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Pre-Primary Newsletters – Sept 2014


THEME: Holidays , Caterpillars and Butterflies

LANGUAGE : Conversation: Places they would like to visit , how do they spend time after going back home from school, express and share emotions, discuss family time, different types of insects, riddles on insects.

Story : Mrs Appu’s Travels              Going to the Zoo All about Flowers Beautiful Butterflies Big and Small Things

Songs : It’s Time for a Summer Holiday A Helper   I Will Be Pretty Butterfly If You Are Happy and You Know It

Picture Reading : My world In   Pictures Caterpillars and butterflies )


Sight Words : holiday, in , out, near , far ,leaf , flower , caterpillar , pupa butterfly ,eggs , sleep , eat , fly

Writing : Capital Letter A , V , M with words related to the


Reading : Two letter words ( ap , am, an , ad, ag , an, at )

(op, ob, om, ot, ox, og, od )

EVS: Holiday- Destinations, activities, packing done for travel, places liked to be

visited and planning of holiday

Caterpillars and butterflies – Parts of plant, life cycle of butterfly.

MATHS (PRE-MATH ACTIVITIES): Sorting of leaves according to colour and size

Sorting of twigs to make long / short lines

Matching and pairing (Game – shoe hunt)

Seriating of leaves (Big to small)

Concept of long / short, far / near, in / out

Identify, count and represent numbers 1- 7


Sorting of leaves according to colour and size

Sorting of twigs to make long / short lines

Matching and pairing (Game – shoe hunt)

Seriating of leaves (Big to small)

Concept of long / short, far / near, in / out

Identify, count and represent numbers 1- 7

Make sets of 5

Writing of number 5, 6


Threading beads, Blocks, Puzzles

Clay work

Paper tearing and pasting

GROSS MOTOR ACTIVITIES: Brick walk, crawling under the web, jump in and out of hoops, Mass Drill / Exercise, Games

CREATIVE: Holiday picture , holiday photo collage, cooking experience , monaco biscuit topping , magic mat , suitcase making with box , making of date fudge , painting of colourful butterflies , garden of flowers , appreciation badges, collage of different flowers, making of colourful butterflies with hand print, making of caterpillars and eggs with crepe paper balls , listen to a story and draw the story.

Visual – Watched the movie – Dunsten checks in

Life cycle of butterfly (PPT shown)

Sr. KG

ENGLISH: 1) Introduction of vowel i and o three letter words, framing, simple sentences using three letter I and o words and sight words. 2) Three letter rhyming words.

SIGHT WORDS: body, head, shoulders, knees, toes, face, eyes, nose, lips, ears, look, I, can, what, do, this, is, my.

WRITTEN: Maths-Number names one to thirteen, values (1-20), After numbers (1-20).

READING: The Reading Express page number 11 to 30, Communicate in English page number 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 20, 21.

GAMES: Simon says, Clean Tag, Statue game, Lets Connect, Memory game, Pass the ball, Mouth Mirror Game.

STORY: Bani gets a Baby Brother, Pia and the Monster, Cindy goes to the Party.

SONGS: This is the way we wash our hands, Machli jal ki rani hai, MacDonald, Wheels of the bus go, If you happy and you know it, Yum Yum, All my Teeth are getting so funny, Open them shut them, Once I caught a fish alive, Ten little fingers, When you have a cough or sneeze.

EVS: Discussion on stages of growth of human beings, what are germs, food balanced diet, importance of water in diet, healthy food habits, teeth personal hygiene routines, importance of exercise, bedtime routines, healthy /unhealthy

CONVERSATION: All these topics were included for conversation.

ACTIVITY: Making a zig –zag book of their daily routines, Food graph of their favourite food, Brown bread sandwich, Sorting and pasting of healthy and unhealthy food, visit to school and interaction with Grand Parents, mother of a baby and dentist.

ROLE PLAY: Pretend Play (Doctor –Doctor)

MATHS: Concept of one more than/one less than (0-20), after before and In between numbers (0-20), matching and pairing, missing numbers (0-20), sorting according to the given criteria, sequencing, Comparative words like more than/less than, how many left, ascending order, descending order, put the correct sign (>,<)(0-20)

SKETCH BOOK: Being dirty


ENGLISH: Introduction of vowel ‘u” three letter words, rhyming three letter words.

SIGHT WORDS: this, is, the, way, to, do, doing, help, she, he, job, teacher, gardener, driver, doctor, maid, helper, guard, school, home, librarian, sweeper, cook.

READING: The Reading Express page number 31 to 42.

GAMES: Crocodile game, filling the bucket with water, game of Mime, game of Mumbo-Jumbo

STORY: Helpers

SONGS: Days of the week, The Little Cat, A Firefighter, I have a Friend, Traffic Signal, Red says Stop.

EVS: Discussion on community helpers and the way in which they help others, discussion on fire –fighters, police officer, traffic policeman, traffic lights, road signs, zebra crossing, safety rules while walking on streets.

ROLE PLAY: Fire –fighters, role play to demonstrate road safety rules.

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