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Newsletters – September 2015

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Jr. KG

Subject/ Unit




Oral/Reading/written work


Holidays, Caterpillars and Butterflies.

Story-Mrs Appu’s Travels, Going to the zoo, All about Flowers, Beautiful Butterflies, Big and small things.

Songs:It’s Time For Summer Holiday ,A Helper I Will Be, Pretty Butterfly ,If You Are Happy And You Know It.

Places they would like to visit,how they spend time after going back home from school,express and share emotions,discuss family time.

Oral-phonic drill-A-Z

Reading-My world in pictures-page 1,2

Pattern writing

Writing capital letters-O,L,U,F,B,J,V,Y

Two letter ‘o’ words


  1. Destination

  2. Parts of plants

  3. Life cycle of butterfly

Sight words

Caterpillars &butterflies: leaf, flower, eggs, caterpillar, pupa, butterfly

Holiday: Holiday, near, far, in, out.

Holiday-Destinations,activities,packing done for travel,Places liked to be vis ited and planning of holidays

Caterpillars & Butterflies-parts of plants, life cycle of butterfly.

Name different types of insects,

Riddles on insects

Matching worksheet and Activity pages



Sorting of leaves according to colour and size sorting of twigs to make long/short lines.Matching and pairing (game –shoe hunt),seriating of leaves(big to small),

Pre- Maths Concept near/far, long/short. in/out

Colour -Orange

Shape-square, rectangle

Oral-Rote counting 1-10

Numeral recognition-6

Writing Numerals-1-6 Count and write, circle the correct number.


Holiday photo collage, cooking experience, Monaco biscuit topping, magic mat, suitcase making with box ,painting of colourful butterflies, garden of different flowers ,appreciation badges, collage of different flowers, making colourful butterflies with hand print, making caterpillar and eggs with crepe paper balls, listen to a story and draw the story.

Gross motor

Fine motor

Brickwalk,Crawling under the web,Jump in and out of hoops, Mass drill, Games

Threading beads, blocks& puzzles, clay, tearing &pasting.

Life Skills

Value Education

  1. Take turns.

  2. Talk softly.

  3. Help fold towels.

  4. Understand the value of exercise and good nutrition.

  5. Sharing

  6. Caring

Sr. KG



Classroom Activities

Stories and Poems

Note book, Pattern book and Workbook


  1. My Incredible body

  2. Jobs People Do.

  3. Phonic sounds

3 letter ‘o’, ‘u’, words, all words. Blends bl, sl, br . tr,. Making sentences using blends.

Introduction of singular and plural.

  1. Emotions- sad, happy, angry, surprised, amazed ,crying

  2. Reading :Communicate In English Book pgs-20,21,24,25,28,29,30 ,31,32,.

  3. Reading Express pgs 33 to 55.

Sight words:

Body, head, shoulders, knees, toes, feet, eyes, nose, ear lips, look, I can, what, do, this, is, my.

Job, teacher, gardener, fire fighter, driver, doctor, maid, helper, guard, school, home, librarian, sweeper, cook, do, doing, he, she, help, socks, shoes, toothbrush, toothpaste, fork, lock, key, jar, lid, mortar, pestle, bread, butter, nail, hammer ,to, do, doing, help, teacher, driver, gardener, doctor, maid, helpers, guard, librarian, sweeper, cook.

  1. Make a food graph

  2. KWL chart

  3. Make a mock post office.

  4. Picture Cards with letters

  5. Complete the 7 task using manipulative materials like tweezers, tongs and lift the cotton balls, transfer water using dropper.

  6. Clay, blocks, beads, lacing.

  7. Identifying vowels by playing

Game with letters and picture cards Draw in the sketch book

  1. My favourite meal, what I want to be when I grow up.

  2. Conversation on :

  3. Importance and information of a postman, envelope, address, stamp.

  4. Discussion on field trip to fire station and post office.

  5. Importance of a fireman chef and farmer.

  6. Importance of community helpers in our life and discussion on what students want to be when they grow up.

  7. Games: reasoning and imagination using picture cards, identify 2D shapes in the surroundings, role ole play of a postmen, , dice game to understand the topic of tens and ones, passing the parcel, quiz on community helpers and then speak a few lines on them , clapping game


Cindy goes to the market.

Grandma`s letter.

The little red hen.

3 Mika and Sika.



  1. Once I caught a fish alive.

  2. Ten little fingers.

  3. When you have a cough or sneeze.

  4. Clean up song.

  5. Days of the week

  6. Found a peanut.

  7. Pat a cake

  8. Fire fighter`s

  9. It`s time to say goodbye.

  10. I can blend.

  11. The little cat.

  12. A fire fighter.

  13. I have a friend.

Note Book

  1. Writing CVC words using vowel o, u, blends bl, sl, br, tr, days of the week and dictation of o vowel words (notebook).

