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Newsletters – Nov / Dec 2016

Jr. KGSubject/ UnitTopicOral / ReadingConversationwritten workEngTales and Tune

Tales and TuneStory: Magical World, The Blue Bird’s Garden, The Lion’s shadow

Songs– 6 little fish, Underwater fun, 7 little turtles, The little green frog, Pretty little penguins, 8 yellow flowers, 9 little Blue Birds, If I was A bird, Bird Calls, day time Fun, Are you sleeping

Picture Dictionary-Pages -36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47Talk about favorite sea animal

Talk about land and water animals

Talk about what we see in a garden

Talk about  favorite birds

Talk about daily routineWriting small letters- l, t, I,  c, a, d, g, q, o, u, v, w, n,

Work sheets-match the pictures with the letterEVSMagical world under water

Land and water Animals

The green world of Plants

Chirpy Birds

Sun ,Moon Stars

ShadowsSight words: sea, seaweed, coral, fish, sea animals, fish, octopus, seahorse, jelly fish, eels, starfish , rainbow fish ,sting ray, underwater, gills, fins, tail, scales

sight words: sea, fish, shark, whale, frog, turtle, crocodile, penguin, seal, crab,

sight words: plant, flower, leaves, grass, trees,

garden, twig

Sight words:  bird, beak, feathers, wings, tails, claws, crow, pigeon, parrot, sparrow, owl, peacock, fly, nest ,egg, chick, grains, worms, fish, nuts, seeds

Sight words:  day, sun ,sky, light, night, moon, stars, dark, night time, daytime

Sight words: shadows, light, dark, sun, light, more, lessDiscuss about sea animals.

Discuss the special features of fish

Discuss about scuba divers. Discuss sea animals that live on land and water.

Learn about plants ,trees and flowers

Discuss body parts of birds,

Similarities and differences of different birds, different types of nests and eggs, food eaten by the birds and their habitat.

Discuss day and night time sky.

Discuss how shadows are formed.Red Activity Book Pages-36,42,43,62 76,77 ,62,83,85MathRecognition of numerals 6,7 ,8 , 9 through games and activities

Compare lengths of two things using words long/short

Compare more/less by visual representation using blocks and beadsConcepts: Long/ short


Count 1 more than up to 10  Writing Numerals-6,7,8,9

Draw objects as per the number (1-5)HindiSongs: क्रिस्मस,फलवाला

उ ( words beginning with the sound)CreativeDecorate cut outs of fish and sea animals and create under water scene

Drawing and coloring Activity

Making stick puppetsGross Motor Skills

Fine Motor SkillsThrow ball at a target, kick a ball at a given target, catch a ball thrown from a short distance, Nature walk

Blocks and puzzles, threading beads, play dough/clay, lacing board

Encourage your child to follow these life skills mentioned below:

  1. Take care of belongings

  2. Help Tidy your room

Value Education 1. Helping Others 2. Not Hurting

Sr. KGSubjectTopicsClassroom ActivitiesStories and PoemsNote book, Pattern book and WorkbookEnglish

  1. Tell me a story

  2. Toys

  3. When the wind blows

  4. Marvellous Machine

  5. Safety

  6. A Hundred

  7. Introduction of

‘ch’ words – chin, chips, cheese, chat, chop, chew, cheek, chick, chess.

‘sh’ word – ship, shirt, shop, shoe, shy, shell, shine, shall.

‘th’ words – thumb, thorn, thrash, three, throw, thirsty, think, thank, thing.

Introduction of –   br blends:  brother, brown, bread, branch, broom, break, bring, brim.

‘bl’ words – blue, block, blob, blew, blanket, blood, bloom, blade,

‘fl’ words – flip, float, flora, flag, flat, flew, flower, flap

‘gr’-green, grey, grow, grass, grin, grill, great, grapes, greet.Drawing of ch words in sketch book.

‘I Spy’ game.

Activity with balloon and cheeks.

Drawing- vehicles with wheels.

Make vehicle with match box

Game – Mother may I.

Game – Traffic signal.

My Body is all mine.

Safety walk game.

Pretend sounds.

  1. Stories

  2. The Frog who never give up

  3. The Fox and Crane.

  4. The Blue King

  5. The Dog and the Bone

  6. Thiru and Thapki

  7. The Little Red Hen

  8. Rhymes

  9. I can Feel the Wind

  10. Brother Brown Bread

  11. Black and Blue bubbles I blew.

  12. Tall Flora Flamingo.

  13. Gracey’s Green Dress

  14. One freckled frog

  15. S.M.I.L.E.Workbook

Tell me a story –  W/s – S1, S2,

Toys – W/s – S4

Marvellous machine – W/s – S2.1,

S3.1, S4.

Safety –  S2, S4.1

A Hundred – S 2.1, S3,

Communicate in English –  37,44,45, 62,

Sight words:

Churn, lump, shallow, narrow, long-necked, yummy, chase, trick, reflection, greedy, shape, size, move, cheery, cheese, chocolate, Shillong, shirt, shop, shoe, spin, swirl, wind, blow,  thunder, thorn, thick, thin, Thursday, thorn, thread, thirteen, three, thermometer, burst, prick, bloat, bread, brown, bracelet, brother, bridge, brick, bride, broom, brush, blew, black, blue, blob, blankets, block, blouse, blade, black, blackboard, words beginning  with br and bl blend,

Fly, flag , flap, flew, flower, flute, flamingo, grew, grey, green, grin, hen, red, den, end, under, pen, bed, leg, leg, pet, vet, wet, net, he, her, run.EVS

  1. Weather Chart

  2. Daily  routineMake Blow painting

Draw to show one thing that moves.

