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Newsletters – Std I – III (June & July)

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Std ISubTopicClass Room ActivitiesContent Bk (Green)/ Student Wk Bk (Red)Note Book WorkActivities to do at homeEngLITERATURE- My Balloon, Pat the Cat Gwen, the Hen .

GRAMMAR- Common Nouns, Proper Nouns, Pronouns, Synonyms-AntonymsReading discussion. Framing sentences, sorting of pictures, games using flash cards.Content Book: Reader 8-18.

W/S : Block 1 and 2.Draw a picture of your family and write the name of each member. Vowel words, sentences, table of naming words.Reading the lesson, and the Rhymes.

Identify the naming words in their surroundings.EvsMy Family

My SchoolGet  a picture of your family , name the members, sharing family traditions, school visit, meet people and asking about their work.Text book: 10-21

W/s Block 1 and 2.Pasting family picture in the note book. Fill in the blanks, riddles.Discuss family history.

Discuss what student likes about the school.Math

–––Nearby Numbers 0-10

Making 5S and 10s.Games using counters- before, after and between, making 5s by using fingers and toes.Text book: 10-20

W/s: Block 1 and 2.Fill in the missing numbers, one more or one less, making 10, making a new number.Practice one more or one less using beans, counters, one rupee coins blocks etc. Ask the students to make you learn the games that learnt in school. Create a 10-frame table using art material. Make a junk box to collect different things to count over.Hindiस्वर और व्यंजन , चित्र वाचन, कवितास्वरऔरव्यंजनबोलना, चित्रकावाचनकरवाना, चित्रोंकेनामबोलनापाठ्यपुस्तकमेंदियागयाकार्यकरवानास्वर और व्यंजन लिखवाना,

चित्रबनानास्वर और व्यंजन याद करो|Marathiमाझेपुस्तकभाग१बडबडगीते ,गोष्ट ,म,क,तइ.मुळाक्षरेलेखनमाझेपुस्तकभाग१मधीलशब्दलेखनशब्दलेखनमुळाक्षरे  लेखनवाचनValues Education and Life skills Getting to know Each Other.Activity on getting to know your classmates and describe your friend.Worksheet

Life skill- To live in harmony and show respect to all.Find out about a friend in your society.

Std II



Class Room Activities

Content Bk (Green)/ Student Wk Bk (Red)

Note Book Work

Activities to do at home


L-1Aanya and the Dragon, Block 1 and Block 2.

Visit various places in the school, picture walk, story-telling and identifying real and imaginary events.

CB- Pg Nos. 9 to 18

WB- Pg Nos.8 to 19

Lit – Question-Answers, Spell Drill, Meanings, Opposites, Making sentences

Grammar – One and Many, Punctuation marks,

B 1-Make new words using letter cards, Frame simple sentences.

B 2- Read more stories and retell them in own words using words like first, next, then and finally


L-1 Animals- Block 1 and Block 2

Classify land and water animals;

Classify fast and slow animals;

Identifying body parts of a fish;

Classify wild and domestic animals;

Classify land and water animals;

Classify farm and pet animals;

CB Pg Nos. 10 to 20

WB Pg Nos. 9 to 17

Notes, Sticking pictures

Visit to a zoo and an aquarium to observe different animals and their different features.


Revision, L-1- Numbers-Block 1.

Using rajma beans to understand the concept of tens and ones, activity on even and odd.

CB Pg. No – 9 to 14 WB Pg. Nos. 9 to 12.

Revision, numbers and number names upto 200, tens and ones, odd and even nos, skip counting, rounding off to nearest 10.

Number games, skip counting, grouping numbers in many ways.


१.चित्रकथा, मात्रा, कविता – जागोप्यारे

शब्दभंडार, चित्र का वर्णन अपने शब्द में करना, कविता से नए शब्द ढूढ़ना और लिखना, प्रश्नों के उत्तर लिखना, चित्र में रंग भरना

कविता याद करना|

मौखिक परीक्षा

कार्यपत्र करवाना|

पाठ से नए शब्द ढूढ़ना और लिखना|

प्रश्नों के उत्तर लिखना|

पाठ कविता याद करना |

नए शब्द याद करना|

बारहखड़ी याद करना|



भाग ३

पान क्र . १ ते ५

उजळणी , रंगांचीनावेवरांगोळ्याकाढूनत्यातरंगभरूनरंगांचीनावेलिहणेतसेचछवऊह्याअक्षरांचीओळख

माझे पुस्तक भाग ३ पान क्र . १ ते ५

छ व ऊ ही अक्षरे वहीत लिहणे.

Value Ed and Life skills

Getting to know each other.

Life skill-eye contact during conversation,take turns, learn to be a good listener.

Discussion, interview.


