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Reports – December 2017


Class I Daisy and Rose

Activity- Story Telling

To develop the speaking skills ‘Story Telling’ activity was conducted for the students of class I Rose and Daisy. The students came prepared with different moral based stories and presented enthusiastically. Each student tried to give his/her best. The performances of the students were judged on the basis of the criteria as body language, fluency, content, voice modulation and overall presentation. This activity helped the students to develop their confidence, speaking and thinking skills.

Class II

Activity: Toy Making

To enhance thinking and creative skills of the students, toy making activity was conducted for the students of class II Rose and Daisy. Using their innovative ideas and the required material like gum, card sheet, beads, plastic bottles, matchstick box, and glitter colour strips the students prepared beautiful toys like doll, spinning wheel, cup, phone, rail way under the guidance of the in charge teachers. Everybody was amazed to see the creation of tiny tots. The performance of the students was judged on the basis of the criteria as creativity, decoration, material used and overall presentation. 

Class III

Activity: Charity Day

The Dec. Month was observed as ‘Charity Day’ by the students of class III Daisy and Rose with a wide view to enhance the feeling of empathy and kindness towards the needy and poor section of the society. On this day the students visited the slum area of Loni and distributed toys, old clothes and stationary to the children there. They had an interaction with the children and their parents to know their feelings and understand their problems. The children of the area were very happy with the interaction and donation of toys, old clothes and stationary. This visit helped the students to inculcate in them sympathy and humanitarian attitude towards the needy and the weaker section of the society.

Class IV

Activity: Jute Art Activity

To develop creative, thinking and artistic skills of the students, Jute Art’ activity was conducted for the students of class IV Daisy and Rose. Using the material like jute, gum, bindi card sheet, colour tape beads they prepared very beautiful things under the guidance of the in charge teachers. The creation of various flower designs, decoration of flower vase, Torun and designs of different shapes using jute were really outstanding. These creations were judged on the basis of the criteria as decoration, innovative ideas and overall presentation.

Class V

Activity: Quiz Activity

On 22nd December 2017 ‘Quiz Activity ’was conducted for the students of class V Rose and Daisy. The in charge teacher divided the students into four groups as per their houses and conducted three rounds based on the theme ‘Family and personal life of Mahatma Gandhi’. Each group participated with great interest and tried to give their best. Two marks were given to each question and an unanswerable question was passed to the next house. The Coral & Sapphire houses scored higher and secured first& second positions respectively. This activity enhanced the students’ knowledge and team spirit. 

Class VI

Activity: Candle Carving

To enhance creative and thinking skills of the students, Candle Carving activity was conducted for grade four students. The students brought required material like colour candles and needle. Each student participated enthusiastically and tried to show hidden talent by carving candles. They carved the candles into different beautiful shapes and designs like towers, pencils, statues, diyas etc. The students felt proud of their creations which were judged on the basis of the criteria as innovative ideas, creativity, aesthetic skills and overall presentation. The winners were congratulated by the in charge teacher.

Class VII

Activity: Salad Making Activity

Salad Making Activity was conducted for the students of Class VII on 22nd Dec. 2017. The students were ready with the required material for the activity. They had brought fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, coriander leaves, salt, apple guava, pine apple, pomegranate etc. Each group participated enthusiastically and prepared nutritious salad dishes with beautiful decoration of tomato slices and coriander leaves. Finally each group served the dish to the in charge teacher and gave the explanation about its nutritious value. This activity helped the students to know its nutritious value and importance in promoting good physical health.

Class VIII and IX

Activity: Goodness act bulletin board

To inculcate the habit of reading among the students ‘Preparation of Goodness Act Bulletin Board’ activity was conducted on 22nd Dec.2017 for class VIII and IX. The students brought old newspapers to search the news related to goodness and humanitarian attitude. Each student participated with great interest and searched for the news of good deeds. They displayed their collection of the news items on a big chart paper and prepared bulletin board. This activity helped to the students to develop their reading and promote social values in them .It also enhanced their positive sense.

