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Newsletters: Pre-Primary (January 2018)

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Subject/ Unit


Oral / Reading


Written work


Chirpy Birds

Sun, Moon and Stars


Caterpillars and Butterflies

Tales and Tunes-

Story: The thirsty crow,

Songs: 9 little blackbirds, Bird Calls, If I was a bird

Picture Dictionary: Pages – 42,43

Phonic Fun– Letter Y

Sight Words: crow, bird, beak, feathers, wings, tail, claws, fly, pigeon, parrot, sparrow, owl, peacock, nest, egg, same, different, chick, eat, grains, worms, fish, nuts, seeds, calls

Tales and Tunes-

Songs: Are you sleeping, Daytime Fun

Picture Dictionary: pg 44,45

Phonic Fun– Letter X

Sight words:  day, sun ,sky, light, night, moon,

stars, dark, night time, daytime

Tales and Tunes-

Story: The Lion’s Shadow

Song: My Shadow

Picture Dictionary: pg 46,47

Phonic Fun– Letter Q

Sight words: shadows, light, dark, sun, light, more, less

Tales and Tunes-

Story: The caterpillar’s story

Song: A pretty Butterfly

Picture Dictionary: pg 48,49

Sight Words: butterfly, flower, leaf, park, egg, caterpillar, pupa

i vowel words (ib, id,if,ig,in,it,is,)

Talk about their favourite birds

Talk about their daily routine

Talk about day and night

Talk about what they see in a garden

small letters – j, k, l, m, n , o, p, q, r, s


Chirpy birds

Sun, Moon and Stars


Caterpillars and


Discuss body parts of birds,

Similarities and differences of different birds, different types of nests and eggs, food eaten by the birds and their habitat.

Discuss day and night time sky.

Discuss how shadows are formed.

Discuss how caterpillar turns into a butterfly

Red Activity Book: Pages – 36,37,38,

Red Activity Book: Pages –

76, 77

Red Activity Book: Pages-



Revision of numbers 11 to 15 and introduction to number 16 ,17,18

Recognition of numbers (1-15) through games and activities

Compare more/less by visual representation using blocks and beads

Concepts: More and Less

Count 1 more than up to 10

Count 1 less than up to 5

HLS – pages 60,61,62,63,66,68,69,88

Writing of 11 -15 in N.B.



भारत की शान

सबसे प्यारा अपना घर

Words beginning with the sound ऒ , औ


Chirpy birds

Sun, Moon and Stars


Caterpillars and


Nest making

sketch book drawing –Day and Night

sketch book drawing –an object with its shadow

sketch book drawing- life cycle of a butterfly

Palm printing – Butterfly

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Kick a ball at a given target

Throw a ball at a given target

Blocks & puzzles, threading beads, play dough/clay, lacing boards.

Encourage your child to follow these life skills mentioned below:

  1. Help put toys away after playing

  2. Brush teeth with minimal help

Value Education

1. Care and feel concern for others

2. Cooperate and learn to work together

[/et_pb_toggle][et_pb_toggle _builder_version=”3.0.91″ title=”Sr. KG” open=”off”]SubjectTopicsClassroom ActivitiesStories and PoemsNote book, Pattern book and WorkbookEnglish

  1. Safety

  2. A Hundred

  3. Money Magic

  4. Pictures Tell a Story

-This/That sentences

-Introduction of Singular/Plurals

– Revision of previous blends.

-Introduction of gl, cl, pl  blends-

‘gl’ words – glue, glow, glad, globe, gloom, glare, glass, glide, glee

‘pl’ words – plan, play, plum, plot,  plus, plant, plane, plate

‘cl’-clap, clan, clay, clip, class, claw, clock, cleanPlay Game -signal

A hundred

Draw what you will look like when you turn 100

Decorate number 100

Money Magic

Draw what money can buy

-Etching of coin

-Draw what you want to be in future

– -Draw a need/ want

-Draw a love card for your parents

-Pretend Play(Provision Store)

Pictures Tell a Story

Draw a rainbow story

Draw favorite part of “Uncle Knit” story

Gross Motor Activities: Throw ball at a given target

Fine Motor Activities: Playing with blocks, puzzles, colouring and drawing

  1. Poem: Tall flora flamingo

  2. Gracey’s Green dress

  3. Crossing the street

  4. Germs Germs everywhere

  5. This is my body


A Smile

A Centipede

Story- The little Red Hen

Money Magic

Sikka and the Toy shop

Poem- Ten Pennies

Pictures Tell a Story

“a” vowel story

-Uncle Knit

-Sam the Bat and his PalsSafetyS2,2.1,S3

A Hundred S2,S2.1,,S3

Money Magic- W/S-S2,S3,S5

Pictures Tell a Story-W/S-S1, ,S3, S3.1 ,S5EVSConversation(Safety)

Discuss places, things ,people we need to keep safe from

Share rules to be followed on the road

Discuss safe and unsafe things to eat

Discuss things to keep your body safeConversation(Money Magic)

–Importance of money

–Talk about where do we get money from

-Distinguish between need/want

-Talk on what money cannot buy

Mark similarities and differences of coins

-Talk about the two sides of the coin(head/tales)A Hundred

Share  100 reasons to smilePicture Tell a Story

Describing the picture and complete the story

Predicting the content of the story

Similarities and differences of two storiesMathCount in 2’s– Patterning with coins

–  Sort coins according to denominationOral counting 1-100

Make bundles of 10 to make 100Number Names: Thirty, Forty

Number Values :51-70

After Numbers: 1-30HindiपसेमPoems- Hindi  Vitan


Picture Reading –pg 74Matching picture with word

Circle the correct letter

Oral- give words with the given letter

Two letter wordsValue Education: Love for Animals

Life Skills: Completing work on time


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