jjaylakshami Vilas Mansion, LalithMahal etc. Students were amazed to see the historical things and culture of Mysore. Further teacher asked questions based on the same. Students answered the questions very enthusiastically. This activity helped the students to understand the rich culture and uniqueness of the country. 

Little Chef Club

Guest Lecture based on Nutritious Diet 

The students need to take balanced food for proper physical and mental growth. Hence to give them complete information about healthy food as a necessity of a healthy and happy life, the resource person Mrs. Sangita Shelar from Nursing College, PMT, Loni guided the students about the same. She gave presentation with the help of PPT and conducted interactive sessions with the students and cleared their doubts. The students obtained a good deal of information collected about nutritious diet. They also realised the negative impact of junk and fast food on health. They promised the resource person to reduce the intake of fast food. This seminar helped the students develop proper eating habits and create awareness about health and nutritious diet. 

Eco Club : Vegetative Propagation Activity

Eco Club conducted vegetative propagation activity. The in charge teacher demonstrated and explained the students the process of vegetative propagation. She explained how parts of a plant body function and propagate to develop into a new individual. The students observed the activity and listened keenly to the information shared. Following the instructions the students also performed the activity. It helped the students to learn about the functions of different parts of the plants.

Maths Club :Magic Square

The club activity “Magic Square” was conducted on 22nd of July 2017 in maths lab. The students were divided into different groups and puzzles for each group were prepared. The rules for the activity were explained and one example was solved by demonstrating the logic behind the activity.

Students were asked to work in their groups and followed their own strategies to solve the magic square. They tried their level best to solve all the number grids. Some of them solved the magic square instantly and submitted.

The main objective behind the activity was to motivate students to work with team spirit and practice variety of problem solving strategies including pattern seeking, relating pattern and relating numbers. The activity was fruitful and enjoyed by the students.


Investiture Ceremony

To inculcate the leadership qualities in students and to give them the feel of functioning of the administrative body, Students’ Council was formed at LFS on 12th July, 2017 and the investiture ceremony was held in the multipurpose hall of our school. The programme started with lighting of lamp and garlanding the portrait of honourable Founder Fathers.

Mrs. Swati Kharde, our school Principal graced the occasion as the Chief Guest of the function. She honoured and presented sashes and badges to the newly elected council members who took the charge as Head Boy and Head Girl of the school, House Captains for the four Houses, Sports Captain for boys and girls. It was indeed a proud moment for the council members. Our Physical Director, Mrs. Meena Pulate administered an oath to them to live up to the expectations and work in support of the school’s mission.

The Head Boy Mast. Aditya Jori and Head Girl Ms. Rutuja Londhe delivered speeches on this occasion and expressed gratitude towards all the voters for offering them an opportunity to be as the chiefs of the Students’ Council. Our Principal Mrs. Swati Kharde congratulated all the council members and delivered a motivational speech insisting on cleanliness and discipline of the school. The celebration was a grand success.

Guru Pournima

To honour the teachers a program was organized during school assembly on the occasion of Guru Purnima on 8th July, 2017. The program commenced with SaraswatiVandana by the students. It was followed by speeches stating the importance of Gurus in one’s life. The students like Sanika Gadhave from Class 6, Srushti Mote from Class- VIII and Pooja Patil from Class -10 paid a tribute to their teachers by delivering beautiful speeches high lighting the necessity of teachers in one’s life. The principal Mrs. Swati Kharde in her address urged the students to understand their inner strength, enhance putting it into use and explained how the Gurus motivate to channelize it. However, to make this day more special during the 6th period MASS READING ACTIVITY was conducted. The students of classes I to X began reading ‘Ignited Minds’ a book by the visionary Dr. Abdul Kalam.

The initiative for the arrangements of the program was taken by Mrs. Deepali Girhe, the Cultural Incharge of our school. The program concluded with gaiety all around.

Inauguration of Kalam Library

On 27th July, 2017 LFS celebrated death anniversary of the Missile Man of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp in the presence of Hon. Chairman Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil and Director Nandini Ma`am. The progamme was followed by Dr. Kalam’s 10 point oath administered by our sports director, Mrs. Meena Pulate. Further, as a tribute to him class IX students presented a mime based on his whole life and contribution towards the nation. Each year on the occasion of his death anniversary, Little Flower School had decided to run different activities like Weekly Goodness Bulletin and Health Care in Slum Area. To inculcate reading habit among the students the school inaugurated Kalam Library named as Trishul, in the presence of our Hon. Chairman Dr. Ashok Patil Sir and Director Nandini Ma`am. To see Dr. Kalam alive in school, the school conducted different activities for all the classes like handwriting competition, drawing, showing videos based on Kalam`s life, poster making with Kalam`s message, collage work on inventions of scientists, visiting slum area, goodness stories collection and visit to science centre. The tiny tots of class III Daisy presented a group song on A.P.J. Abdul Kalam which made everyone feel proud of him.. The Chief Guest in his address appreciated the efforts of students and the teachers. He also interacted with the students which inspired them to work with full spirit.

