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Pre-Primary Newsletter – July 2014

Junior KG

THEME: My Family

LANGUAGE: Conversation: My Family, important rules of the family

Story: Sparrows, Laddoos for the whole family, Spotty, Fuzzy  and Patch

Songs: It’s time to put the toys away

               We are special

              Some families are big, big, big

Picture Reading: My world Pictures (Pg 2)

Sight Words : Family, father, mother, brother, sister, grandfather,              

                                      grandmother, uncle, aunt, pet

Rhyming Words: Saying rhyming words by game and reading to

                                      The children books based on it      

EVS:             Identifying cause and effect relationship, differentiating 

between past and present

MATHS (PRE-MATH ACTIVITIES):   Sorting according to shape

Seriating of shapes according to size (Big to small, 

Small to big)

Concept of more/less, tall/short

Identification of number 1

Discuss similarities and differences among fruits 

FINE MOTOR ACTIVITIES: Threading beads, Blocks, Puzzles

Clay work

Paper folding

GROSS MOTOR ACTIVITIES:Mass Drill / Exercise, Tippi-Tippi-Tip-Top game, Up or 

                                                                      Down game                                                            

CREATIVE: Origami paper doll, “I love my family” badge

Sr. KG Newsletter for JULY  2014



Picture card a activity   ie.. Matching letter with the picture, formation of  three letter words  using letter   `b` , introduction of ` qu` sound and words  beginning with the sound. Activity of underlining the vowels in the newspaper . Identifying the vowels in the three letter words.

Sight  Words: Eyes, ears, tongue,  nose, senses taste, see, hear, smell, touch, this, is my, mother ,father, grandfather, grandmother ,aunt, uncle,  sister, brother ,our, family, sticky, pricky , , soft, hard, smooth , rough, pleasant and unpleasant.

Conversation: Discussion on sense  organs  eg.  I taste with my tongue.  Discussion on different relations in the family.

Discussion on pet names in the family, family tree, importance of grandparents, family   members and family values. Information on family traditions and the work people do in the family together. KWL chart ie. What they know ?  What they want to know ? What they have learnt ? about their family .My family does things together.

Written: Pattern book small a  to   z, writing sentences  My  name is ………., Iike e to eat….. Worksheet  no. S1.1 , S1.2,  S2.1, S 3.1,  S 4.1  S10.1.

Worksheet S 7.1  , S 10.2, S3.2.

Written  Rhyming words : cab, dab, lab, tab.

Bad, had, lad, sad. Bag, rag, tag, wag.

Worksheet  no. S 7.1, S7.2.


Reading  Express  MY BODY. Communicate in English   MY HOME  and  Are you my mother.

Game:  Blind man`s buff, passing the parcel, dum charades, role play ,  I spy game. Passing through hurdles, mystery bag with objects of different shapes and size. Passing the parcel with  sight   words of family and forming sentences like  This is my father.


The crow and koel, 

Quest for the missing friend. 

Blind men and the elephant.

Goldilocks and the three bears.

The  strange  family.

Red Riding Hood.

Birthday Cake.

Grandpa`s Boot.


1. Clean up song

2. I   have  got five senses.

3.  Ten chicks and the cat.

4.   Number name song.


Weather   chart, information on five sense organs ie.  Taste-  sweet, sour, salty, bitter

Touch – hard, soft, smooth,, rough, pricky  sticky.

Nose  – unpleasant  and pleasant smell,

Ears  – pleasant and unpleasant sound. Information on eye sight of birds and  like eagle ,owl and insects  like housefly.

Importance and cleanliness of sense organs.

Activity:  Making lemonade juice, smelling of pleasant and unpleasant things, nature walk, identifying pleasant and unpleasant sounds. Feeling different textures, popcorn making.

Pizza   making.

Flag using pictures from magazine of things done in the family together.

Washing   Activity  : washing handkerchief, dishes, cleaning table, folding clothes.

Discussion of   3D   shapes , their corners and sides.

Draw objects related to the shapes.


Sorting and patterning with shapes, beads and blocks.

Introduction of number 6 using different objects.

Forward  , backward counting upto  numeral 10 using number line and number cards.

Introduction of place values  TENS using sticks. 

S 6.2 ,Introduction of 3D  shapes cone, cylinder, cube


Backward numbers  10   to  0

Number line 0   to  10.

Values  0  to 10.

Patterning, numbers 1  to 20.


More and Less with numbers upto 10. 


Clay, blocks , puzzles,  paper cutting,.


1 Mass drill.

2. Exercises.

3. Games.


Sketch book: 

Drawing favourite   food.

Pleasant and unpleasant smell.

Sources of pleasant and unpleasant sounds.

Writing of three letter words with paint.

Group  Activity  : spider`s web, cock umbrella ,rabbit and apple tree.

Collage  : festivals  like  Raksha  Bandhan, Ganpati, Diwali and Christmas. 

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