  2. Pattern Book

Ob, ox ,oy, ot, og , un, ut, words, .


  1. Pages – WS: S 11.112.1, 13.1, 14.2, 15.2.

WS 1.1, 3.2, 4.2, 5.1, 6.1, 7.2, 8.2, 9.1, 10.1, 11.1.


  1. Attend to personal care & hygiene

  2. Weather Update

  3. Healthy and unhealthy habits.

  4. How to take care of our teeth.

  5. Personal hygiene routines.

  6. Importance of exercise,

  7. Bedtime routines healthy /unhealthy

  8. Golden rules

  9. Safety rules.

  10. Discussion on community helpers and how they help us.

  11. Sketch book-Thumb printing

  12. Draw favourite meal.

  13. Draw being dirty.


Healthy and unhealthy food.

Pretend play (Doctor Doctor).

Visit to the school and interaction with the Grand Parents, mother of a baby and a dentist.

Role play of fire fighter, demonstrate safety rules.



  1. Numerals 1-50, number grid.

  2. Number names 21 to 30.

  3. Values up to 30.

  4. Concept one more than, one less then, , heavy and light.

  5. Before and between after numbers oral up to 30.

  6. Ascending and descending numbers up to 20.

  7. Opposites thick thin, more less, up down, full empty, in out.

  8. Patterning and sorting

  9. Put the correct sign >, 20.< = signs

  10. Measuring objects in terms of weight and height using yarn, compare the objects in terms of weight and length,

  11. Forward, backward counting up to 20.

  12. Number line

  13. Number cards

  14. Place values using ice cream sticks

Note Book

Ascending, descending numbers.

Before and between numbers up to 20 .

Values 11 to 30.

Number Names 15,16,17,18.

Put the correct signs up to 30.


Hindi Vitan Book Pgs: 12, 2

Reading and listening skill

Page 26: Nani Nani


WS:141 15.1,3.1,4.1,7.1,8.1

Life skills : 

1 Dust and make bed.

2 Empty waste basket.

3 Help in kitchen.

4 Assist with drying clothes & dishes.

5 Help carry and put away Groceries.

Std. I

Subject/ Unit


Classroom Activities

Content Book (Green) and Student WB (Red)

Note book work


Naming Part & Telling Part

Simple Present Tense



Making Sentences-This/That

Rhymes and Blends

Story – Black Umbrella and the Crow

Story – Visit to the Museum

Arrange events from a story

Game : Simon Says

Content Book

Ls. 4 Where is Gola’s Home

Ls. 5Chirpy’s Wish

WB -2 Amazing Animals.

S 8.1 – S 23.1

Sight words

Phonics words

Simple Sentences

Creative writing



Ls. 4 Food we eat.

Ls. 5 My Family and Neighbourhood

Games – Types of food

Group activity – Sources of food

School Visit

Content Bk. Ls. 4

Ls. 5 -Pgs nos. 35 – 40

WB 1 – S 9.1, S 10.1

WB 2 – S.1 – S 7.1

Food We Eat : New spellings, Types of food

Ls. – 5 Picture of Family


Place Value


Group Activity with ice-cream sticks .

Word web – vocabulary

Flash cards

Put them together chart

Count your partner’s books.

Content book- Page no.22 – 38

WB S24.1 to S 34.1

Add : S 3.1- S 10.1

Ordering of nos.

Small – big

Big – small

Place value

Expanded form


Picture Addition




अंक ज्ञान,



वर्णों की पहचान

मौखिक और लिखित परिक्षा

अक्षर ज्ञान पुस्तिका में दिया गया कार्य करवाना|



माझे पुस्तक भाग १

पान क्र . १४ ते २२

गाणेम्हणणे , श्लोकम्हणणे.,ए, ई स्वर पान क्र. १४ ते २२

च , ब , र , ल अक्षर पुस्तकात लिहिणे .अर्थपूर्ण वाचन करणे . ई व ए स्वराचे शब्द वहीत लिहणे



Making Placards

Journal Work

Life Skill – To wait for your turn.

Std. II

Subject/ Unit


Classroom Activities

Content Book (Green) and Student WB (Red)

Note book work


Setting of a story


Literature: The Tale of Jeremy Fisher

Singular – Plural

Story Sequence

Creative Writing

Aural Comprehension

Comparitives , Pronouns, Affirmative and negative sentences, Possessive form of nouns.

Discussing setting of the passages.

Solving worksheets of singular plural.

Seeing the pictures and learning to create a story sequence.

Flash card Activity for Pronouns.

Comparatives: Showing objects of different sizes and discussing

Assessment: Oral, Aural and Reading Comprehensions.

