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Pre-Primary Newsletter – June 2014

Junior KG

THEME: Myself, Body Parts, Sense Organs

LANGUAGE : Conversation: Myself

                        Story: Good Morning Vishal

                                  The country mouse Jerry and city mouse Merry

 Songs: It’s time to put the toys away

                 When you are happy and you know it

                  Everybody do this ….

                  Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

                  Ten little fingers ten little toes

Picture Reading: My world Pictures (Pg 1)

Sight Words : Head, Hair, Neck, Eyes, Nose, Ear

    Mouth, Arms, Hand, Stomach, Legs

  Feet, Tongue, Skin, See, Smell, Hear

  Touch, Taste

EVS:Sense Organs, Usefulness of Sense Organs, General cleanliness of body parts

MATHS (PRE-MATH ACTIVITIES):   Sorting according to shape

Matching and pairing

Seriating of body cut-outs (Big to small)

Concept of Tall and Short

Counting 1-10

FINE MOTOR ACTIVITIES:Threading beads, Blocks, Puzzles

Clay work

Paper tearing and pasting(S 4.1)

GROSS MOTOR ACTIVITIES:Brick Walk, Tunnel Crawl, Jump on numbers, Mass

Drill / Exercise, Games

CREATIVE: Self-Potrait

Senior KG NewsletterENGLISH     Phonic sounds .W.S .S 7.1,S 8.1,S 9.1,S 10.2

Name cards with photographs

Sight wordsSchool, Individual names, like , same, name, different,  I, am ,special, he she ,and ,the ,my, you

Emotionshappy, sad , surprised, angry, amazed ,crying

Pattern bookA –Z, a – e, 4 line English  Nbk- A – Z

Talk and explain Golden Rules with examples

Talk and explain Safety Rules with examples

GamePassing  the parcel game with letters and picture cards

Story1. Five friends and fifty five more                                             2. Dragon Dreadful

Songs1. Clean up song

2. Pat a cake

3. If you are happy and you know it

ReadingReading Express Page 6,7.EVS Weather update

School visit

Fruit salad making

Cookie making

Attend to personal care and hygiene

MATHS Patterning and sorting Worksheet S 4.1,S 5.1

Hand span measurement.                                            Number and number names orally 0-10                                            Math Notebook:  1 to 20                                              Shapes and their properties- Circle, diamond, square ,rectangle ,oval, crescent, star, semi-circle, heart

ValuesLook at the number and stick those many shapes accordingly in the sketch book.

ConceptsTall and short: comparison of baby height and present height.

Big and small: T shirt activity

FINE MOTOR SKILLS Threading beads, blocks, puzzles, lacing, clay, pasting

GROSS MOTOR SKILLS 1. Walking on straight and zig zag lines

2. Balance &Walk on ropes:  straight, wavy

3. Mass drill.

4. Exercises.

5. Games.

CREATIVE Sketch book1. Thumb print.

2. Self portrait

3. Draw different shapes  with their headings

4. Draw things  : that you like and you don’t


5. Smiley stick puppets

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