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Newsletters – September 2016

Jr. KGSubject/ UnitTopicActivitiesConversationOral/Reading/written workEngSeasons



MonsoonStory: Summer Fun, Mr. Snowman, A Rainy Day, The Little Raindrop,

Songs: Let us count ,Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, Winter Time, I Hear Thunder,It is ____(Name the day)

It is ____(Name the month)Oral-phonic drill R,M,D,G

Writing capital letters- O,U,L,F,B,J,Z,V

Reading-Picture Dictionary Summer ”, “Winter”, “Monsoon”EVS       Summer



Sight words: Season, Summer, hot, road, river, radish, rabbit, mouse, milk, mango, fruits, vegetables, picnic, magic

Sight words: Winter, cold, muffler, jacket, snow,

Snowman, dinosaur, drums, dog, goat, guava

Grapes, glass, grass, snowflake, cold, coat, hat,


Sight words: rainy, clouds, rain, thunder, raindrop

Umbrella,Discuss about summer season, summer food and summer wear.

Discuss about winter season, winter wear, winter food, fruits and vegetables we eat during winter season.

Discuss about  rainy season, monsoon wear, food ,measuring rainActivity pages in the Red Activity Book related to animals and fruits-28 to 35,44,45,47,48MathSeasonPositional directions game, sorting the shapes/objects on the basis of colour and size, sequencing with sun and moon cutouts, leaves, string with snowman and snowflakes. pattern with cloud-rain cutouts.Concept of more /less small/big/biggest, big/small/smallest.Oral-Rote counting 1-50

Numeral recognition 4,5

Writing Numerals-4,5HindiSongs- फलवाला, मोर हू मै

इCreativeMaking  of a snowman on a card board cutout ,making and decorating mittenGross Motor Skills

Fine Motor SkillsHurdle jump, Balancing on the beam, crawling through the tunnel, running.

Blocks and puzzles, drawing,  tearing and pasting, threading beads, play dough/clay, lacing board

Encourage your child to follow these life skills mentioned below:

  1. Take turns.

  2. Pick up toys.

Value Education

  1. Sharing

  2. Caring

Sr. KGSubjectTopicsClassroom ActivitiesStories and PoemsNote book, Pattern book and WorkbookEng

  1. Jobs People Do

  2. Wild and Free

  3. Wonder Pets

  4. Ways to Travel

  5. Phonic sounds

  6. 2 and 3 letter ‘i’ and ‘o’ words.

  7. Past, present and future tense introduction,

  8. Colours green and red.

  9. Introduction of

  10. “ in” words   eg ; bin, tin, fin, pin, win,

  11. “ ix” words   eg : mix, fix

  12. “ig”  words   eg:  wig, fig, dig, big

  13. Rhyming words – Sentence making with rhyming words.

  14. Introduction  of

  15. “og” words  eg : dog, fog, hog, jog, log

  16. “op“ words  eg : hop, mop, hop, top, cop, pop

  17. “ob” words  eg : cob, job, rob, mob.

  18. “ot” words eg: cot, dot, hot, not, pot, lot, got, jot.

  19. “ox” words eg. box, fox, pox.

  20. Rhyming words – Sentence making with rhyming words

  21. Introduction of

  22. “un” words eg: sun, run, nun, gun.

Sight words: when, I ,grow, up, want, to, be, a, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, zookeeper, spots, stripes, has, had, will be, is, was. Will, here, there, pot, cot, lot, dot, rot, hot, dog, fog, log, fox, box.Introduce there and here and make sentences using them.Stories:

  1. Mister Goody’s  Machine

  2. Nanoo Zookeeper


  1. Found a peanut

  2. Red says atop

  3. Ten little fireman

  4. Old Mac Donald

  5. Paws, claws, tails and furNote Book


in. ix and ig words

‘og’ op, ob. ot, ox, un words- 3 letter words

Rhyming words

Make sentences using CVC  words

Pattern Book

Vowel  “ O“     –  3 letter words

Vowel   “ U“    –  3 letter words

Communicate in English

Pg 20. 21

Reading Express

Community Helpers.


Community Helpers- WS  S3,S4 ,S5

-Wild and Free  WS  S1, S2,S3 ,S5EVS

  1. Introduction to Traffic Policeman

  2. Rules to be followed on road

  3. First Aid

  4. Hygiene

  5. Tools doctor uses

  6. Introduction to animals and their shelter

  7. Animals and their young ones.

  8. Pet animals

  9. Sounds of animals

  10. Animal food

  11. Care of Pets

  12. How animals can protect themselves.

  13. Different types of vehicles used for travelling.

  14. Discuss bus, train

  15. Signal game

  16. Doctors visit

  17. Pretend Play Doctor-Doctor

  18. Game ‘wheel cap’

  19. Clay modeling animals

  20. Picture games animals

  21. Jungle scene

  22. Animal race game

  23. Making a dog by paper folding

  24. Making a car using boxes, buttons.

  25. Bus rideStories

  26. Pati ,  Pati

  27. Pia  Fell Sick

  28. Helpers

  29. Animal fairyScrap book:

What you want to be when you grow up

Draw your favourite animal with shapes.

Draw a  train according to your imagination.Math

  1. Introduce concept of bundle

  2. Patterning using traffic light colours

  3. Reading numbers with dots

  4. Sorting animals according to their habitat(water, jungle, domestic)

  5. Concept of tens and ones.

  6. Before Numbers 11 -20

  7. After Numbers 11-20

  8. Between Numbers 11- 20

  9. Numerals

  10. Number Names – nine, ten, eleven, twelve,

  11. Number Values  21 to 30

  12. Counting school days

  13. Threading beads

  14. Counting using sticks and making bundles

  15. Counting with dots.Note Book

Numerals 31 – 40

Number Names -nine, ten, eleven, twelve.   Number Values  21 to 30

31 to 40

Before numbers

After numbers

Between numbers.HindiHindi  letters  औ:अं,अःक,ख़Reading and listening skills

Practicing on slatesHindi vitaan  pg no,28, 29, 33

Hindi Grafalco pg. no22, 23,33ssLife SkillsDress Self

Brush Teeth & Wash HandsValue EducationHealthy Living Habits

Personal Hygiene

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