Worksheets for Reading and Aural Comprehensions

Content Book pages : 22 to 32

Workbook pages:10 to 25

Graphic Organiser.

Sight words

Drawing of events from a story

Singular – plural: Worksheet and Exercises


Notes and Exercises


L-4 Food We Eat L-5 Keeping Healthy

Collage making (Food)

Game (Simon says)

Preparing Bhel

Guessing the ingredients of a dish. Classification of food as Healthy and Junk. Germination Activity. Demonstrated the correct posture while sitting and standing.

Content Book pages: 22 to 36

Workbook pages: 33 to 46, 2 to 6.

My Body:

Fill in the blanks,Who am I?,Functions of organs,Drawing diagrams

Food we eat

Give two egs of,

Question and answers


Addition ( Horizontal and Vertical)

Addition of two digit nos. by regrouping, Addition of three digit nos. (with and without carryover), Word Problems

Content Book pages:23 to 32

Workbook pages: 28 to 34

Properties of addition, sums on 2-digit and 3-digit Addition , Word Problems


पाठ – १. सयानीचींटी

२. चिड़ियाघरकीसैर

३. मोर ( कविता )

नए शब्द लिखना प्रश्नोत्तर, वाक्य पूरे करो| व्याकरण– लिंग, वचन, संयुक्त व्यंजन, मौखिक और लिखित परिक्षा

कार्यपुस्तिका में दिया गया कार्य करवाना|


नए शब्द लिखना

व्याकरण कार्य


घटक २

listening skill activity based on ई स्वर व शब्द letters, वाक्य – वाचन

पृष्ठ क्र .१८ ते २४

ई चे शब्द,ब, र, ल अक्षरे वहीत लिहिली .

Value Education


Activity–Role play on learning how to be patient.

Journal work–Making banner

Life skill–Exhibit manners,wait for your turn.

Std. III

Subject/ Unit


Classroom Activities

Content Book (Green) and Student WB (Red)

Note book work


Literature Ls4-Pink & Giya

Grammar– Nouns-Kinds, Pronouns, Revision

Spellings: Phonics Words, Sight Words, Spell drill – Reader

Writing: Writing Story Endings, Informal Letter


Handwriting Practice

  1. Fun With Nouns

  2. Exploring Story Endings

  3. Comparing & Contrasting Stories

  4. Analysing Story Elements

Informal Letter Writing

  1. Skill based worksheets

Content Bk: Ls4-Pink & Giya

Work Bk:

  1. Gender & Collective Nouns 1&2

  2. A Tale with a Difference

  3. Pronouns

  4. Helping Verbs

  5. Where is the Noun?

  6. Capital Letter

  7. Spelling Practice1,2 & 3

Lit: Ls4-Pink & Giya

Gram: Gender, Nouns- Proper, Common & Collective Nouns

Writing: Informal letters


Ls. 3- Sense Organs & Teeth (contd…)

Ls.4- Food

  1. Model of teeth

  2. Game on functions of skin, hair and teeth

  3. Guessing game-Food

  4. Collage on edible food parts

  5. Making fruit salad

  6. Game on food groups

  7. Skill based worksheets

  8. Project

Content Book –Reading of lesson

Workbook –Teeth, hair, skin and parts of body

  1. Sense organs, helping hand

  2. Raw and cooked food

  3. Ways of cooking, stove and fuel

  4. Making my own food

  5. Food we eat

  6. Functions of different foods

  7. Food for all

  8. Notes on the lessons.


  1. Subtraction contd….

  2. Multiplication

  3. Tables

  4. Subtraction sums and word problems.

  5. Solving two step word problems.

  6. Math Lab Activity- Subtraction

  7. Project

  8. Skill based worksheets

  9. Subtraction sums and word problems.

  10. 2 step word problems

  11. Multiplication

  12. Subtraction sums and word problems.

  13. 2 step word problems.

  14. Multiplication as repeated addition

  15. Multiplication fact

  16. Tables


पाठ – १. आज मेरी छुट्टी है ( reading only )

२. मै कौन हूँ

३. तितली ( reading for Pleasure )

४. देखकर चलो भाई ( reading )

पाठ वाचन, नए शब्द जानना






नए शब्द लिखना| प्रश्नोत्तर



घटक २

listening skill activity based on आ , अं स्वर व शब्द letters,क्ष,ष वाक्य – वाचन व लेखन व जोडाक्षर व विरामचिन्ह पूर्णविराम

पृष्ठ क्र .१७ ते २५

आ व अं हे स्वर ,क्ष ,ष ,अक्षरे व जोडाक्षर वहीत लिहिली. शब्द व वाक्य वहीत लिहली.

Value Education


Activity–Role play on learning how to be patient.

Journal work–Making a banner

Life skill–Exhibit manners, wait for your turn.


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