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Newsletters – October 2015

Jr. KG

Subject/ Unit




Oral/Reading/written work


My world in colours


Story– Trust worthy Tommy, A shopping for colours, Walk in the rain, The sky is falling.

Songs: Everybody do this, If you are happy and you know, My red balloon, Rainbow song.

Shapes to eat.

Songs: A helper I will be, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Two little apples, Up in the sky.

My world of colours, colours of rainbow, names of colours, show objects.

Discuss about shapes and their attributes.

Phonic drill a – z .My world in pictures- shapes and My world in colours. Two letter words related to vowel `i`- ib, id, ip, ig, it, in, im, ix.

Written: capital letters Z, X, W, G.




My world in colours


Red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, rainbow.

Circle, triangle, star, semi – circle, square, rectangle.

Keeping environment and surrounding clean, observing the reflection of colours using mirror,

Observe and name the shape.


Numbers: My world in colours.


Identify and sort objects on the basis of one attribute, matching colour cards, count and name numerals, play at the number spinner,

Sorting of shapes according to colours, draw houses using different shapes and colours.

Discuss about the edges, sides and corners of different shapes.

Oral numbers 1 to 10, number recognition 7.

Written: number 7.


Colouring activity rainbow, colour wheel, make collage related to different colours. red, green, yellow . Foot printing, diya painting.,(festival Diwali).

Gross motor

Fine motor

Crawling under the web, play game of different colour of circle obstacle game, rhymes with action.

Making rainbow streamers, threading beads, clay, puzzles, playing with blocks.

Life skills for the month of October 2015

Encourage your child to follow the life skills mentioned below.

  1. Make bed

  2. Shake hands and greet each other

  3. Pickup toys

  4. Exhibit manners


Sr. KG



Classroom Activities

Stories and Poems

Note book, Pattern book and Workbook




  3. Clapping game with splitting spellings according to syllable e.g. tem-ple(2),dan-ger(2),stran-ger(2)

  4. Introduction and reading of ‘cl’, ‘dr’,’fl’, ‘gr’, ‘gl’ blend words

  5. Helping them to create different labels for safety on the playground, in school.

  6. Reading :Communicate In English Book pg. no. 31, 32, 48

Sight words:

In, my, there, is, go, to, next, up, down

Yes, no, safe, unsafe, go, tell

  1. The sound game, tippy tippy tap tap, hop scotch game, memory game Simons says:- using positional words and words related to spatial awareness.

  2. Reading of CVC words.


  1. The enormous carrot.

  2. Zippadeedoo.

  3. Sparkey and mini’s safety adventure.

  4. Kidnapping of sita.

  5. The little red riding hood.

  6. Play safe.


  1. Clean up song,

  2. Children children.

  3. Red says stop.

  4. Blend song

  5. Number name song

  6. Vowels

Note Book

  1. Writing the blend cl, dr, fl, gr, gl words and ‘ee’ words in the note book.

Pattern Book

  1. Days of the week. Aa- Zz


  1. S 3.1, 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 9.1, 9.2, 10.


  1. Discussion of safety rules and traffic policemen traffic lights, road signs, zebra crossing, safety rules while walking on the streets and crossing the roads.

  2. Weather Update

  3. Golden rules

  4. Safety rules

  5. Display of safety exhibition, making traffic signals and zebra crossings using bread, chocolate powder etc.

  6. Neighborhood : walk through the school, model and graph

  7. Role play in safety events.


  1. Concept of bundles of ten up to forty.

  2. Number name and numerals 31 to 50

  3. Number names 18, 19, 20

  4. Concept of 1 more than (1 to 40) with the help of number grid.

  5. Greater and smaller ( < & >) till 40

  6. Concept of tens and ones.

  7. Missing numbers.

  8. Bundling of ten sticks.

  9. Number line

  10. Number cards

  11. Place values using ice cream sticks

Note Book

Numerals 31 to 50

Number Names 19 – 20


Hindi Vitan Book pgs: 6 to 29

Reading and listening skill

Writing :

Writing अ से अ:

Worksheet अ से अ:

Life Skill:

Household basics:

  1. Sweep floors and wipe baseboards

  2. Hang towels after bath

  3. Sort dirty clothes by color and clean clothes by family member.

  4. Help fold towels

  5. Retrieve the mail or newspaper

  6. Help feed pets

Std. I

Subject/ Unit


Classroom Activities

Content Book (Green) and Student WB (Red)

Note book work


Ls 3 Chirpy’s Wish.

Phonics words.

Blends . Sight words.

Parts of a sentence (Naming and telling )

Spell drill


Ls 3 Chirpy’s Wish

Workbook S22.1 to S27.1

Sight words

Phonic words


Ls. 6 Travel and Transport,Ls. 7 Work around us.Ls 8 Materials

Group activity-Travel and transport.

Stick pictures.Name your helpers.

Content book Ls 6,7,8

W.B-2Travel and transport

S2.1-S3.1,Work around us-S3.1-S4.1



Modes of transport with examples.Guess who?



Story- Choco Bunny- Rabbit and carrot.

Addition- using number line, number grid, objects, ice-cream sticks, rajma seeds, dice

Content book – Addition

WB- S10.1-S14.1

Addition – with the help of a number line.

Addition sums-horizontal and vertical sums.


