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Pre-Primary Sports Day


The Pre-Primary Sports Day was held on 22nd December, 2014. The Chief Guest was Mr. Sanand Salil Mitra, a National and International Gold Medalist in Archery and an entrepreneur. In his speech at the end of the program, Mr Mitra shared three vitally important personal experiences that have helped shaping his life as he trained without a coach, to compete at State, National and International levels in Archery. He stressed the role of a parent in encouraging children to pursue their dreams, the importance of hard work and perseverance to achieve excellence and the need to face defeat in the hope of regaining past glory, through these experiences.

The Head Boy Paul Wilson led the March Past. The Pre-primary children marched along with great joy and carried with them special messages.

Jr. KG – Always Help Others.

Sr.KG – 1. Clean Air Healthy Body.

2. Keep Our City Clean.

3. Save Our Mother Earth.

The Jr.KG children performed a well synchronized mass drill while the Sr.KG children exhibited good team spirit as they formed simple, yet very well coordinated Pyramids.

In keeping with the theme, “Etiquette and Environment” novelty fun races were conducted for individual classes.

Jr.KG —— Daisy – Helping Grandfather.

Tulip– Helping Mother.

Daffodil- Helping Father.

Sr. KG ——– Peacock- P.U.C. of the Car.

Swan- Swacha Abhiyan

Dove- Grow a Tree.

The winners of the races were as follows:

Class & DivJR. KG








Name of the race

Helping Grandfather

Helping Mother

Helping Father

PUC of the Car

Swacha Abhiyan

Grow a Tree


Rutuja Patil and Soumil Yadav

Yashika More and Vishrut Kothalikar

Lavanya Gaur and Jaiaditya Chari

Vedika Chaurgade and Oishik Pal

Kaushalya Gaware and Shravan Shahane

Kimaya Shinde and Zaid Mulani

Deepshikha Panda and Vihaan Narayan

Dnyanada Waghole and Aarav Nalgundwar

Jazel Thomas and Sairaj Pawar

Avika Mandlekar and Srihari Ramkumar

Antara Khandave and Tarun Babu

Pragra Singh and Agastya Pandey

Aditi Chenni and Prashant Pal

Ishita Hande and Harshwardhan Gaikwad

Ruchita Chavan and Rohit Pagal

Dnyaneswari Satav and Shardul Gaikwad

Akshita Singh and Amandeep Singh

Shoumya Biswas and Chirag Choudhary

Fun Races for the Parents and Helping staff were held. Parents participated and thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

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