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Newsletters – Oct and Nov 2017

Jr. KG

Subject/ Unit




Oral/Reading/written work


Fun with Water

Story Fun

Magical World Underwater

Story : ‘The Little Raindrop’, ‘Freddy’s Long Tongue’

Song : ‘Plant is born’, ‘Water, water everywhere’

Story: ‘The Thirsty Crow’, ‘The Lion and the Mouse’

Songs: ‘Let’s Count from 1 to 5’

Story: ‘Bugsy Paints A Bus’, ‘Jumping Jammy’

Songs: ‘6 Little Fish’, ‘Underwater Fun’, ‘If you are happy and you know it’

Share if something is heavy or light.

Students share what they mix in milk and drink.

Share about what they drink when thirsty.

Students share when they helped someone.

Students share where they think the fish lives.

Share names of sea animals.

Share the name of sea animal they like the most and why.

Writing Capital letters

M, Q, A-Z

Writing Small letters

l, t, i, c


Picture Dictionary

‘ Magical World Underwater’

Phonic Fun

‘Zara Loved Zips’


Fun with Water

Story Fun

Magical World Underwater

Sight words: water, light, heavy, up, down, ladybird, lake, lily, cup, full, half, empty, same, fit, mix, pour, glass, Freddy, frog.

Sight words: crow, thirsty, story, help, character, event, lion, mouse, net.

Sight words: sea, seaweed, coral, fish, sea animals, bus, butterfly, book, octopus, seahorse, jelly fish, eels, underwater, live, breathe, gills, fins, tail, scales, jaguar, starfish, sting ray, rainbow fish.

Discuss concept of sinking and floating.

Discuss which things mix in water.

Discuss concept of soluble and insoluble.

Pretend play and retell the story ‘The Thirsty Crow.’

Discuss name of favourite story and tell why.

Discuss special features of fish that help it live under water.

Create waves and ask children to pretend as sea animals.

Red Activity Book

Pgs 42, 66, 67, 68, 92-95


Fun with Water

Story Fun

Magical World Underwater

Number game ‘Bear on the mountain, run, run, run!

Predict how many will fill up a cup with beads.

Show number 5 using the five-box frame.

Compare capacity of water in glasses using words – full, half and empty.

Draw object numbers 1-5, sequencing with story cutouts.

Draw 6-10 objects in book, jump/hop/clap/tap feet 6 times, draw objects on random numbers (1-5), hopscotch numbers 1-6 using dice.

Oral-Rote counting 1-50

Numeral recognition

11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Writing Numerals-

11, 12, 13, 14, 15


सोंग्स: दीवाली , पानी

अक्षर : उ, ऊ, ए


Mixing colours in water, drawing and colouring face mask of a lion and a mouse, collage of underwater scene with different sea animals and plants.

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Climb and go downstairs using alternate feet, running, jumping (forward/backward), walk on straight and curved line, tunnel crawl.

Blocks & puzzles, threading beads, play dough/clay, lacing boards, water pouring activity.

Encourage your child to follow these life skills mentioned below: 1. Hang towel after bath. 2. Dress self.

Value Education 1. Not hurting. 2. Save water.

Sr. KG



Classroom Activities

Stories and Poems

Note book


  1. Wonder Pets

  2. Ways To Travel

  3. Neighbourhood

  4. Toys

  5. Phonic sounds

  6. Revision of “a, e, i, o “vowel 3 letter words.

  7. Introduction of ‘u’ vowel words

  8. Making sentences using a, e, i, o words

Sight Words:

neighbour, neighbourhood, in, my, is ,there, a, shape, size, move, chips, cheesy, cheese ,chocolate, cherry

Shillong, shoe, shirt, shop, here ,pot ,cot ,lot, dot ,hot, rot, dog, log ,fog, box, fox, fun, run, ,bun, sun,

Tug, bug, dug ,,hug, jug, mug, rug, cup, sup, pup, tub, cub ,rub.

  1. Neighbourhood model.

  2. Neighbourhood graph

  3. Simon Says game

  4. I spy game

  5. I sent a letter to my father.

  6. Dog origami




  1. Washing hands

  2. Old McDonald

  3. Paws, claws, tails and fur


  1. Enormous Turnip

  2. Chennai Chandigarh Express.

  3. sh story

  4. Thiru and Thapki

  5. Animal Fairy

Note Book

Three letter words: ‘u’ vowel Words.

Making sentences using a, e, i, o, words

Communicate in English

Sound and stories- ‘u’ vowel words.


  1. Introduction to neighbor and neighbourhood, emergency numbers in our neighbourhood, helping neighbours, quality of good neighbours Discuss body parts of pets, sounds pet make, food they eat, favourite pet.

  2. Discuss about vehicles that run on road, vehicles that move on water and travel in air and favourite way to travel.

Discuss about toys eg: shape, colour, remote controlled, battery operated, blocks, etc.

  1. Neighbourhood walk

  2. Draw neighbourhood

  3. Neighbourhood model

  4. Neighbourhood graph

  5. Cars from soap boxes

  6. Pretend to be vehicle

  7. Role play of animals/pets

  8. Riddle on pet animals


  1. Forward and Backward counting 1-20

  2. < ,>,= 1-20

  3. Story toys.

  4. Before and After numbers1-10

  5. Number names 14-17.

  6. Concept sink –float.

Note Book

Number Names: fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen

Number Values – 1- 50 revision random

After numbers: 1-30 revision

Before numbers -1-10 Numerals – revision 1-50 random


Hindi -letters ड., च, छ, ज, झ, त्र

Reading and listening skills revision of Swar अ–अः

Hindi Vitaan and Grafalco for the letters given.

LIFE SKILLS: Listen carefully and be attentive.

VALUES: Honesty

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