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Reports – January 2017


Science Club

To motivate and acquire practical skills of ink, soap and nail paint preparation the science club conducted practical in the science laboratory. The students had obtained the raw materials like tea leaves, gum, vinegar, eye shadow, clear nail paint, salt, etc. well in advance. The in charge teacher guided the students by explaining the process and conducting practical. The students followed the steps and performed the experiments. They were amazed to see the formation of ink, nail paint and soap by their own efforts under the teacher’s guidance. This activity helped the students to develop scientific and practical skills.

Mathematic Club

On 21st Jan 2017, our Math club conducted an activity based on Vedic Math i.e. ‘Math is a fun not nightmare.’ The in charge teacher showed video clips to the students based on the same activity and asked questions. He made them understand multiplication, square and square roots, cube and cube roots in the easiest and simplest way by using different Vedic math formulae. The teacher gave some examples to be solved in stipulated time of half an hour. The performance of the students was judged on the basis of time, accuracy and correct answers. This activity helped the students to develop their thinking and math knowledge with fun.

Little chef

To make the students aware about health and nutritious food chef club conducted skit presentation activity on 21st Jan 2017. The teacher divided the students into 4 groups and assigned a task to each group leader to present a skit. Students prepared skits on different topics like “Avoid junk food”, “Eat healthy food”, “Good eating habits” etc. Each group presented it very enthusiastically emphasizing the theme chosen. The activity helped the students to know the importance of health and nutritious diet. The performance of the students was judged on the basis of the criteria that include confidence, content, fluency, creativity and overall presentation.

Heritage Club :

To make the students realize the scientific significance of the Indian festivals and develop patriotism among the students, the Heritage club conducted Slogan Writing activity based on the festival of ‘Makarsankranti and Republic Day.’ The students of classes VI, VII, VIII and IX actively participated with much zeal and enthusiasm and showed their hidden talent by writing beautiful and meaningful slogans. The students could be seen deeply engrossed in the activity, enthusiastically expressing their views in the form of slogans and conveying spiritual and scientific significance of Makarsankranti. Patriotism of the students was also seen in tri colour slogans written by them. The performance of the students was judged as per the criteria as content, accuracy, creativity, decoration and overall presentation.

Eco club :

To understand the importance of vermicomposting in enhancing land fertility, the club had organized a field visit to the vermin compost plant of Mr. Sanjay Raut at Kolhar. . He took the students at the site and guided them by explaining the process and giving minute details He showed the vermin compost plant to the students. He even stated that the modern farmers should replace chemical fertilizers with vermicompost to restore or maintain the health of soil. Students gained a good deal of knowledge and returned to the school with an eagerness to apply the knowledge gained. The in charge teacher divided the students into four groups to prepare pit for vermicompost. Each group prepared vermin- compost pit and completed the process. This activity helped the students to cultivate environmental values.

Literature club

In order to develop students’ interest in reading and make them aware of various forms of literature, the club arranged a visit to the school library. Each student was given a different book and asked them to study the features of the books like cover page, title of the book, preface, index, etc. The students were asked to share the information they obtained. This was followed by reading activity. The students were given independence to choose the books of their choice which included short stories, novels, biographies, plays etc. The students enjoyed reading the books and were encouraged to read aloud and finish reading of the same at home. The part read was shared by them with their friends. They had shared the favorite extract with their friends. The in charge teacher, Mrs. Vaishali also guided the students to prepare a questionnaire to interview an author / poet for the next month’s activity.


Pre- Primary Section

On 31st Jan, 2017 poetry recitation activity was conducted for the pre-primary section to enhance the students’ interest in poems. As the kids were given the independence to choose the poem of their choice there was an overwhelming participation. They recited the poems with proper rhythm, full confidence and great enthusiasm. This activity helped the students to develop their confidence and recitation skills. The performance of the students was judged on the basis of pronunciation, fluency, confidence and continuity. This activity generated students’ interest in poetry.

Classes- I -III 

Activity – Kite Making

On 31st Jan 2016 Kite Making Activity was another flower added to the bouquet of activities by the students of I – III classes. They participated in this month –end activity with full zeal and fervor. As instructed the students had come prepared with the required material like paper, glue, sticks, thread, colorful strips etc. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to showcase their creativity through the activity. Under the guidance of the in charge teachers, the imagination of the students took a new flight and prepared kites of various hues and shapes. The creations of the students were judged on the basis of the criteria like creativity, design, aesthetic skills and over all presentation. This activity enhanced their sense of beauty.

Classes IV and V

Activity: Poster Making

‘Poster Making Activity’ was conducted for the students of std. IV and V. It was told to the students before two days to bring the required material like A4 size paper /chart paper, pen, pencil, sketch pen, color, glue etc. The students had come prepared along with the required material and designed beautiful posters based on the theme ‘save environment’. These posters consisted of beautiful messages and noteworthy slogans. Each student made a sincere attempt to display his /her talent through their beautiful creations & messages on the poster. This activity helped them to develop their creative, thinking and artistic skills. Students enjoyed the activity.


