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Newsletters (Pre-Primary) – June and July 2018

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A Special Person Called me

My Five SensesOral-Phonic drill-

Prewriting skills

Sight words: Class, name, run, happy, feel, sad, excited, worried, surprised, body parts, head, hands, feet, eyes, fingers, snap, tap, clap, nod, blink, name.

Concept Big and Small

Sight words: see,  hear, eyes, ears,  circle, listen, smell, taste,

Nose, tongue, touch, square, triangle.Phonic drill-S,A,T,P,I,N

Sand play, scribbling, paper tearing

Introduction of self

Importance of class

Use Golden Words

Introduce classroom rules

Good Habits

Name different body parts and its uses.

Introduction of sense organs and its uses and importance. Happy /sad.

Introduce primary colour’s like red, blue and yellow. Name the object of those colours.

Introduce shapes like Circle, Square, and triangle. Talk about its features like sides, corners, difference between a   circle, square and a triangle.

Identify objects with different shapes.

Game: Simon Says, Ispy game, Blind man`s bluff. I spy game.Story– Thirsty Crow, Hare and the Tortoise, Pigeon and Dove.

Conversation: My School, My Classroom, My Birthday Party Parts of body, Days of the week, Months of the year.

Rhymes- Where is thumbkin. Row, row your boat. The bear went over the mountain. Found the peanuts.

Story: Run Roli Run

Good morning Vishal.Pattern writing-standing line, sleeping line slanting line bumpty, lumpty and curve in Red Activity Book.

A Special person called me

S3, S5.

My Senses

S2, S3, S4, S5.MathCounting number of days

Rote counting 1 to 10.

Counting of body parts and sense organs.Identify numerals 1 to 5.

Jig saw puzzles.

Sorting as per shapes, colours, and size, sequencing, pairing.

Matching, Pairing, seriating of body cut-outs, Sorting shapes.

Concept Big/smallRhymes– If you are happy and you know it. Head, shoulders, knees, and toes. Ten little fingers.HindiRecognition of letter:  अSongs–Machalli Jal Ki Rani hain. Meri Billi kali peeli.Hindi oral– अCreativeColour rainbow. Drawing happy face. Draw- mat with the pattern standing and sleeping line.

Draw –What do you do with Sense organs?

Draw Circle, square and triangle shapes and colour.Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor SkillsWalk on straight and curved line. Walk on a beam, Walking forward and backward. Hurdle jump.

Blocks and puzzles, clay, threading beads, painting, paper tearing.

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Classroom Activities

Stories and Poems

Note book, Pattern book and Workbook


  1. Marvelous me

  2. My senses

  3. My family

  4. My family my role

  5. How does a seed grow

  6. Garden Creatures

  7. Look what I can do

  8. Phonic sounds

  9. 2 and 3 letter ‘a’ words

  10. Emotions- sad, happy, angry, surprised, amazed ,crying

  11. Introduction of rhyming words.

  12. Introduction of opposites : big-small, tall-short, day-night, heavy-light ,hot-cold

  13. Reading :Communicate In English book –‘a’ and ‘e’ vowel words

Sight words:

Rules, same, different, special, finger, eyes, dots, pleasant, unpleasant, stink, strong, fresh, sweet, pungent, hard soft rough smooth, slimy, sticky, wet cold, hot, sweet salty, bitter, sour, Family group colour, shape, pattern, task, top bottom inside outside between, behind, in front of , garden, grass, flower, tree, bee, butterfly, ant.Splish splosh, Sarak sarak, WhoooWhooo, Shrrrrrrr, creeeck, PitterPatter, ChatakPatak, Pattern,you, me task,family,top, bottom, inside, outside, in front of, between, behind, in, the, garden, I can, see,short, long, same, jump, clap, dance, skip, crawl, paint, read.

