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Newsletters – October 2016

Jr. KGSubject/ UnitTopicActivitiesConversationOral/Reading/written workEnglishSeasons



Fun with       Water

Story FunStory: Summer Fun, Ollie has Fun, The Little Raindrop, Underwater Cricket Match, Lily’s Lake Ride, Freddy’s long Tongues, Thirst Crow

Songs: Let us count ,Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, Summer time, Winter Time, I Hear Thunder, The little Raindrop

The Thirsty Crow, The Lion and the MouseTalk about seasons and the different food items eaten.

Talk about the clothes worn according to seasons.

Talk about objects that sink and float

Talk about mixing things in milk ,water

Guess the story by looking at the picturesOral-phonic drill V,W, Y,Z M Q,O, U,L,F

Writing capital letters- V,W, Y,Z M ,Q ,U,F. Write A- Z

Reading-Picture Dictionary

Summer and Winter

Fun with WaterPgs-32,33

Story Fun Pgs-34,35EVS       Summer



Fun with Water

Story Fun

Sight words: Season, Summer, hot, octopus, olives, office , , up, down

Sight words: Winter, cold,  holiday, winter, rainy, suitcase, cold, wet, Umbrella,  jellyfish

Sight words: rainy, clouds, rain, thunder, raindrop


Sight words: water, heavy, ladybird, lake, lily, cup, full, empty, half, fit, pour, glass, Freddy, mix, frog

Sight words: crow, thirsty, story, help, lion, net, help ,storyDiscuss about summer season, summer fruits and vegetables.

Discuss about winter season, winter wear, winter food, fruits and vegetables we eat during winter season.

Discuss about heavy and light ,floating and sinking using objects ,empty, half  full

Discuss the things that mix and that do not mix in water

Discuss about mixing different colors in waterActivity pages in the Red Activity Book Pages 55,56,92 to 95 (for Reading)MathSorting on the basis of shapes.Create patterns, Sorting on the basis of shapes Concept of half , full and empty, same, Recognize numbers from 1-5 using different objectsNumeral recognition 5

Writing Numeral-5HindiSong – Diwali

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor SkillsHop on both feet, Climb using alternate feet Hurdle jump, control and coordination to pour water from one cup to another.

Blocks and puzzles, drawing,  tearing and pasting, threading beads, play dough/clay, lacing board

Sr. KGSubjectTopicsClassroom ActivitiesStories and PoemsNote book, Pattern book and WorkbookEnglish

  1. Ways to Travel


  3. Phonic sounds

  4. 2 and 3 letter u words

  5. Introduction of

  6. un words : sun, fun, run, nun.

  7. ug words;. bug, dug, rug, tug.

  8. ub words; dub, rub ,tub.

  9. up words:  pup, sup.

  10. Rhyming words – sentences making using rhyming words.

Sight words:

My, there, is, a, bun, sun, gun, fun, nun, bug, dug, rug, mug, jug, cup, sup, pup, tub, cub, rub, neighbourhood, neighbour, eleven, twelve,  thirteen fourteen  fifteen.

  1. Talk about vehicles on water

  2. Discuss on things that fly in air (kite, dust, balloon, plane, helicopter rocket, jet)

  3. Play sound game by replacing a sound in the CVC words and make a new word.

  4. Discuss on why people; travel by air.

  5. Give information on Air, Land and Water transport.

  6. Make a poem using rhyming words.

  7. Discuss on Railway transport.

  8. Visit places around school

  9. Observe the numbers and words seen in the neighbourhood and make a note of it, discuss why some numbers are important: Police, Ambulance, Fire station.

  10. Discuss on the importance and qualities of being a good neighbour.

  11. Game:  three letter fun.

  12. Draw  neighbourhood and discuss , make labels of the things seen around

  13. Make a word web on neighbourhood.Stories:

The enormous turnip

The Reading Express In my Neighbourhood.Note Book

Vowel u -3lettter words.

Rhyming words:   bug- rug, fun- gun.

Pattern Book

  1. ut words page 42, 44.

Communicate in English

Page no. 30.EVS

  1. Weather Update

  2. Golden rules

  3. Safety rules

  4. Sentence construction

  5. Daily routine.

  6. Introduction of the concept of floating and sinking through experiments

  7. Pretend to be different vehicles and do actions accordingly.

  8. Blowing things that are light and heavy.

  9. Show favourite way to travel and pretend to travel through various vehicles to reach places. Make    collage of the same. (air, water, land, railway)

  10. Create a neighbourhood model and label the places.

  11. Make a KWL chart about neighbourhood.Workbook _Worksheet

Ways to travel S3, S4.1.

