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PCMRD Fest 2019

Volleyball league was organized on 13th January 2019 by Dr. Vikhe Patil Foundation’s PCMRD. Around 100 students representing sixteen undergraduate colleges from in and around Pune participated in the event. The league started on 12th January 2019 with elimination rounds. The referee for the event was Mr. Shubham Kapse, National Level Volleyball Player.

The spectacular volley play exhibited by the players was commended by one and all. The huge crowd added to the grandeur of the event.

At the end, winner team was Zeal College of Engineering and Research, while Mamasaheb Mohol College secured the runners up position. The players and their supporters were delighted and complimented each other for their spectacular performance in the matches.

The leadership skill displayed by Sports Secretary, PCMRD Mr. Harish Nikale was appreciated by one and all, and was an important factor in the successful culmination of PCMRD Fest.

All in all it was a vibrant and fun filled day with students, both organizers and participants, enjoying it to the fullest. The fest concluded with the prize distribution ceremony. Prof. Devkumar Mahisekar, Event Coordinator along with faculty members gave away the prizes.

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