  1. School day chart.

  2. Golden rule chart.

  3. Rule book.

  4. Draw your favorite rule

  5. Paint name cards

  6. Draw different expressions

  7. Award making activity.

  8. Picture Cards with letters

  9. Identifying vowels by playing

Game with letters and picture cards

  1. Draw my family in sketch book

  2. Draw favourite food

  3. Spider web activity.

  4. Tasting activity.

  5. Identifying texture.

  6. Making family bands.

  7. Draw things from the garden.

  8. Sowing seed activity

  9. Making clay moulds of garden equipments

  10. Drawing and decorating a flower

  11. Conversation on:

Relations in the family, Family traditions, Family values

Sharing the process of sowing seeds.

Things that live in a garden.

Games: Blind man’s bluff, Role play, mystery bag with objects of different shapes & sizes, passing the parcel. Spider’s web. Farmer in the dell. Jump over the hurdles, sound boxes, crawl through the tunnel. Mother May I?


  1. Pati pati

  2. Jack and the Beanstalk

  3. The magical land of shapes


  1. Clean up song,

  2. I have got five senses

  3. What is a family

  4. My special name

  5. Farmer in the dell

  6. What is a family

  7. I sent a letter to my father.

  8. Nicky Knacky, Knocky noo

Note Book and pattern book

  1. Writing 2 letter ‘a’ words-ab, am, an, ap, at, ad, ax, ag, as,et eg,ed,in , if , is it , or,so ,no ,go,to,do,ox,us,up

  2. Writing 3 letter ‘a’ vowel words

“at , an , ad, an, ap, ag

Rhyming words of all ‘a’ vowel words. For example cat – bat

Writing 3 letter ‘e’ vowel words

et ,ed, en, ell

Rhyming words of all ‘e’ vowel words. For example – set -met

Sentence making of ‘a’ and ‘e’ vowel words.

For example:

The cat is on the mat.

This is a jet.


  1. Pgs- WS: B-0-S-0

  2. B-1-S-1,2,3,

  3. B-2-S-1,2,3,

  4. B-3-S-1,2,3,

  5. B-4-S-1,2,3

  6. B-5-S-1,2,2.1,3,4

  7. B-7-S-5



  1. Attend to personal care & hygiene

  2. Weather Update

  3. Information on 5 senses

  4. My family my role

  5. How does seed grow?

  6. Garden creatures.

  7. Concepts- hard/soft, smooth /rough sticky/pricky

sweet, sour ,bitter, salty

  1. Golden rules

  2. Safety rules

  3. Discuss the festivals they

  4. Celebrate together

Hobbies, colours, shapes, Birds, Insects, Reptiles, fruits, flowers Vegetables.

  1. Sketch book-

  2. Draw favorite food

  3. Pleasant and unpleasant smell

  4. Sources of pleasant and unpleasant sounds

  5. Group activity – spider’s web, cock umbrella, rabbit and apple tree

  6. Draw sources of sound

  7. My family is special

  8. Patterning with shape cut outs.

Draw happy and sad faces

Sight words:

Eyes, ears, nose, senses, taste, see, hear, smell, touch, soft, hard, smooth, rough, pleasant, unpleasant


Introduction of 3D shapes – cone ,

Cylinder, cube, Number line 0 – 10, Numbers 1 – 30, Backward counting 10-1, More and Less with numbers up to 10, Count identify represent and write 1 to 9, Backward counting, before, after in-between( 1-10) Position words, Patterns (shape, colour), Sorting, 2D shapes, Number name 1 to 5, and Values 1-10

Draw a clown with shapes

Sorting and Patterning with shapes, beads and blocks

Forward ,backward counting up to numeral 10 using number line and number cards

Note Book

Numerals from 1 to 30

Number Names 1 to 5



B-5- S-1, 2, 3,4

B-7- S-2


Hindi Vitan Book (अ – अ🙂

Reading and listening skill

Practicing on slates

Hindi work book

(अ – अ🙂

Life Skills – 1.Brush teeth and wash hands. 2. Dress self

Value Education – 1. Healthy living habits 2. Personal Hygiene.


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