Neighbourhood S1, S2, S4Math

  1. Revision of number values up to 20 using ice cream sticks.

  2. Number names 11-15.

  3. Revision of numerals up to 50.

  4. Draw a number name train and compare the letters in each number name.

  5. Match the number to the correct number of dots.

  6. Make a bundle of ten sticks (tens) and count the extra sticks till 19(ones).Numerals 41 -50

Number names  – revision  1- to 13

Written:  fourteen, fifteen.

Worksheet: Neighbourhood.S3.

Ways to travel S3HindiHindi letters ग,घ.Reading and listening skill

Practicing on slatesHindi Vitaan Book page no. 33–35.

Grafalco practice book page no.34, 35.

Std. ISubTopicClass Room ActivitiesContent Bk (Green)/ Student Wk Bk (Red)Note Book WorkActivities to do at homeENGLISHB10 – Pronouns  ( cont. )   B11-  Babu’s son

B12 – Sounds and SentencesReading, discussion   Activity –  making words ending with blend words st, nd, nt,  words with vowel team ee and ea, retelling of story, state the naming and telling part.Reader :  70-81

W/S : Block 10, 11, 12Notes on :  B10, 11, 12Reading the lesson, making new words, making sentences, underlining pronouns, , revising the notes given in the notebook.EVSB 10 – Safety  rules  ( cont. )

B11 – Living and non livingDiscussion of safety rules, living and non living things

Activity – Differentiating between a doll and a child.Textbook : 63 – 74

W/S: Block  10, 11Spellings, notes on lessons, Safety rules to be followed, differentiate between living and non living.Making a booklet with pictures of living and non living.MATHB 10 – Introduction to subtraction

B11 – Subtraction within 10Activities using bangles, rajma beans and diceTextbook : 63-74

W/S : Block  10 and 11Subtraction by drawing pictures, single digit  subtraction, subtraction sentencesPracticing finding difference , subtraction sentenceHINDIमात्राओं का परिचय   गाने/ कविता *इ की मात्रा और ई की मात्रा *पाठ ३.विमान उड़ा गया ४.चिड़िया आई ५.खिचड़ी बढ़िया बनीशब्दों का उपयोग कर चित्र का वर्णन करना| चित्र में रंग भरना|

वर्णलेखनऔरशब्दलेखनइऔरईकीमात्रासभीवर्णोंपरलगाना| नएशब्द, प्रश्नोत्तरपुस्तिका में दिया गया कार्य करना| इ और ई मात्रा का उपयोग करना|वर्णों को मात्रा लगाना| नए शब्द लिखना| पाठ के नीचे दिया गया कार्यनए शब्द का याद करना|

वर्णों को मात्रा लगाना|

कविता याद करना|

प्रश्नोत्तर याद करना|MARATHIलेखनसराववाचनसराव

गोष्ट,इ.मूळाक्षरे लेखन. वाचन सामान्यज्ञान,

अंकवाचनअंकलिपी ,मराठी चाटॅलेखन वाचन सरावउजळणी ,लेखन सरावV.EdMutual RespectActivity – Video , Discussion————————Journal work-Write the golden rules              List of actions that make you feel good and bad.Life Skill –  To respect yourself and  others .

Std. IISubjectTopicClass Room ActivitiesContent Bk (Green) / Student Wk Bk (Red)Note Book WorkActivities to do at homeEnglishBlock 11- Instructions in a recipe

Block 12- Text to world connections

Block 13- Describing ourselves and othersSimon Says, Making lemonade by following instructions given, Create compound words, Asking questions,  Ice-cream sticks picture cards, Guess the action- (Game)CB Pg Nos.- 67 to 80

WB Pg Nos.- 14 to 28Write a simple recipe of food item done,  Simple Present Tense, Present Continuous TenseMake food item with assistance, Use rhyming words to write short poems, Write about routine being followed and circle the doing wordsE.V.SBlock 13- Keeping surroundings clean

Block 14- Directions to a placeObjects in packets, Picture comprehension, Segregation of dry and wet waste, Finding directions using the Sun and Compass.CB Pg Nos.- 81 to 92

