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Pustak Handi

Books are a uniquely portable magic

‘The Dahi Handi’ is based on the legend of the child God Krishna stealing butter from the pot. In our school we had a novel idea of celebrating ‘Pustak Handi’, by breaking the earthen pot to steal away all the knowledge from the books hidden in the pot.

On this occasion, the atrium of the School building was decorated with colourful pots made by the tiny tots and few reading materials. The programme was held on the school ground of VPMS, Lohegaon.

The event started with the ‘Reading Carnival’, where the troupe of band marched with the cheer leaders. The small orchestra gave much delight and excitement to the students. The merrymaking cheer leaders held placards of ‘ Read’, ‘Learn’, ‘Explore’,’ Dream’, ‘Follow’, to name a few. Reading Library books beyond the text is an important aspect of education, hence, the ‘Pustak Handi’ was linked with ‘Library Week‘. The main idea was to open up windows to the students and to inspire them to explore and contribute to improve the quality of life.

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