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22nd January 2015

Being a Premier Management Institute, PCMRD believes in creating an environment in which students get to learn management concepts both in and out of class room. With this intention PCMRD organizes various Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular Events. The various events organized in the Institute in recent times are Vyapar – Business Plan Competition, National Seminar, Pravara Business Quiz, Rolling Trophy etc. All such events help to improve the communication and interpersonal skills of the student.

This year PCMRD organized ‘PCMRD Management Fest’ on Thursday, 22nd January 2015. This one day fest comprised of 5 events, namely, Quiz Mania, Collage, Mad Ads, Caption Me and Management Dumb Charades. This event endeavored to bring together the creativity, intellect and energy of the youth and crystallize it into winning combination.

The judges for various events were Ms. Anagha Kalay, Mr. Raghunandan Helwade, Mr. Saket Anand and Capt. Sukhwinder Kaur. Around 70 students representing the undergraduate colleges participated in the fest. All in all it was a vibrant and fun filled day with students, both organisers and participants, enjoying it to the fullest.

The first event was Collage Making, in which the participant had to make a collage on a given theme (Swach Bharat Abhiyan).

The next event was Quiz Mania in which general knowledge about business, sports and entertainment was tested.

We love to upload our photos every time we do something memorable and we also like to get response on it so we give it captions to attract all. Exactly like that you have to give caption on some photos that would be shown to you. This event is named Caption Me.

In the afternoon session the favorite pass time game i.e. dumb charades was played on management theme.

The last event of the fest was Mad-Ads. Here the students need to show how mad they are in creating funny ads for a given product.

The event concluded with the prize distribution ceremony. Dr. Manoj Narwade along with Capt. Sukhwinder Kaur gave away the prizes.

The hard work of all the organizers and volunteers was responsible for the success of PCMRD Management Fest.

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