Class X

Activity: Cleanliness Drive

To encourage students to keep their surroundings clean ‘Cleanliness Drive’ Activity was conducted for class X. The in charge teacher took the class in the school garden and discussed with the students the importance of cleanliness drive and then divided them into small groups of six and allotted the areas for cleanliness. The students showed great enthusiasm in cleaning the school campus. They collected dry leaves, sticks and paper bits. They also collected big stones lying on the ground. Within the given span of time they cleaned the areas like the garden, parking area, front portion the school building and the playgrounds. This activity enhanced the value of cleanliness, team spirit and co-ordination. 

Celebration of Death Anniversary of Late Padmabhushan Balasaheb Vikhe Patil

On 20th Dec. 2017 L.F.S celebrated the first Death Anniversary of Late Padmabhushan Dr. Balasaheb Vikhe Patil by organizing a visit to slum area at Adgaon. In his memory the students of class VII and IX donated variety of inspiring books, workbooks, colouring books, collection of rhymes, activity books, story books, English grammar books and toys to the slum children. This was a small attempt of the students to help out the backward class children and fulfil the dreams of the Late Padmabhushan. to enhance education for the rural and the backward. The slum children and their parents were very happy to receive the gifts. The students returned back to school with the feeling of social responsibility towards the poor and the needy.

Annual Sports Meet

To develop physical strength and competitive spirit of the students’ our school had organized Annual Sports Meet on 12th Dec 2017. The progamme commenced at 4.00 pm with march-past in the presence of the Chief Guest Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil, the Chairman of the esteemed Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation, Pune and the Executive Chairman of the Pravara Rural Education Society, Loni and the Guest of honor Mrs. Nandini, Director of Schools Programme and Joint Secretary VPMS Pune. The March-past was followed by Torch pass. The Chief Guest declared the Sports Meet open by releasing the balloons. The school Principal Mrs Swati Kharde felicitated the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour after the oath Ceremony. Further, the Sports Captain presented the annual sports report and threw light on the sports achievements of the academic year. This was followed by the final matches of sports events like Running race and relay. The events like cone race, sack race & ring race under 8 & 10 age group, Kho-Kho Handball, Basketball under 12 age group, Handball, Basketball, Kabbadi under 14&17age group and 100 m sprint race, Hurdle & Mini marathon under 12, 14 &17 age groups were conducted since 15th Nov. to 2nd Dec.2017. The sports events were followed by the presentation of Prop drill by class I & II, Hoop Drill by class III, Taekwondo Demo class by IV, Lezim drill by V & VI, Sari Drill class VII & VIII and Fan Drill Class by VII & VIII. All the presentations were outstanding. The Prize Distribution Ceremony took place after the drill presentation. The winners were honored with medals and certificates by the Chief Guest, Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil. Coral House scored the highest and bagged the prestigious Cock House Trophy and Sapphire House bagged the runner up position. The sports teachers were also honored for their incessant efforts. Finally, in his address he urged the students to participate more in sports and parents to encourage for all round development of their children. The Principal Mrs. Swati Kharde expressed sincere thanks towards the dignitaries for their graceful presence and to all those who contributed in making the function a grand success. 

Trip to Phalke Smarak,Nashik 

On 16th Dec, 2017. Students of classes III and IV left for Nashik Trip at 6.00 a.m. with great interest along with five teachers and two attendants. On the way to Nashik, they visited the renowned Gargoti Museum of Sinnar. Everybody was amazed to witness the decently arranged precious things like gemstones & minerals in natural form, rock samples found on the moon , exclusive crystal statues ,dinosaur fossils, and spell bounding zeolites from India and overseas. It was very astonishing to know that Deccan region of India has one of the richest supreme quality deposits of zeolites. Students left the place with sweet memories of the beauty witnessed. They read and gained the knowledge of different rock-types, their origin and features.

With great eagerness students reached the planetarium – Yashwantrao Chavan Science Center located in Nashik at 12:30 afternoon. The one hour show gave the students a novel experience of feeling closer to the planets and being in the space. They were very happy with the show as it cleared the geographical concepts about the solar system and galaxy. The next spot of picnic was Dadasaheb Phalke Smarak where students enjoyed playing different games in the spacious garden and captured the beauty of the dancing fountains there. With sweet memories of the picnic students reached back to Loni. It was very informative and enjoyable trip.

