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Picnic – Stds I to III

Picnic Std I

Picnic– I &II – Chowki Dhani

This year students of Std 1 and 2 went Chowki Dhani on 16th Nov, 18 as their yearly picnic. They were welcomed with a drink at Chowki Dhani. They were served Idli chutney and noodles for breakfast. The students were charged and ready to roll for all the activities planned for the day. They were entertained with magic show, puppet show and learnt pottery. They had various rides like camel ride, horse ride, merry-go-round, Toy train, Giant-wheel and Columbus ride. The students had a jolly, fun filled t.ime with their teachers and peers. After all the activities they were served with scrumptious lunch which they gorged and feasted on the gulab jamuns. The students also danced merrily to the tune of their favourite songs. It was good to see the spirits of these energetic children. To top it all they were given a small take away consisting of a pencil, eraser and a scale by the members of Chowki Dhani.

Picnic Std II

Picnic– VI – Tamini Ghat

Students of class VI accompanied by the respective class teachers visited Tamhini Ghat on 22nd November 2018 for their class picnic. This educational tour had been organized by the MidEarth travels.

The students enjoyed trekking into the forest and they had viewed various types of butterflies, flowers leaves, birds and colorful stones. This trip had taught the students about biodiversity and environment.

This tour was indeed a fun-filled learning experience for the students.

Picnic– VII – Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Outdoor picnics provide an opportunity to teachers as well as students to bond with each other and encourage students to gain knowledge and explore new things not just within the boundaries, but also beyond them.

To experience and absorb the same the students of Vikhe Patil Memorial School went for a picnic to Karnala Bird Sanctuary on 22nd November, 2018 accompanied by Ms Vinaya Pol, Ms Seema Tiwari, Ms Vinutha Ronurkar, Mr Anil Prasad Nikam, Mr Prakash Poojari and under the expert guidance of MidEarth volunteers. The picnic was transformed into an outdoor recreational activity of hiking and trekking and bird watching.

The students travelled at a modest pace, observing nature, rural communities, and spectacular mountain panoramas.

The experience started for the students at 6.00 am when the buses were being boarded by them for the destination and came to a pause at 7.00 pm. The students exhibited unbound enthusiasm and excitement for the upcoming action.

The extreme natural beauty, serenity and splendour awaited the students along with the flavours of the local cuisine.

It was tough but at the same time it was fun and an overwhelming experience for the students.

 Picnic – IV &V – Jungle Hood

Studies play a major part in laying the foundation in context to the conceptual building of the students in a school. Along with the academics some quality leisure time is also required for environmental learning. For the same the students of our school were taken to JungleHood resort an adventurous spot on the outskirts of Pune. The picnic was scheduled on 22nd November 18. The students of all the classes assembled in the school and boarded the bus at 8.15 am. The breakfast was served to the students in their respective buses itself. All the class teachers were accompanying their students for the same.

On the way the children were excited and sang songs. Our buses reached the resort at 11.00 am. The students were served breakfast after reaching there. The resort had a park with the replica of different species of dinosaurs, the students played on different swings like Columbus etc. The children were thrilled to have a round of it and also wanted to take more rides. They were then taken to the see the dinosaur park followed by a dinosaur show presented by the people of the resort.

After the show there was a dance session for the students in which the students danced to the tunes of different songs. The teachers were also happy to see the children happy and thrilled. Thereafter lunch was served to the students of Grade 4 and then Grade 5. After the lunch there was a magic show for the children. While the children were watching the show, some of them were a part of the magic tricks.

After the show we headed back at 4.30 pm. It was a tiring day for the students but their excitement covered it all.

Picnic – III – Jungle Hood

Students of STD 3 were taken to ‘Junglehood’ the Dino Park on 30th November, 2018. This place gave an experience of adventurous rides.This place give scenery of Tropical forest. The students were taken to this place located in Taluka Bhore around 47K.M from Pune. We started at 8 am in the morning. The students were extremely excited to reach the destination. All the students kept singing songs in the bus till they reached the venue.

Around 10.30am we had reached the destination.

Students were welcomed by the people. Students were amused to see the dinosaurs standing in the entrance gate. After entering the gate, we all were served with breakfast of sandwiches and poha. After breakfast, we all moved to see the park and started joining the rides. All the students joined in the fun. There were 4 teachers and 3 helping hands who had guided the students. They were made three groups to enjoy the rides in a disciplined manner. The rides are Round Robin, Tornado, a rock a saurus, Fun in the sun, Dino attraction, Dino tour. After these rides students enjoyed the Dino show which gave some more information about the origins and life of dinosaur.

After all these rides student were ready to shake their body on dance floor. All students danced on the floor with great energy on the thumping dance numbers. Even the teachers shook their legs along with the students They enjoyed the group dance session and showed their talents. After a tiring and fun packed morning we all headed for lunch. The dining hall, filled with the fragrance of food triggered our hunger and we all relished the food. Children were served with noodles, fried rice, Manchurian and gulab jamun. The food was tasty. Later the lunch students were allowed to play in the park.

The next event was a magic show which all students looked forward to. The magician performed some amazing tricks which both students and teachers enjoyed a lot. The most enjoyable act was where a pebble came from nose of a child.

All the students expressed a desire to revisit the place with their friends. Some also mentioned that though they had been to this place with their family, they enjoyed coming with their friends the most. A great day for all the students and teachers as well, as it strengthened the bond between the students and their teachers.

We packed our things and started on our way back home at 3 o’clock. All the students reached home by 6.30 pm. Every one enjoyed and had great fun. The students learnt the value of sharing and caring for others during this entire trip.

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