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Reports – January 2016

Chef Club

To inculcate the habit of working together, the Chef club conducted the activity ‘Cake Preparation Activity on 16th January, 2016. The students of class X brought the required material and explained the recipe of making two types of cakes as eggless and biscuit cakes. Other students of the club listened and jotted down the steps into their dairy. Students of class 10 prepared blend using suzie, maida, sugar, essence, milk etc. and explained it in a very systematic way. The mixture was kept on the gas stove for baking. During this activity the students learnt to handle different equipment, interact, share and understand one another. The in charge teachers asked students their doubts regarding the recipe and cleared them. The teacher examined the preparations and gave the necessary feedback. All the students of the club enjoyed the delicious cakes.

The activity was conducted to make the students work together, to gain confidence, to listen attentively, to respect friends etc. The activity was value based.

Science Club

To develop students’ interest in science exhibition and enhance their knowledge of science, the in charge teacher divided the students in small groups and guided them to make models like multiple images, tooth paste pump, D.C motor etc. The teachers conducted the activity class-wise. In the beginning, important instructions were given and C.D on how to make simple models was shown. The activity was conducted in a very interesting manner. It helped them to understand the concept of reflection and how electrical energy gets converted into mechanical energy. The students enthusiastically participated in the discussion and made simple scientific models.

Math Club

The students of Math Club were divided into five groups each consisting of five students, who enthusiastically participated in the activity -“Measure up.” As per the guidance of the teacher the students found the height, length of stretched arms and weight of their group members. With the obtained information, they prepared tabular data of average height, percentage of students with squared and rectanglular shape and their Body Mass Index. The pupils were able to produce accurate measurements by using their mathematical skills and application of appropriate formulas and gathered health related information about their group members. The in-charge teacher examined the performance of each group in the light of the parameters as presentation, co-ordination, accurate measurement and time management.

Literary Club

To enable the students to search joy in one’s creation and enhance their writing skills the club conducted story writing activity with a common beginning and were asked to develop it. They completed the story within the stipulated time of 20 minutes emphasizing on the areas like fluency, richness of content, grammatical accuracy and appropriate vocabulary. This was followed by asking the students to read out their creations. The students showed their talent in building up beautiful stories with morals and wonderful titles. While discussing the features of their creations, the club teachers asked the students to suggest different endings to their stories. This activity helped the students to be thoughtful, imaginative and creative.

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