Journal work – interviewing your


Know a close friend of your society. ( ask questions )

Std IIISubTopicClass Room ActivitiesContent Bk (Green)/ Student Wk Bk (Red)Note Book WorkActivities to do at homeEngLit- Mala Goes To School

Gram: Introduction to Parts of Speech.Describing someone & Character WebCB- L1- Mala Goes To School

WB- Describing A Person,  Describing a character, Using is, am & areLit: Spell Drill, Character web, Word meanings, Questions & Answers, Make Sentences

Gram: Usage of is, am & are, Introduction to Parts of Speech.Reading of the lesson,

Adding details to the character web drawn in classEvs

(Science)Block 1 All about leaves

Block 2 Fruits and seedsTracing of leaves & observing their characteristics, Expt with a potted plant, Segregation of edible seeds, Discovering the differences between fruits & vegetables, Squencing stages of germination.CB- L1-All about leaves

WB- Parts of a Leaf, Different kinds of leaves, Simple & compound leaves, functions of leaves, Edible seeds, role of seeds, Fruits & vegetables, Types of fruits, StemsSpell drill, True/ False, Fill up, Ques & Ans and drawingReading of the lesson, Observing different kinds of leaves in the garden & list the differences between them. Children to sow a seed and watch it grow.MathRevision,

Ls. Numbers(Block1)Understanding the concept of 1000 using fake notes, game to understand expanded formCB- Numbers – Block 1

WB-1000 and More, making 1000’s, Expanded Form and No. Names, Adding and Subtracting, place valuesRevision, writing numbers and number names up to 5000, making 1000’s, expanded form, Adding 1000, 100, 10 or 1 to the number’ place valuesIdentifying place values of the number plate of a car.Hindiबारहखड़ी ,

कविता १. यह भारतवर्ष  हमाराहै

चित्र वर्णनशब्द भंडार , चित्र का वर्णन अपने शब्द में करना|

पाठ से नए शब्द ढूढ़ना और लिखना|

प्रश्नों के उत्तर लिखना|चित्रों को निरीक्षण|


कविता याद करना|

पाठ से नए शब्द ढूढ़ना और लिखना|

प्रश्नों के उत्तर लिखना|कविता याद करना|

नए शब्द याद करना|Marathiमाझेपुस्तक

भाग  ५

पानक्र . १ते७वडीपाठ, प्रत्ययवाचकशब्द

रिकाम्या जागामाझे पुस्तक भाग ५   पान क्र . १ ते  ७मुळाक्षरे  वहीत लिहणे.वडीपाठाचेवाचनकरणेValue Ed and Life skills Getting to Know Each OtherActivity on getting to know your classmates and describe your friend                              —Worksheet – Life skill – To live in harmony and show respect to all.Find out about a friend in your society.


Std ISubjectTopicClass Room ActivitiesContent Bk (Green)/ Student Wk Bk (Red)Note Book WorkActivities to do at homeEnglishLs 2 – Keechu Monkey Can’t Sleep,

Poems – Todd the frog,

Kit likes to sit,

Yum cakes!,

Cheenu’s Grandpa

Grammar – Doing words,                Rhyming wordsReading, discussion

Framing sentences, arranging the words, Activity on rhyming words.Reader : 22-36

W/S : block 3 and  4Rhyming words, Spellings, Notes on Doing Words.Reading the lesson and the rhymes, Identify the doing words by talking to the family members about various activities.E.V.SLS 3 – Houses and clothes

LS 4 –Work people do

Ls  5 – GamesDiscussion on clothes shown in the class, drawing a house, sorting clothes, role-play on different profession by the students.Textbook : 22-38

W/S: Block 3, 4 and 5Spellings, Notes on 3 lessons, Drawing a house.Collecting pieces of different type of clothes, Finding about different professions.MathB-3 Number pairs 6 to 10 B-4 Count 1 to 20 B-5 Numbers 11 to 20Grouping the numbers in sets of ten, pairing the numbers using rajma beansTextbook : 21-33

W/S : Block 3, 4 and 5Fill in the missing numbers,

Writing numbers and number names 1 to 20, making number pairs.Practising how to pair the numbers, Grouping the numbers using rajma beans or pebbles.Hindiवर्णमाला, बिना मात्रा के शब्द, मात्रा, अ तथा आ  की मात्रा, मदन और कमला * इ तथा ई  विभा की दादी* चित्र का वर्णन अपने शब्दों  में करना मौखिक परीक्षा, कविता वाचन और उसे याद करना|चित्रों को निरीक्षण|


कविता याद करना|

पाठ के नीचे दिया गया कार्य  करवाना|नए शब्द लिखना|

सभी वर्णों पर मात्राए लगाना| नए शब्द लिखवाना|कविता याद करना|

नए शब्द लिखना|Marathiमुळाक्षरेवाचनअंकउजळणसामान्यज्ञानमूलांना अक्षराचे ठोकळे देणे.

