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Reports – February 2016

Trip to Nisarg Garden

On 22 Feb 2016,the school had organized a trip to Shirdi at Nisarg garden (baba ki purani shirdi) for L.kg and U.kg classes along with four class teacher and three helpers. The students started their journey with great enthusiasm at 9.30 am and reached there at 10.30 am . After having their lunch they enjoyed monorail’s long ride .after this they enjoyed adventures events,swings and slides. They played different games in the spacious garden where they saw the statues of saibaba which gave them information about saibaba.lastly they enjoyed the magic show which was really amazing . students liked the magic show very much. Before leaving they had snacks provided by the school .The students returned with sweet memories of the picnic and the beauty witnessed. 

Visit to GMRT, Khodad

On the occasion of Science Day around 85 students and 3 members of teaching staff of Little Flower School, Loni visited GMRT on 29th Feb. 2016.

February 28th is celebrated as National Science Day all over the country,

commemorating the discovery of the Raman Effect by C.V. Raman, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930. The main objective of this visit was to get the knowledge of the Radio Telescope, different components involved, hardware-software co-design, data analysis etc. All the students were happy to get the explanation of radio astronomy, receiver technology and astronomy from one of the engineer working in the GMRT .

The students came to know that the astronomers from all over the world regularly use the telescope to observe many different astronomical objects such as HII regions, galaxies, pulsars, supernovae, sun and solar winds.

The students understood the importance of developing the telescope to search radiation from neutral hydrogen clouds in order to determine the epoch of galaxy formation in the universe.

The students were amazed to see the grand Science Exhibition, where children from different schools and colleges exhibited their science projects of multipurpose agricultural implement, electricity generation from cow urine, laser technique used to avoid railway accidents, technical model for Newton’s second law of motion etc.

The visit to GMRT was informative which helped the students to clear the technical concepts of telescope, to learn the principles of different physics related concepts. The students returned with a great satisfaction of seeing the GMRT.

School Trip to North India

LFS had organised a seven- day excursion for the students of class VII to IX to North India. On 6th Feb. 2016 thirty eight students along with 4 teachers began from Shirdi by train and reached Chandigarh, where they enjoyed the beautiful rock garden spread over an area of forty acres. It is built out of industrial and domestic waste and thrown away items. Students realised the importance of garden. On the third day, the students visited Harmandir Sahib also referred as Golden Temple in Amritsar which is believed to be the holiest gurdwara of the Sikh. It is a place of great beauty and sublime peace. Students visited Jallianwala Bagh, the historical public garden which has great national significance. It reminds the massacre of peaceful unarmed women and children by the British forces.

. The students were amazed to see the Akshardham or Swaminarayan Hindu temple and the spiritual cultural campus there. The flora, fauna, dancers, musicians and deities carved on the temple walls were a great attraction. The temple is constructed with Rajasthani pink sandstone and Italian carrana marble. Under the central dome of the temple lies the 11 feet idol of Swaminarayan seated in abhayamudra. Each idol is made of panch dhaatu i.e.five metals in accordance of Hindu tradition.

On the fifth day, the students visited Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum which was the residence of the former Prime Minster of India. Students could see the collection of rare photographs of the Nationalist Movements, the Nehru-Gandhi family and her childhood. The students enjoyed another beautiful spot of the Qutab Minar towering 120 metres.

The students enjoyed seeing the Lotus Temple i.e. the Bahai House of Worship.This temple is built in the shape of a lotus flower .Around the blooming petals there are nine pools of water which dazzles in the natural light. It serves as the Mother Temple of the Indian subcontinent. The students were amazed to see beautiful stretches of lawns, variety of flowers, plants and bushes. We visited the Red Fort which was the residence of the Mughal emperor of India . The last spot of the day was the India Gate, built in memory of the 82000 soldiers of the undivided Indian Army who died during the period of the First World War.

On the last day, the students visited Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders and the most beautiful and renowned historical buildings of the world. It is an ivory – white marble mausoleum on the south bank of the river Yamuna in the city of Agra. It was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan to house the tomb of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Then the students moved to the Agra Fort. This Heritage site is spread over 2.5 km. It is described as the walled city. After seeing Fatepur Sikri, the students left for Shirdi at 3a.m

In short the excursion was a great experience to know about the state of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Delhi and Indian heritage. It provided them an opportunity to be together away from their families share and cooperate and understand each other

Science Exhibition.

The Annual Science Exhibition was held at our school on 28th February, 2016. It is organized every year with a view to encourage and inculcate a scientific temper among the budding young scientists. On this day the students from I to IX classes showcased their talents in Science, Mathematics, Languages and Social Science. The inauguration of the exhibition was done at the hands of the distinguished guests like Brigadier Mr. Digambar Patil ,the Director of Padmashree Dr. Vikhe Patil Sainik School, Loni and Mr. Shelke, the Principal of Pravara Public School, Pravaranagar. They were very impressed by the presentations and congratulated the participants.

Different venues were allotted on the ground floor and the second floor for the different subjects for the displays of projects made by students. The exhibits included innovative working models and investigation based projects related to Green Energy, Innovation in Transport, Agriculture, Technology , Biodiversity , Environment, Communication and Mathematical Modelling. The visit of Hon’ble Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil, the Chairman of Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation, Pune and PRES, Pravaranagar, to the exhibition, encouraged and boosted the students.

The eminent judges comprising of Mr. Magade and Mr. Patil of Sainik School interacted keenly with the participants and gave their judgement after inspecting the projects of the respective sections. The judges applauded the students for their effective communication and novel ideas which would help the world to become a much better place to live in. Some of the noteworthy projects were the floating car, fire fighter robot, cycle generator Centre of gravity digestive system and Green building. During the closing assembly, Mrs. Swati Kharde, the Principal of the school thanked and complimented all the participating students for making this event a grand success. She even thanked the parents for their co-operation and visit in large number.

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