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October Reports


To get the knowledge about the health of teeth- A Demo on Cleanliness of Teeth was organized by the school for pre-primary section on dated 13th October, 2014. The demo was introduced by Dr. Vikhe and Dr. Sumit (Pravara Medical Trust). Dr. Vikhe showed an artificial jaw of human being. He started from questioning the student- do you brush your teeth every day? Dr. Vikhe introduced with the answer students giving information how to take care of our teeth. He suggested brushing your teeth in circular motion, to brush twice in a day, to change your brush within two or three months, to clean your tongue, to avoid eating more chocolate. Dr. Sumit gave demo on how to brushing with the help of an artificial jaw. He gave chance to the students to show practically how to brush. Students even practically tried to perform the demo. It was a knowledgeable demo. In this way on Monday dated October 13, 2014 in the morning 45 to 50 minutes student learnt so many new things about their teeth and learnt the right way to brush our teeth. Student enjoyed and gained knowledge about the heath of teeth.


Our school had organised field visit to the Post-Office for the pre- primary section on 10th September, 2014. All the students of L.KG. & U KG. With their class teachers had visited the post office at 11.00 am.

The head of the post-office Mr.Desai Vinayak Madhav welcomed all the students. He and the post man introduced themselves to the children. The Children were introduced with the post box and colour of it. The post man tell the students that the people post their letters, document in the red box. He also told that all the letters from different post boxes are collected and sent to the head office of postal department and affixing tickets they are despatched.

The visit to the post office was very fruitful as it helped gaining good deal of information about the letters, parcel, money order, stamps etc. The students returned back to school at 12.00pm with their class teachers.

Visit to the Fire Station

A visit to the Fire station at Pravaranagar was organised on 9th October 2014. This field trip was organised for classes LKG and UKG accompanied by four teachers. The assistant security officer, Mr. Sakharam Subhash Dukre provided us the necessary information. He informed to students that red colour indicates danger which is the colour of fire fighter bus. Then with the help of fireman Mr. Aasaram Baburao Satpute, showed us ways of extinguishing fire such as using moving monitor, using nose pipe, using Delivery pipe, Long monitorand using foam.

He gave brief information on it. He also told about instruments like Helmet, Gunboot. Then he told that fire fighter bus has capacity of 2700 litre water tank, 500 litre foam tank and a ladder.

This field trip was very informative for the students. They got good experience of the trip.

Visit To Clinic

The student of class LKG and UKG had visited the Shri Sai Clinic in Loni on 29th sep 2014.Dr.Nitin Lahamge and Dr.Mangal Lahamge gave very important information about how the diseases spread and suggested the ways to prevent them and how to take care of one’s health. He gave the information about prescription different types of bandage, injection and operation. He advised the children to remember that having medicines without doctor’s prescription can be dangerous. They showed the apparatus used by doctor like stethoscope, BP apparatus, syrene and their uses. He also told that a Doctor is like a friend. One should not hide one’s disease from the doctor for a happy life .In short the students enjoyed the visit to clinic and learn how important the role of a doctor is in one’s day to day life.

Month End Activity –Lantern Making.

Lantern making activity was conducted for the students of class U.KG. It was told the students to bring required material like-sketch pen, colour lace, ice-cream stick, glitter, chart paper, cello tape, scissors and fevicol to prepare the lantern

Incharge teachers explained how to prepare the lantern.students used their gained knowledge and prepare various types of lantern. The activity help the students to develop their creative and artistic skill. The effort of the pupils were appreciated. Winners of the activity were declared on the basis of criteria like imagination, neatness and finishing of the lantern. The best three winners of the activity selected form each class and honoured with certificates and gifts. . Students enjoyed the activity

Winners were

CLASS U.KG D- 1. Khaddkar Vaidehi Vivek 

2. Bhandari Ruhi Dhiraj

3. Mhaske Yashvardhan Milind

CLASS U.KG R- 1. Khalkar Srushti Rahul

2. Surana Daksh Dipesh

3. Hinge Parth Rahul

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