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Reports – Dec 2014

Ahmednagar field trip

To give live experience to the students school has organised a field trip for classes I to III to Ahmednagar Efforts Planetarium on 13th Dec 2014 number of students visited to the place.

I was very informative & knowledgeable. There was one guide who have given an information about Nakshatra garden. He has explained the very important topic of use of the sun dill clock. The clock tells the time as per shadow. He explained that when there were no digital clock mobile clock long year back people works or use as per shadow clock.

The all the student’s has been taken to see the hall where they have shown all the information about Nakshatra, stars, what shapes are made by stars in the sky, all planets their surrounding and many things students were amazed to see all these and feel that they are in space. They have shown one more very important part of the earth that is Ice cap of earth. It was also so amazing. All the students gained lot of information about our planet or solar system. They played in the garden for sometime and we were back to school again. The trip was very knowledgeable and amazing for the students.

Nashik field trip 

The school has organised field trip for classes IV and V various places like Gargoti, Tarangan, Phalke Smarak, and Muktidham. So students along with 4 teachers to Nashik field on 20th dec 2014. First we have visited to Gargoti Museum. There students have seen different and various types of stones. The guide has told us about the museum how it grow as a visitor place. He has explained how they are getting these stones from stones mines from different places. The museum has divided into two section students have observed the stones and procure the information from where the stone is collected and its name. Students were amazed to see all and asked different questions to the guide. The persons has answered all the questions of the students.

Then we visited to Tarangan Kendra of Nashik. There students have seen 3D about our solar system and procure the information. As they are learning in their syllabus about planets there they got visual diet of the same.

Then students visited to Phalke Smarak and seen fountain and played in garden. After that we have visited tour school at Nashik and had breakfast. After that we have visited to Mukti Dham. From there we finished our trip and return back to school.

The trip was knowledgeable and enjoyable for the students and teachers.

Fun Fair

The school has organised fun fair for classes I to X on 24th Dec 2014. All the students participated in fun fair. Classes VI to X students have put their stall house wise. There were different stalls like sweet, Bhel puri, Samosa, idli etc. All eatable stalls were on ground floor. And games stalls were on first stall. The entry fee for all the stalls was affordable so all students enjoyed the food items as well as games.

All the students participated enthusiastically as well as they have been judged by Mrs. Meena Pulate and Mr. Sampat Aher as per criteria. 1) Cleanliness

2) Coordination 3) Affordable 4) Social 5) Communication.

The best stall is decided by the judge students from classes I to V visited the stalls between 10am to 11 am and parents visited at 11 am to 12 pm. All the parents enjoyed the day. They got real experience of exchanging money in day to day life.

Really the day was Knowledgeable and remarkable in LFS history.

Month end Report

Greeting Card Making:

Greeting Card Making activity was conducted for the students of std I Rose and Daisy. It was told to the students to bring required material like card sheet, ketch pens, pen, pencil colors, scale, Hindi, glitter etc for the activity. Students showed their creativity and prepared beautiful greeting cards. The activity helped the students to develop their artistic and creative skills. The winners were declared on the basis of the criteria like decoration, message, creativity and overall presentation. The activity helped the students to develop their artistic and creative skills.

I Daisy –

1. Giri Suyash Purushottam

2.Kahandal Darshan Mahesh

3. Shetty Dhanvi Vishwanath

I Rose:

1.Bhalerao Abhilasha Mahesh

2.Khatri Uday Subhash

3. Saini Swapnil Rajiv

GK Quiz

To develop general knowledge of the students the quiz activity was conducted for the students of class II. Students were divided into 4 groups. Each group students were asked the questions based on Eng, Maths and Science. The highest score group was declared as winner group. The activity enabled the students to develop their GK and thinking skill. Students enjoyed the activity a lot.


II Rose:

Tiwari Charmy

Bhosale Yash

Mote Sarthak

Chaudhary Pradip

Dhage Siddhika

Bhane Pranay

II Daisy:

Hotkar Arpit

Jat Manish

Aher Shrishail

Vaidya Arnav

Vikhe Abhinandan

Munde Piyush

Anarthe Shubham

Candle Decoration:

Candle Decoration activity was conducted for the students of class III Rose and Daisy. It was told to the students tobring required material like glitter, decorative balls, bindi, colourful strings etc. Each students came up with an idea and tried to show artistic skills. This activity helped the students to develop their creativity and artistic skills.


III Rose

1.Thoke Anuska

1. Vadak Abhishek

2. Thete Suraj

2. Kurhe Prasad

3. Kadam Sammruddhi

3. Mahamine Kavya

III Daisy:

1.Deokar Sammruddhi

2. Aher Snehal

3.Shaikh Saad.

Clay Modelling / Kite making:

This activity was conducted for the students of class IV. It was told to the students to bring different color clay, color paper, glue, thread etc to prepare models. Students brought colourful clay / paper and prepared various things like rolling pins, rolling pad, gas doll, flower, snake, flower vase ,kites etc by using their artistic skills. The model of the students were judged on the basis of the crieterialike creativity, proper shape and overall presentation. This activity made them realise artistic skill among themselves.


1.Yash Khatode

2.Gaurav Nighute

3. Mustakim Shaikh


Science-Maths exhibition of Rahata Taluka was organized by Panchayat Samiti Rahata va Rahata taluka Vigyan Ganit Sangathana on 16 17 and 18 at ZP scool Pravaranagar.23 primary school ,13 high school participated in Exhibition. Total 260 model were exhibited on Exhibition. Our School exhibited 4 models.

Primary Section (I – VIII)

Suraj Bhane secured first position in Maths Exhibition. He got prize of book cash Rs 501. His project was based on to find surface area of right circular cone experimentally.

Secondary section (IX – XII)

Suyog Machindra Zare received consolation prize in Maths Exhibition.His project was based on Arithmetic progression. Our school was the only one to get 2 prize in exhibition.

Annual Sports Meet:

To develop different kills and to find out the interest of students school has organized Annual Sports meet for the classes LKG to X between 17th Dec to 23rd Dec2014. The events were divided into two sections. 1st Day classes LKG to V and 2nd Day classes VI to X. Various games were decided as per class. Mrs. Pulate and Mr. Aher with the help of the class teachers conducted the events class wise.

1st Day our school Honorable Principal Ma’am inaugurated the function by cutting ribbon on the ground. The events were started from classes LKG and UKG. The first event were conducted individual that is 60mtr running race. The same event was conducted for classes I, II, III, IV and V respectively for 60mt, 80mt, 100mtr. The second event was conducted differently as per their age group like kangaroo jump, sack race skipping etc. There were some games which were conducted house wise like Arrange the ball on the disk, Skipping relay, relay sack race, relay of bamboo etc. I day sports meet classes I to V participated in all the activities enthusiastically and tried their best to bagged 1st, 2nd and 3rd position for themselves and the houses.

2nd Day classes VI to X activities were conducted on the ground. 100mt and 200 mt running race were conducted for class VI to X. There were some more individual games like skipping, hurdle race, discuss throw. Group events were conducted house wise like cricket, handball and football. All the students played with team spirit and tried to bagged the points for their respective houses.

3rd day also classes VI to X events were conducted on the ground like swimming, running, cycling respectively.

On 22nd the finals of swimming and running has been conducted in morning session. Parent’s events were organized on the same day. Many parents participated in the parents meet. School had organized different events like potato race, running race, bursting the balloon, balloon passing, Handball etc. All the parents took part in the activities eagerly and showed interest.

Overall the sports meet was remarkable and enjoyable for the students as well as teachers

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