An Educational School Trip to Hyderabad

Our School had organized a five-day educational trip to Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh from 22nd Dec. to 26th Dec. 2017 for the students of Class VIII and IX. On the first day of the trip the students enjoyed seeing the Salar Jung Museum of 36 galleries spread over four wings. It consists of historical collections which include manuscripts, furniture, paintings, clocks, Persian carpets, Chinese vases and sculptures porcelain and weapons. It gave a great feel of cultural excellence. The visit to the Ramoji Film Studio spread over 2500 acres was a very relaxing outing for the entire day. It provided a plethora of activities, shows and film sets to be viewed and enjoyed.

The visit to the Golconda fort was also very spectacular.The Sound and Light show there are very brilliant and dazzling. The fort has eight gates in the outer wall. The students found the deflection of sound very unique and amazing. Besides, the fort has important monuments such as Diwan’s Palace, Jamay Masjid, Royal Palace, Baradari, Naya Quilla and Charminar.

The Lumbini Park adjoining the Hussain Sagar and the close by NTR Garden were the wonderful sites giving ease and pleasure to heart and mind. The students also enjoyed witnessing the beautiful Laser show and Birla Temple. The Snow world was a wonderland of sheer delight for all of us.

The trip to Hyderabad was a memorable experience as it enhanced our knowledge about a city that has a glorious past and a bright future. The students returned Loni on 26th Dec. night capturing the beauty and glory of the amazing city of Andhra and with a feeling of gratitude towards the school and Holiday….for bringing one and all safely to our native place.

Trip to Siddarth Garden Aurangabad  

The students of class I and II of our school enjoyed the educational trip to Aurangabad on 2nd December 2017. It was a life enriching experience for the students to visit the historical places like Bibi ka Maqbara which is the living example of architectural tactics of our ancient kings. The tiny tots of LFS had the pleasure of enjoying the warmth of sun in the well-known Siddharth Garden of Aurangabad. They had fun watching the roaring lions, white tigers, leopards, bear, snakes, fishes, foxes and wolves. They were thrilled to see the largest bird ostrich. Students learnt a couple of facts which really made the trip even more interesting. The excursion provided an enlightening opportunity to students enabling them to enhance their thinking and increase their knowledge. It was a remarkable and fun filled experience for the kids as they came back with a smile on their faces.

Trip To Saputara

On 16th Dec. 2017 Little Flower School had organized a trip to Saputara for the students of class V to IX. They started their journey with great enthusiasm along with five teachers and two attendants at 5:00 a.m. from Loni. After reaching the beautiful hill station of Saputara, students visited the tribal museum which focused on the ancient rural culture and lifestyle of the Indian tribes. Everybody was amazed to see the precious things in the museum like the clay models of bullock carts, fire place, birds, huts, old tools of farming and musical instruments. Besides this they had the thrilling experience of boating and cable car ride. All students enjoyed the beautiful nature of the hill station. In the evening students enjoyed the most interesting sunset point. It was a nice experience for them. With sweet memories of the picnic students reached Loni at 11 .30 pm

Guest Lecture on Social Science and Exam Preparation

On 9th Dec. 2017 our school had organized a guest lecture for class X students. It was based on the topic ‘Social Studies and Exam Preparation’. The guest for the session was Mr. Rauf Jafar Hakim, an Assistant Teacher from Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, Ahmednagar. The session began immediately after giving a brief introduction and a cordial welcome to him.. During the lecture Mr.Rauf Jafar Hakim focused on important aspects of various chapters of social studies such as Novel, Society & History, Political Parties, Consumer Rights, Money and Credit, Outcomes of Democracy and many more. Mr.Rauf Jafar Hakim also enlightened the students about the exam preparation and pin pointed the important points in social studies with respect to new exam pattern. He cleared students’ doubts related to map skills and also focused on the paper presentation skills and time management. The overall session was very informative, interactive and encouraging. The session concluded with vote of thanks proposed by a student of class X.

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