WB Pg Nos.- 24 to 33Ways to keep school and its surroundings clean, Draw a map of your classroom, showing the board, students’ desks, teacher’s tableImbibing conscious habits of keeping surroundings clean, Students to draw a map of their neighbourhood.MathBlock 7- Lines

Block 8- Flat Shapes

Block 9- Solid ShapesIdentify straight and curved lines, Draw a house with lines and curves by using a ruler, Naming flat shapes, Drawing shapes and dot grid, Building shapes using matchsticks, Identify solid shapes, Counting edges, corners and faces of solid shapes,CB Pg Nos.- 46 to 60

WB 1 Pg Nos.- 39 to 47

WB 2 Pg Nos.- 5 to 8Drawing and naming flat and solid shapes.Block 7- Look for lines around them and name them.

Block 8- Study or find out more flat shapes

Block 9- Look for flat shapes in objects around and match 2 solids having the same features.Hindiकविता – मोर, लिंग, गिनती१ – २५,

व्याकरण – एक और अनेक वचन*  समानार्थीशब्दऔरविलोमशब्दचित्र का वर्णन अपनेशब्दों मेंकरना, पाठ से नए शब्द ढूढ़ना और लिखना, चित्र में रंग भरना, प्रश्नों के उत्तर लिखना, मौखिक परिक्षा|कविता याद करना, मौखिक परीक्षा, पाठ के नीचे दिया गया कार्य करवाना, व्याकरणपाठ से नए शब्द ढूढ़ना और लिखना, प्रश्नों के उत्तर लिखना, व्याकरणकविता याद करना,

पाठ घर पर पढ़ना,

नए शब्द याद करना|Marathiबालगीत सराव, मूळाक्षरे

वाचन, लेखननोटबूकमध्येमूळाक्षरेलेखनवाचन

सराव, गोष्टअंकलिपी, मराठीचाटॅलेखनवाचनसरावलेखन वाचन सराव  उजळणीValues Education/ Life SkillsMutual RespectActivity – Video , DiscussionJournal work-Write the golden rules. List of actions that make you feel good and bad.Life Skill – To respect yourself and  others .

Std IIISubTopicClass Room ActivitiesContent Bk (Green)/ Student Wk Bk (Red)Note Book WorkActivities to do at homeEngLITERATURE- There is a mouse (Block 11)

GRAMMAR- Revision of completed topicsPoem writing/completion, sharing poems in groups and checking for solutions (editing of a poem)Content Book –There is a mouse

WorkbookBlock 11S1, S2, S3, S4Literature – Spell Drill, Word Meanings, Questions & Answers

Grammar – Revision of completed topicsReading of the poem. Students can identify the problem and solution in each stanza.  They reread the poem to identify the rhyming lines and rhyming words.  Parents can listen to the poems created by the students and help them to extend their poem by thinking of more rhyming problems and solutions.EvsScience-B7-Movements in Animals

B8 Living things, B9 Bones, Joints and MusclesActivity to compare an artificial plant with the real one. Pictures of living and non living things.CB – Science- B7 and Social science- B8 and B9

B7-S1to S4

B8- S1 to S4

B- S1 to S4Spell drill, Fill up, Questions and Answers.Reading from encyclopaedias about movement in animals. Take them to a park to identify living and non-living things.Math

–––Math -Multiplication

Review of all tables

Multiplying by 8

Multiplying by 7

Solving word problemsMultiplying tables with the help of multiplication grid.

Multiplying with the help of grid to find out some multiplications facts.Content Book.

Block 8: S1 to S4.Multiplication facts of 7 and 8.

Tables from 2 to 20.

Solving story problems.

Revision of word problems.You can help your child create a 10×10 multiplication grid to post in their room or where they spend time. Practice the tables with your child whenever you have time.Hindi   पाठ-७  मै कौन हूँ  (continued)पाठ वाचन, नए शब्द जानना


मौखिक परिक्षापाठ्यपुस्तकमेंदियागयाकार्य


व्याकरणनए शब्द लिखना| प्रश्नोत्तर

व्याकरणLesson Reading, Textbook Exercise Revision.Marathiमूळाक्षरेवाचनलेखनवाचन

सरावनोटबुकमध्येशब्दलेखनवाचनसरावअंकिलपीलेखन वाचन सरावशब्द लेखन सामान्यज्ञान

सरावValues Education and Life skills Mutual RespectActivity – video discussion—–Journal work-Write the golden rules.

List of actions that makes you feel good and bad.Life skills- To respect yourself and others.

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