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Reports – January 2018

Monthend Activities

Class I : A Visit to Bhushan Bangalore Bakery

To obtain knowledge about different bakery items and understand their nutritive values, a visit to Bhushan Bangalore Bakery was organized on 31st Jan, 2018 for the students of class I. Owner explained them the process of making different bakery items and the ingredients used in the preparation. Besides this the owner also told them about the nutritive values of the items shown. Our students asked various doubts curiously regarding tools and equipment used.

Class II : English Extempore Activity

To enable students speak effectively English Extempore activity was conducted for class II students. During this Jan. month-end activity the students made sincere attempts to speak on simple topics like doll, car, teddy pen, mother, father, favourite teacher etc. The performance of each participant was judged on the basis of the criteria as thinking skill, effective language, fluency, content and overall presentation. This activity proved helpful in enhancing their confidence.


Class III :Rally on Child Labor

On 1st Feb. 2018 our school had organized ‘Child Labour Rally ‘for the students of class III. It was conducted from Loni Central to Loni Bus Stop. The students gave beautiful slogans like’ Stop child labour, Don’t be wild, Don’t force work on a child , Child labour is an abuse’ These helped in creating an awareness about how child labour is really an abuse and how it exploits and deprives them of education.

Class IV : A Visit to Prabhat Dairy

On 31st January, 2018 a visit to Prabhat Dairy Plant of was organised by our school for the students of class IV to know about the preparation of dairy products. The dairy Manager provided a guide who took the students around and showed them the machineries used in the making of dairy products. He also showed and explained the process of preparing ghee and butter. The students also enjoyed witnessing filling of milk bottles and their packing. They curiously asked many questions to the guide who answered them in a simple and satisfactory way.

Class V: Cleanliness Drive

‘To develop social awareness and responsible behaviour towards environment ‘Cleanliness Drive’ activity was conducted on 31st January 2018 for the students of class V. They collected dry leaves and flowers of trees and creepers, paper bits, wrappers, empty bottles etc. to clean the surroundings of the temple This activity really helped the students to be sensitive and responsible towards environment and indirectly inspired the people of the locality to keep their surroundings clean.

Class VI: Cleanliness Campaign

To create an awareness among the students regarding cleanliness & its benefits, the school had organized ‘Cleanliness Campaign’ near Ganpati Temple of Loni. They swept and cleaned the surroundings of the temple. Teacher encouraged the students to conduct such drives at home, in their surroundings and neighborhood and their village or town for a better health and hygiene. Finally all the students returned school with a great satisfaction of having done some important task.

Class VII & VIII : Work shop on AEP

The AEP activity was conducted for the students of Std VII and VIII. Some activities were planned to make them aware about the physical, hormonal and emotional changes. also the nutritional requirements of the children between 11-19 years. The groups were formed in such a way that the boys and girls could interact with each other without hesitation. Some group activities conducted were case studies, chart preparation, discussion etc. These activities helped the students to understand the stage of adolescence, special needs of adolescents and their nutritional requirements and they need to be prepared for the physical changes and accept them with confidence and positivity.

Class IX : Preparation of Milk Product

To understand the nutritional values of milk products and their importance “Preparation of Milk Product” activity was conducted for the students of class IX Students prepared different milk products like Lassi, Rabdi, Pasta, cold coffee, Peda, Shevaiyya Khir, Faluda milk shake and custard etc. within the stipulated time of one hour. After the preparation the students served the beautifully decorated dishes to the teachers and the other group members. They enjoyed this activity a lot. The In charge teacher discussed his observations and declared the best performing group on the basis of time, participation, co-ordination, quality of the product and cleanliness.

Republic Day Celebration

On 26th Jan.2018, students from Classes KG to X celebrated 69th Republic Day with great patriotic zeal and fervor. The programme commenced with a flag hoisting by Mrs. Swati Kharde, the principal of the school. The flag hoisting was followed by singing of the national anthem and Dhwajgeet. Shrusti Mote and Arpita Mahadik from class VIII expressed their patriotic feelings through their inspiring speeches. The students of different houses like Emerald, Sapphire, Coral and Ruby demonstrated unity, courage, harmony and faith through their march past. The yoga and aerobic demos, presented by students were wonderful and outstanding. It was a visual treat to watch the students performing on the musical skit based on Patriotism.  The principal of the school Mrs. Swati Kharde addressd the students by motivating them to perform their present and future responsibilities with honesty.  The programme came to an end with sweet distribution and Vande Matram. The students dispersed after distributing sweets with the image of the fluttering tricolor in their minds.

Parents Meeting

To make the parents aware about the academic performance of class IX students a parent- teacher meet was organized on 13th Jan 2018 in the multipurpose hall of the school. Most of the parents attended the meet. During this meet the principal discussed various areas related to the over use of social media, behaviour, discipline and adolescent changes among the students. Some queries were raised by the parents which were satisfactorily explained and solved by the Principal. The meeting was truly helpful to the parents to understand the problems of their wards.

Teachers Trip to Mahabaleshwar.

To enhance unity, team spirit and strengthen good relationship among the teachers the school had organized a trip to Mahabaleshwar on 3rd and 4th Feb 2018 On reaching the venue by school bus twenty-four teachers along with the Principal enjoyed the team building events .The next day after witnessing the scenic beauty of Mahabaleshwar the teachers returned home with a feeling of togetherness and as members of one family

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