Nutrition Week

Nutrition week was celebrated for the students of LKG in Little Flower School ,Loni from 25th July to 31st July 2017 .On 25th July, 2017 teacher gave information to the students about health and diet and how fruits and vegetables are good source of vitamins and minerals to maintain the health. Teacher explained importance of fruits and vegetables brought by the students. Further, teacher displayed the charts of fruits and vegetables and told to the tiny tots to draw on the paper. Students participated in the activity very enthusiastically and drew beautiful pictures of fruits and vegetables .On 26th July students brought healthy food as per the teachers guidance in their lunch boxes like cucumber, lemon, chana, kidney beans etc. On 27th July they brought fruit salad. To develop the artistic skills of the students Vegetable Printing Activity was conducted on 31St July. The In charge teachers gave them papers with different pictures .The teacher provided colours, cut vegetables like ladies finger, onion, potato, lemon and guided the students to decorate the pictures for the same. Each student participated with great interest and tried to show their artistic skills. By using cut vegetables they printed beautiful flowers, leaves and decorated their paper. This week was very

knowledgeable and fruitful for the students

Field Visit

Field Visit to Loni Gram Panchayat

On 19th July, 2017 Little Flower School had organised a field visit for class VI students to the Gram Panchayat of Loni . The main objective of the visit was to introduce the students with the basic functions of Gram Panchayat and the role of Sarpanch& Gram Sevak (Secretary) in the development of the village. On reaching the venue the students interacted with the secretary and obtained a good deal of information about the powers and functions of the panchayat, about its election, duration, population and no. of wards in the village. The secretary gave the necessary information and guided the students about the facilities provided by the gram panchayat such as electricity, fresh water, proper sanitation facilities and many more. The visit was fruitful as the students got an appropriate information about the functioning of the Panchayat.

Visit to Different Firms

To familiarise the students with different professions and fields, class IV Daisy and Rose were taken to visit various places like Hospital, Post Office, Police Station, Potter and cobbler along with two teachers on Friday i.e. 14th July, 2017 between 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. First, they visited the Rural Hospital of Loni. Dr. Mhaske explained them the uses of various tools like stethoscope, syringe, scissor, apparatus etc. Secondly, they visited Police Station where they were explained its functioning and the work of the Police. Further they visited Loni Post Office and collected necessary information about the working of the post office and the postman. Finally the students visited a cobbler and a potter. They gained information about their work and their earning. This field visit helped the students to gain the knowledge of different fields and professions.

Visit to Anatomy Department

On 18th July, 2017 the students of class VII and X visited the Anatomy Department of Rural Medical College, Loni. The students curiously observed the organs like stomach, small intestine, large intestine, kidney, heart, lungs etc. Dr. Jogdand and Dr. Desai explained the structure and function of different human organs. The doubts related to organs were cleared by the doctors. Further, they saw museum in which specimen of different parts of the body were kept. All students watched them carefully and saw the dorsal, ventral, lateral and transverse section of limbs, skeletons etc. The field visit proved to be knowledgeable experience for them.

This activity helped the students to understand the structure and function of the different organs of human being.

Visit to Farm House

On 7thJuly, class VIII students visited an agricultural filed at Nirmal Pimpri with an objective to study the agricultural practices, animal husbandry and the traditional and modern methods of irrigation. Children were amazed to see the agriculture practices like ploughing the field, sowing seeds with the help of agriculture equipment. Some students took practical experience of sowing seeds with the help of seed drill. They also visited big cowshed where they could see various species of cows like gir, gersy, hoston etc. They obtained information about different kinds of fodder and green grass required by the animals. The owner of the shed guided the students about the efforts that a farmer has to take to protect and bring up his crops and animals. 

Election for Students’ Council

To inculcate democratic values among the students and to enable them to accept the responsibilities & handle them with diligence the school conducted elections for the Students’ Council on 24th June 2017

Our Physical Director, Mrs. Meena Pulate prepared the necessary set up for the election and guided the students about choosing the suitable candidates. On the day of the election, during the school assembly the contestants were given an opportunity to deliver a speech appealing the voters to elect them and do canvassing without adopting any false means. During the last two periods the students from classes V toX casted their votes practicing the democratic norms and waited eagerly for the results of the election.


Workshop on Human Trafficking

On 20thJuly, the students of class VIII, IX and X attended the workshop on Human Trafficking conducted by team of Dental students in A.V Room. The objective behind it was to give information and facts about Human Trafficking and its preventive measures. The students listened carefully and watched the ppt. The doubts related to human trafficking were cleared by the resource person. The students had a good interaction with the resource persons. The workshop proved helpful in creating awareness.

Workshop on Dental Care

On 20thJuly, the students of class IV to VII attended the workshop on Dental Care. It was conducted by a team of Dental College students in the A.V Room. The team members explained the role of teeth in human life. With an objective to inculcate good habits among the pupils they suggested several tips and gave information about different types of teeth and their functions. The students were also explained the process of decay and the ways to overcome cavities. During the question hour the students were allowed to interact, sharing their doubts and queries about teeth and related diseases.

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