अ, आ, इ ठोकळ्यांच्या वरून हात फिरवायला देणे.अंकलपीशब्द वाचन लेखनशब्द उच्चारणे उजळणीValues Ed and Life skills ForgivenessActivity- How to forgive and say sorry to your friend.     ———————–Life skill – To learn to say sorry and also forgive your friend.Practise saying sorry and own up your mistakes.

Std II



Class Room Activities

Content Bk (Green)/ Student Wk Bk (Red)

Note Book Work

Activities to do at home


B3,4- Ben’s Christmas Wish

B5- Something new (Poetry)

Ls2- Asking questions, word web, making words, Identifying similarities and differences.

Poem- Reading poem, identifying rhyming words, sort word cards with pronouns, write a poem

LS.2 CpPg 19-30, WB Pgs 21-29

Poem CB –Pg 32,33 WB 30-34

Lit- Ls2 Q&A

Poem-Rhyming words

Grammar- Pronouns

B3- Read favourite books

B4- parents can talk about festivals

B5- Parents should read aloud different poems


B3-Pet Animals

B4- Beautiful Birds

B5- Animals Are Important

Describe a pet, draw your favourite pet, read a story, identify the features of a bird, observe pictures of nests, animal babies

CB-Pgs 21-38


Q&A, FIB etc

B3- Observe a pet animal and talk about it

B4- Visit a bird sanctuary

B5-Visit a zoo


B2- Introduction to hundreds

B3- Review of addition 0 to 20

B4- Adding 2 digits to 1 digit

Using value blocks to represent numbers upto100, finding different ways t0 add, adding with hands-on and pictures, adding numbers mentally, using column method and expanded method for addition, applying rules and laws to add, word problems

Textbook :pgs 15-32

W/B : 14-27

Exercise on place value, addition

Writing story sums.


बिना मात्रा के शब्द, मात्राओं का अभ्यास, नएशब्द

पाठ – २. सोनूकापेटदर्द

३. मीठेबोल

* वर्णों पर मात्रा लगना|

* बिना मात्रा और सभी मात्राओं के शब्द,शब्दभंडार, चित्रकावर्णनअपनेशब्दमेंकरना|



कवितायाद करना|

पाठ के नीचे दिया गया कार्य करवाना|

  1. सभी वर्णों पर मात्रा लगाना|

  2. मात्राओं के शब्द लिखना|

  3. पाठ के नीचे दिया गया कार्य करना|

दसखड़ीं याद करो|


अक्षर ओळख ,मूळाक्षरेवाचन


बालगीते,वाचन, अंक वाचन छ ,ऊ

इ.मूळाक्षरे वाचन लेखन करणे.



शब्द वाचन लेखन

शब्द लेखन सामान्यज्ञान




How to forgive and say sorry to your friend


Life Skill – To learn to say sorry and forgive others

Practice saying sorry and own up your mistakes




Class Room Activities

Content Bk (Green)/ Student Wk Bk

Note Book Work

Activities to do at home


Lit : Block 3,4,5

Grammar : Adjectives, Simple Present Tense, Present Continous Tense

T-chart, Appearance Chart, Peer Review

CB- Pg Nos.22-51

WB- Pg Nos.21-34

Lit:Spell drill, Word Meanings, Question and Answers


Learn and describe sequence of a new recipe, retell favourite stories,use present continuous tense to describe.



Block 4 and 5

Social Science:

Block 1 and 2 & Fun with Family

Comparing different types of feathers, activity to show different kinds of beaks, Pictures to identify the nests of the birds

CB: Ls.2 Animals

Soc Sc: Ls 1, WB: Features of birdsS1-S4, Creepy Crawly Animals S1-S4, Soc Sc: Role of Family& Work and Play S1-S4

Spell Drill, Fill in the blanks, Give reasons, Questions and answers

Reading,walk in a park to see birds, know what they eat,observe insects at home or in a park ,take care of elderly people,watching movies like “Stuart Little”.


Numbers-Block 2

Addition-Block 3

Building pictorial to represent nos.

Build nos. using abacus. Rounding of nos to nearest hundred & thousand byusing no line. Add/subtract with the help of hundreds chart. Counting backwards

CB:Pg 16-28

WB:Pg 13-22

Writing nos and no names upto 10000. Building nos. Rounding nos. Comparing & ordering. Counting forward and backward

Parents can ask their children to share how they can represent a no.as notes, find cost of different things


स्वर, व्यंजन,मात्राएँ, शब्द, चंद्रबिन्दिवाले शब्द, कविता –१

पढ़ना, लिखना, पुनरावृत्ति

कविता का स्वाध्याय

स्वर, व्यंजन, बारहखड़ी लिखवाना| शब्द्लेखन

कविता –१ पाठांतर करवाना|


शब्दवाचन, लेखन,अंकवाचन




अंकलिपी माझे पुस्तक ३

शब्द लेखन अंकलेखन

वहीतील शब्द वाचणे पुन्हा लिहणे,


Value Ed and Life skills



Journal work



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