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Parents’ Orientation Program


On Saturday, 5th December 2015 the Health and wellness teacher Mrs. Deena Chirayil conducted a session for the parents of Std IV and V on the topic ‘Help your child Grow’. The session began with an introduction by the Principal Mrs. Mrinalini Bhosale on the importance and the need to have this workshop for the parents.

Mrs. Deena began her session by making the parents aware of the different initiatives that the school has taken up and would be taking up in future with regard to creating awareness in the children regarding ‘good and bad touch’ and the various changes that they would undergo as they grow up.

The session on ‘Child Sexual Abuse’ began with a short video by Dr. Bhushan Shukla (Psychiatrist) regarding ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’. Mrs. Deena spoke about the importance of making children aware that they have a right to say ‘NO” to anything that makes the child anxious or uncomfortable, that it was never the child’s fault and that they would never be blamed for the same. Parents were given pointers regarding the signs that they should look out for in children which would indicate a possibility of abuse and if seen, they should immediately consider seeking help. She also shared a video on how to talk to children regarding sensitive issues regarding puberty, reproduction and how to deal with questions from children regarding sex etc. Important information with regard to, how to approach such topics and what level of information was to be shared was also spoken about.

Age appropriate books and website which would help parents create awareness in their children was also shared with them. The session concluded with a question and answer session where parents could share their views or put across any questions regarding the session that was held.

Finally the Parents Movies of ‘School Cinema’ was shown and worksheets on the movie were distributed.

It was a fruitful session wherein the parents appreciated the school’s initiative to hold such sessions for the parents and that they would look forward to similar sessions being conducted in future.

The reference material that was shared with the Parents:


Ages 4 to 8:

Amazing You! Getting Smart about your Private Parts

Where Did I Come From? The Facts of Life without any Nonsense and with Illustrations

Ages 4 to 10:

What’s the Big Secret?

Ages 9 to 12: It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health

What’s Happening to Me? A Guide to Puberty

Ages 8 to 12:

Boys, Girls & Body Science: A First Book about Facts of Life

The Amazing Beginning of You

Website: The Hormone factory, Think You know

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