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Pre-Primary Activities

*The First Community Helpers week was celebrated today the 6th February 2017 in the Pre-Primary.

Community Helpers at School

Community Helpers

We had the school community helpers show-case their work in the school. We had an office-staff speak about the things she does in the school and the help thereby rendered. Similarly the peon came in and introduced himself and the work he does in school. We had the cook, gardener, driver and bus-maids tell the children the work they do. The Hindi music sir and PT. sir also explained their function in school. We also had a demonstration on first aid given to the children as a child fell and got a slight hurt during PT. Thus the children were able to assimilate helpers.

Thus the first week was a success.

Singing Competition for the Jr. KG. was held on the 25th January 2017.

Sr. KG. parents volunteered to Judge the competition.

Daisy, Tulip and Daffodil children took part individually introducing themselves.

Singing Competition for the Sr. Kg. was held on the 27th January 2017.

Jr. KG. parents volunteered to Judge the children.

Swan, Dove and Peacock children took part individually introducing themselves.

We sincerely thank all the parents who took time off and shared some precious moments with our little ones. I’m sure they have carried home some treasured moments to cherish and last a life time.

*Pre-Primary Picnic to Chokhi Dhani on the 20th January 2017.

The children assembled in school, all excited for their picnic. The busses left at 9:30am for the venue. The children were given a welcome drink and then sat to have their breakfast. They watched a Rajasthani folk dance and then went to watch the magic-show which kept them glued. They were fascinated with the puppet show. The children then watched a tight rope walk and were in awe seeing the potter at work. Lovely traditional displays kept them wondering. The children then enjoyed a train ride, horse-carriage ride, merry-go-round and swinging boat. The children enjoyed a lovely meal and then headed to the bus, very tired and exhausted. Thus Chokhi Dhani trip ended on a lovely note with all good memories. 

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