Poster Making Activity

To create an awareness about social issues, poster making activity was conducted for the students of VI, VII and VIII classes. The students participated with great interest and used their creative ideas to prepare posters based on the topics of social issues like poverty, corruption, global warming, save girl child etc. Students tried to show their hidden talent and creative skills by writing slogans and beautiful messages. The performance was judged on the basis of the criteria as creativity, message content, decoration and overall presentation.

Republic Day Celebration

On 26th Jan.2017, students from Classes KG to VI of our Little Flower School celebrated 68th Republic Day with great patriotic zeal and fervor. The programme commenced with a flag hoisting by Mrs. Swati Kharde, the principal of the school. The flag hoisting was followed by singing of the national anthem and Dhwajgeet. Venkatesh Kulkarni from class X expressed his patriotic feelings through his enriching and inspiring speech. The principal of the school Mrs. Swati Kharde addressd the students by motivating them to perform their present and future responsibilities. The programme came to an end with sweet distribution and Vande Matram. The students dispersed after distributing sweets with the image of the fluttering tricolor in their minds.

The students of classes VII to X attended the Republic Day Celebration on the grounds of PVP Senior College, Loni. It was graced by Hon’ble Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil, Oppostion Leader, Maharashtra State Assembly and Hon’ble Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil, Chairman, PRES, Loni. Almost all the Schools and Colleges of PRES, from Loni, had attended the celebration. Our school participated in the March Past and the contingent was led by Master Vedant Gadhave of Class IX. The students from different schools and colleges were awarded with certificates and trophies. The Chief Guest urged the students to study well and contribute in fulfilling the dream of India as the world’s super power. Finally, Colonel Dhanda extended thanks to all those who contributed in making the program a great success.

Annual Sports Meet:

To enhance students’ physical talent, abilities and channelize the sportive spirit and enthusiasm of the students, the school had organized Annual Sports Meet for its LKG to X classes on 13th Jan.2017. After the march past, the inauguration took place at 9.00 a.m. at the hands of the Chief Guest, Mrs Mrunalini Bhosale, the principal of VPMS Lohegaon, Pune, by releasing balloons. Our sports teachers Mr Sampat Aher and Mrs Meena Pulate conducted finals of various events like 100m and 200 m running race, 100×4 m relay race, hurdle race, etc. These sports events were followed by Mass Drill, Bamboo Drill and Skipping Demo. These demonstrations by the students proved their flexibility and sportive spirit. The Chief Guest awarded the winners with trophies and certificates and inspired the gathering through her thought provoking speech and appreciated the efforts of the tiny tots for their talent and physical abilities in making the programme a grand success. The sports captain Mrs Shruti Parjane expressed sincere thanks towards the chief guest for her graceful presence and to all those who contributed in making the function a grand success. Overall the sports meet was remarkable and enjoyable.

Farewell to Class X Batch

On 27th January 2017, class IX had organised a farewell programme for the students of the sixth outgoing batch of class X. The Students of class IX with their class teacher took lot of efforts in making the necessary preparations.

The programme began with teachers’ felicitation at 2:30 on the assembly ground. The class X students expressed their respect and gratitude towards their teachers by offering a flower as a token of love. The felicitation programme was followed by speeches. The students of std. IX expressed their thanks towards the senior friends for their good co-operation and brotherly attitude. Class X students expressed their spontaneous feelings regarding school and their attachment with it. The class teacher of class X Mr.BD Gadhave spoke on the occasion and inspired them to work with devotion and make life meaningful by following the path of morality. Further, the Principal Mrs Swati Kharde extended her best wishes to all the class X students for the examination and motivated them to support in building healthy and wealthy India. As a memory of the school, a photo frame of the class with their teachers was given to each student. After the refreshment games like treasure hunt and dodge ball were arranged for the teachers and students.

LFS Participates in the District Level Elocution Competition

On 17th ‘Jan. 2017 Little Flower School participated in the District Level Elocution Competition held at Gautam Public School, Gautamnagar. The junior team and senior teams were taken to the venue by our English teacher Mr. Ashok Kuldharan. The junior team consisting of the participants like Miss Shrusti Mote and Miss Arpita Mahadik from class VII participated in the competition with the topics like ‘Technology cannot replace manpower’ and ‘Procrastination – The thief of time’ respectively. Similarly, the senior team members as Rushikesh Tambe and Aditya Jori, both from class VIII, spoke on the topics ‘Lending hands to someone is better than a dole’ and ‘Cowards die many times before their death’. This time the school had introduced fresher participants. Though no achievement, the experience gained was very noteworthy and boosting to our students as it sowed the seeds of ‘confidence to win’ in their minds.

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