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Pre-Primary Newsletter August 2014

Pre-Primary Newsletter August 2014


THEME: Home Sweet Home, Jobs People Do, HolidaysLANGUAGEConversationSharing of family responsibilitiesRole of community helpers

Myself- what I want to be.Sight Words:home, house, live,  neighbour , door ,window, wall,kitchen ,bathroom, chef , gardener, bus driver,

school helper, garden ,bus ,far, near, in, out, hotel,

pack, holidaysPicture ReadingMy world Pictures- Home sweet home, jobs people do, holidays.Phonic reader-I, L, T, HReading:2 letter words: am, an, at, as, ap , ag ,ad.Writing:Capital letters I,L,T, HStoryAnita’s FriendsAnita’s new friends

Three little kittens

Goldilocks and three bears

The gingerbread man

The bus drivers go on a picnic

Mrs Appu travels

Going to zoo.SongsIt’s time to put the toys awayTen little children

Hokey Pokey

My House

One finger one thumb keep moving

There was an old women

A sandwich we make

Everybody do this ,

Oh my didi

The wheels of the bus

Red light means stop

Its time for summer holidays.EVS:Different types of houses –Community helpers- Chef, gardener , bus driver , school helper ,traffic, policeman ,  firefighter ,postman .MATHS :Concept:Tall- short, big-smallOralRecognition of numeral 2 ,3,4, and 7and its value, introduction of 3-D shapes ,sequencing ,patterning, after numbers, rote counting 1-10Written:2,7,4FINE MOTOR ACTIVITIES:Threading beadsBlocks


Clay workPRETEND PLAY:Enactment of family members, community helpers.GROSS MOTOR ACTIVITIES:Mass Drill / ExerciseGAMESJump in and out of hoopsHot potato

Statue, Knock Knock

I sent a letter

treasure hunt of lettersCREATIVERakhi makingCollage of different types of houses and community helpers,

Making thank you cards for school helpers,

Wheel printing activityACTIVITIES:Sandwich making, Card making, Zebra crossingDecorating a cookie to make a ginger bread man,

Planting seeds, Field trip to bank, post office   and fire station.



ENGLISH      Framing  sentences with vowel ‘a’ words and with sight words.

CONVERSATION       My family is special because…,how every family is special, appreciation of peer work CONCEPT         big/small,day/night,long/short


ENGLISH                     Introduction of  vowel‘e’. Framing sentences using three letter   words and sight   words          

SIGHT WORDS    garden,grass,green,plant,tree,seed,leaves,flower,stem,roots,grow,bird,

             butterfly, bee, ant, this, is, the, can, see, it, and, this, is, he, a, to

CONVERSATION Discussion on garden tools, interview of the gardener                                            

WRITTEN Pattern book small a-z, three letter words of vowel ‘a’ rhyming  words,

simple sentences with ‘a’ and ‘e’  vowel words

worksheets : 1,2.2,3.1,,4.1,5.1,7.1,8.1,9.1,9.3,10.1                                     

READING  Reading Express: In the garden I can see                                                                                                                                                                                              

Communicate in English- picture talk-House, ‘e’ vowel words.                                                                 

GAMES                    I spy game (something tall in a garden), clap for the sounds with the   

vowel sound in the words.    

STORYJack and the beanstalk, Manu finds a new home 

                                    The ant and the   caterpillar

SONGSClean up song, Out in the garden, I went to the garden & dug up the ground, on a gardeners apple tree, Riddles, Two little apples.                                                                                                      

EVSweather chart, information on plants, parts of plants, germination activity, nature trail, growing garden, collecting insects, resource person-gardener, and graphic organiser.                                               

ACTIVITY         Dramatisation-slither like a worm, buzzing bees hovering over the   flowers, journey of plant .Origami activity(topic- monsoon magic)group activity backdrop painting. Sunflower making

MATHS          Numerals 0-20 number name one and two, number line,

one more than 0-20,after,before,between numbers,  values 0-20,garden 

model with 3D animals, pictograph using children’s observation, days of the week. 

FINE MOTOR SKILLS       Clay, lacing, puzzles.                                                                                                           

GROSS MOTOR SKILLS         Mass drill, exercises, games, balancing , obstacle course.                                     

SKETCH BOOK         Drawing nature walk, parts of plants, pasting picture cut out (tree)


ENGLISH        Tracing body outline, framing and matching sentences, show and tell 

about   animals

WRITTEN           Pattern book three letter words                                                                               

READING Reading Express – My body, I can                                                                                           

MATHS             Measuring height using different body parts like hand span, foot span,

Cubit span, measuring height of the children using height chart, and weighing the children, timeline-comparison of activities at different ages, counting, concept of more and less,number names one to five,concept of one less than20-0 using signs(><)          

STORY           Friends                                                                                                             

SONGS             Head and shoulders, knees & toes

Put our finger on our head 

Two little hands to clap

Where is thumbkin.

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