आ की मात्रा

बिना मात्रा के शब्द

पाठ वाचन, नए शब्द जानना


मौखिक परिक्षा



बिना मात्रावाले शब्द लिखना| 

आ की मात्रा सभी वर्णों पर लगना|


माझे पुस्तक भाग १ पान क्र . २४ ते ३४

अक्षर द , ण , व , स्वर आ , ई

तसेच अर्थपूर्ण वाचन शिकविणे व ऱ्हस्व वेलांटी समजाविणे

माझे पुस्तक भाग १ पान क्र . २४ ते ३४

अक्षरे द , ण , व ,स्वर आ , ई ऱ्हस्व वेलांटीचे शब्द तसेच छोटी वाक्य व शब्द लिहणे. 


Class: I Month: October

Values Education/ Life skills

Value – Humility

Activity – Videos and discussions.

Journal work- Humility tree – with rotten fruit and fresh fruit.

Life Skill –To show respect.

Exhibit Manners.

Std. II

Subject/ Unit


Classroom Activities

Content Book (Green) and Student Workbook (Red)

Note book work


Sight words and Phonic words, Ls- Shelly the Tortoise, Months of the year, Verb –to be and -to have, Modal verbs, Beginning, middle ,end, elements of a story, Settings and Prediction, Comparing a poem and a phrase, using –ed in verbs, making inferences , Reading comprehension

Using a dictionary, making predictions, using a calendar, making inferences, describing a setting, drawing story maps, comparing a poem with a story, practicing sounds of words, enacting verbs.

Content book – pages 33 to 43

Work book – pages 26 to 38

Solving skill based Worksheets

Notes on Shelly the tortoise, Verbs and exercise on Verbs.


L-6 My Family.

Clean up Activity, Sticking photos of family members on the family tree, writing a story on parents.

Content book – pages 45 to 52

Work book – pages 8 to 16

Solving skill based Worksheets

Notes on My Family

Fill in the blanks, questions and answers


Addition – Word Problems ( Revision and Worksheet ), Relation between Addition and Subtraction, Subtraction – Properties, Simple and borrowing sums , Subtraction word problems ( two digit subtraction )

Topic Web, use of diene blocks for addition and subtraction, Number Grid, Question card Activity, Question charts for carry over Addition,

Content book – pages 33 to 55

Work book – pages 36 to 51

Word problems in addition

( Revision), Properties, sums and word problems in Subtraction


पाठ९ – घोंसला किसका


सबके साथ ( Reading for pleasure )

पाठ वाचन, नए शब्द जानना


मौखिक परिक्षा




नए शब्द लिखना| प्रश्नोत्तर



माझे पुस्तक भाग १ पान क्र . २६ते३६

ण , आ , ई व ही अक्षरे वाचन व लेखन पहिली वेलांटी , शब्द वाचन व लेखन


ण , आ ,ई ,व ही अक्षरे लिहणे , शब्द लिहणे , पहिली वेलांटी शब्द लिहणे व उजळणी



Narration of story, reciting of poem, wearing humility badge and giving stars on it, Discussion on story questions.

Journal work– list 5 ways of being humble to your friends, writing one value that goes along with Humility, in the humility flower

Life Skills– to develop mutual understanding,respectfor others,to promote self awareness, to facilitate mutual growth, to boost accountability.

Std. III

Subject/ Unit


Classroom Activities

Content Book (Green) and Student WB (Red)

Note book work


Lit: L4- Pink and Giya

Gram: Helping Verbs

Writing – about friends & family



Exploring poems

Word work

L4- Pink &Giya

Helping Verbs

Word Work

L4- Spell drill, Meanings,

Ques& Wed, Make Sentences,

Gram- Helping verbs, continuous tense, revision


Ls:5 Safety and First Aid

  1. Display of First Aid Box

  2. Demonstrations of precautions to be taken while giving First Aid

Content Book: Ls 5

Workbook: Safety Rules,

My very own First Aid kit, Precautions while giving First Aid

Ls 5: KWL Chart, Safety rules @ home/on the road/in school, First Aid, Contents of a First Aid box, Precautions to be taken while giving First Aid


  1. Tables 2 to 15

  2. Geometry and Patterns

  3. Activities to understand tables.

  4. Plane and solid shapes

  5. Tangrams

  6. Tessellations

  7. Patterns

  8. Maps and symmetry

Content book: Tables, Plane and solid shapes, Tangrams, Tessellations, Patterns,Maps and symmetry.

Work book: Tables, Plane and solid shapes, Tangrams, Tessellations, Patterns, Maps and symmetry.

Tables, Plane and solid shapes, Tangrams, Tessellations, Patterns, Maps and symmetry.


पाठ ९. मैंहूँरबड़

पाठ का वाचन|

नए शब्द जानना|





व्याकरण – सर्वनाम

नए शब्द लिखना|



घटक –२

अर्थपूर्ण वाचन , श्रुतलेखन , चित्राचे वर्णन शब्दाचे ज्ञान वाढवणे. 

पृष्ठ क्र . २३ ते ३४

चित्राचे वर्णन करणारे शब्द लिहिणे.जोडाक्षरे लिहणे , श्रुतलेखन वाक्य व शब्द


  1. Humility

  2. Facing one’s fears




Journal work

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