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Reports – December 2016


Little Scientist’s Science club

The club incharge Mrs. Sangita shared a CD on blue planet and the natural history of the ocean in the computer hall. This was followed by a power point presentatiomn on experiments during which the students were shown and explained the working of electromotor and generator. Finally to ensure whether the students have gained the knowledge about the habitat and adaptiob of the aquactic animals and functioning of the electric devices the teacher asked several questions . Moreoveer the students were given a deadline to prepare the working models of the electric motor or generator by the end of september 2014.

Little Mathematician’s Maths Club:

During the activity hr the incharge teacher Mr. Kuldharan divided the students into different groups with an objective of measury areas of different shapes. The aids- scale, tape and graph paper were brought by the students as per the instructions given. Each team was given a specific area of things like windows, doors, blackboard, handball, ground, add shapes of different leaves. The performance of each was judged with the help of the crieteria like team work participation time to management coordination and outcome. This activity enabledstudents to apply practically the knowledge gained in the class. It also helped them to clear the concept like measuring area and perimeter.

Eco club:

To develop the students love and respect towards the green gold and understand its value in life the eco club conducted a tree plantation programme in the nursery corner. The teacher in the beginning asked the students to speqak on the importance of trees in human life and encouraged them to plant more and more trees in the surrounding. The students were providded a practical experience of planting the trees. Each of the student shared great interest in it. They dug the soil prepared a layer of manure, dumped dry leaves and placed the saplings tenderly. Some students even watered them. The activiity enabled to know and accept students to the responsibility, work sincerely and take care of the enviornment.

Little chef club:

To acquire the students with the skills of chef. The club incharge conducted the activituy “ Sandwitch making for the students of class X during the club activity .

All the students were grouped into different houses and as per the instructions given had brought the required ingrediants like bread, cheese, butter, cucumber, onion, chillies, chocolate, cherry, tomatoes etc. During the activity the house members shared their ideas and knowledgeand discussed the process of the preparation of sandwitch making. Very successfully each group prepared a variety items as baked sandwitch, chocolate sandwitch, Mia sandwitch and shared the same with other house members. Finally each group wrote the ingredients and recipe of their own. The students enjoyed the activity displaying their creativity, coordination, sharing and handelling the kitchenwares effectively. Sandwitch was a great experience.


To know the wonders and physical features of the nature, the school had organized a trip to Samrad on 3rd Dec. 2016 for the students of std. VIII to X. They started their journey with great interest along with three teachers and two attendants at 7:30 from Loni and reached their at 12:30. On the way to Samrad, students visited an ancient and a beautiful temple of lord Shiva situated on the bank of Pravara river .It was built in 900 AD by King Jhanj. After reaching to Samrad , students interacted with the tribal people and gained the information regarding their daily routine and livelihood. The students distributed clothes, toys and sweets among the tribal people in the presence of Sarpanch and Police Patil. Further, students moved towards the amazing place that is Sandhan Valley. All the students were thrilled to see the nature’s creation. Students enjoyed trekking in the valley under the guidance of Mr.Saurabh and his team and acquired detail information about it. Students enjoyed a lot by jumping from one rock to another. Really the trip was full of thrill and adventure. With sweet memories of trekking students reached Loni at 9:00 pm.


On 26th Dec. 2016 the school had organized teachers’ trip to Watermelon Resort, Nashik. On reaching the venue the teachers felt much amazed at the set up arranged there. After the refreshment, the teachers were given the necessary instructions. The resource persons introduced with different types of adventurous water activities and also guided them about the necessary techniques and safety measures. The teachers enjoyed water activities like hurdle, slides, trampoline, group balancing, see saw with great excitement and adventurous spirit. After the delicious lunch, the teachers enjoyed team events like memory games and leg cricket. The trip helped the teachers to be more sharing, caring and enhancing the skills like coordination and team work. With sweet memories of the picnic the teachers reached Loni at 9:30 pm.


On 17th Dec. 2016, six teachers of LFS as Mr. Ashok, Mr. Halim Mrs. Meena, Mrs. Sangita, Mrs.Poonam and Mrs. Chaya attended the ‘Annual Sports Meet’ of VPMS, Lohegoan, Pune. The Chief Guest of the function Col. Jadhav arrived at 4:30 pm on the ground accompanied by Mrs. Nandini, Director of the Schools’ Programme and Principal Mrs Kiran Jadhav, VPMS, Pune and Mrs. Bhosale, the Principal of VPMS, Lohegaon. The function began with march-past followed by 100m running race, 100 m hurdle race and 400m relay race respectively for different age group as under 12,14 and 16.These events gave immense pleasure to the students and their parents. After these events, the winners were honoured with the trophies and certificates by the Chief Guest Mr. Jadhav and Director of the Schools’ Programme, Mrs. Nandini. The parents and student-audience were amazed to see the demos like Chair Yoga, Spring Jump and Torch Drill. All the demonstrations were well synchronized and outstanding. The sports meet was really remarkable and enjoyable.



On 22nd Dec. 2016 five teachers of LFS, Mrs Vaishali, Mrs. Shubhangi, Mrs. Kavita , Mr, Sampat and Mr. Bajirao along with the school Principal, visited Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Pune to witness its Annual Sports Meet held between 3.00p.m. to 7.00 p.m. in the gracious presence of the Chief Guest Major Prithi Singh , our Chairman, Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil and the Director of Schools’ Programme, Mrs. Nandini Ma’am. The sports meet was really a grand presentation with beautiful demos which included March Past Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Cycle Stunts, Spring Jump, Chair Yoga and the Torch Drill. The finals of all the athletic events were conducted in a very systematic manner. The winners were honoured at the hands of the Chief Guest and our Chairman Sir with certificates, medals and trophies for their achievements in the sports meet and at the State and the National Level. The Chief Guest in his speech appreciated the efforts of the students, the teachers for cherishing the goals of the institute. The meet in short was a well- organized effort put in by the teachers and the students. The LFS teachers returned with lot of pleasure and treasure of thoughts and tips to implement in future programmes of the school.


On 23rd Dec.2016 Little Flower School had organized Fun Fair for its students to enable them to do transaction and interaction effectively. On this day the students arranged their stalls in a very creative manner. They gave wonderful names to their stalls and introduced their menu or name of the game in an artistic manner. The stalls of edibles like pani puri, Samosa, kachori, idli samber were arranged on the ground floor and different types of innovative games were also organized on the first floor. The students enjoyed the fun fair between 10.30 to 11.30 and the parents between 1.00 to 3..00 pm. It was really a day of full entertainment. The parents enjoyed the eatables and the games and appreciated the students for their effective communication, creativity and artistic skills. The students used coupons this time in place of money and donated 40 percent of their income to the school.


The opening of the school’s Annual Sports Meet was held on 1st Dec.2016. In order to conduct the events the school had made a provision of a zero period during which team events were conducted under different age groups as under- 8,10, 12, 14 and 16. The students from Primary section enjoyed the events like kho-kho, ring relay and basket ball. The secondary section enjoyed the kabbadi, handball and basketball. Besides this, the individual events like 60m, 80m, 100m, 200m, and 400m sprint, cone hurdle race, sack race, ring race swimming javelin throw discus throw as suitable to the stated age groups were conducted. These events were conducted house-wise and the score was reflected in the form of points to the concerned houses. During these events the students displayed sportive spirit, co-ordination, courage, confidence and physical strength.

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