Wind catcher.Workbook

Look What I Can Do –  WS   S3,

Content Book – Tales and Tunes- 3MathBetween numbers, before, after numbers.  1  –  20

Count forward and backward 1-20

Concept of more than.

Concept of less than.

Bundles of 2 tens and sticks,

Missing numbers

Skip count in 2’s and 5’s

  1. The Mystery Game

  2. Tell Routine in school and Number card game

  3. Game Walk back the path

  4. Dice game

  5. Hop Scotch game

  6. Decorate number 100

  7. Skip counting 2’s and 5’sNote Book


Tell me a story – W/s S4

Number name 17.

Toys – W/s – S1, S2,  S2.1, S5

Number name 18, 19, 20

When the wind blows – W/s – S2, S3, S-3.1,

Number name – 21-25.

Marvellous machine – W/s – S1, S2,


Numerals 11 -20 in NB.

Number name 26-30.

Missing numbers in NB.

Before numbers in NB

Safety – S4, S5

Number name 31-35,

A Hundred – S2, S4.

Number name 36- 40,

41 -50.HindiHindi  – च, छ , ज , झ, ट , ठReading and listening skills

Practicing on slatesHindi Vitan Book

Grafalco  practice writing  book

Std. ISubTopicClass Room ActivitiesContent Bk (Green)/ Student Wk Bk (Red)Note Book WorkActivities to do at homeENGLISHB12 – Sounds and Sentences

B-13 Writing a Poem (Watch ma Grow), Vowel words ai & ie.Reading, discussion, retelling of story, state the naming and telling part, making words with vowels ee & ea and , making words with vowels ai & ie.Reader :  70-85

W/S : S1 to S4 in B 12,13

Block 12, 13Notes on Naming and Telling part, words starting with ee & ea; ai & ie. Writing a poem.Reading the lesson, making new words with vowels, making sentences, solving practice worksheet.EVSB11 – Living and non-living (contd.)

B-12 Animal WorldDiscussion living and non-living things

Activity – Differentiating between a doll and a child. Labelling body parts of an animal, domestic & wild animals, writing “My favourite animal”, useful cows.Textbook : 70 – 79

W/S: S1 to S4 in B 11,12 Block 11,12Spellings, notes on lessons- Differentiate between living and non-living. Body parts, domestic & wild animals, and uses of cow as an animal.Making a booklet with pictures of living and non- living. Writing about

“My favourite animal”.MATHB11 – Subtraction within 10 (contd.) B-12 Positions B-13 LengthActivities using bangles, rajma beans and dice. Explanation of position using different objects, Finding direction & distance and reading maps. Comparing length & height of different objects.Textbook : 70 to 85

W/S : S1 to S4 in B 11, 12 W/S: S1 to S2 in B-13 Block  11 and 12Revision and exercises on Subtraction, position of different objects by drawing them, drawing map of the classroom. Drawing objects if different lengths & comparing them.Revision of Subtraction, Solving practice worksheet, drawing map of your home.HINDIमात्राओं का परिचय   गाने/ कविता *इ की मात्रा और ई की मात्रा *पाठ ३.विमान उड़ा गया ४.चिड़िया आई ५.खिचड़ी बढ़िया बनीशब्दों का उपयोग कर चित्र का वर्णन करना| चित्र में रंग भरना|

वर्णलेखनऔरशब्दलेखनइऔरईकीमात्रासभीवर्णोंपरलगाना| नएशब्द, प्रश्नोत्तरपुस्तिका में दिया गया कार्य करना| इ और ई मात्रा का उपयोग करना|वर्णों को मात्रा लगाना| नए शब्द लिखना| पाठ के नीचे दिया गया कार्यनए शब्द का याद करना|

वर्णों को मात्रा लगाना|

कविता याद करना|

प्रश्नोत्तर याद करना|MARATHIलेखनसराववाचनसराव

मूळाक्षरे वाचन लेखन

अंकउजळणी.मूळाक्षरे लेखन. वाचन सामान्यज्ञान,

अंकवाचनअंकलिपी ,मराठी चाटॅलेखन वाचन सरावउजळणी ,लेखन सरावV.EdMutual Respect (contd.)Activity – Video , Discussion————————Journal work-Write the golden rules              List of actions that make you feel good and bad.Life Skill –  To respect yourself and  others .

Std. IISubTopicClassroom ActivitiesContent book/ WorkbookNotebook workActivities to do at homeEngBlock 13 and 14

Grammar: Simple present and present continuous tense, creative writing.

Friday Comprehension: Lesson 13 and 14Block 13: reading the story and identifying the characters.

Describe the characters from the story.

Block 14: identifying the main ideas and event of the story.CB: Pg no. 81 to 98

WB: Pg 24 to 33Lit: Spellings, Questions and Answers.

Grammar: exercise on Simple present and present continuous tense, creative writing.Block 13: Write about the routine and circle the doing words.

Block 14: Parents to read stories and children to derive the main idea.EVSBlock 14- Directions to a place and Block 10- Kinds of foodBlock 14: finding directions using the Sun, understanding the map, using landmarks, use of compass.

Block 10: categorizing plant food, milk and milk products, classify the food by the role they play, healthy and unhealthy food.CB: block 14: pg.no.87 to 92

Block 10: pg no.63 to 68

WB: Block 14: pg no. 29 to 33

Block 10: pg. no.09 to 13Spell drill ,Fill up,Questions and Answers.Block 14: Students to draw their neighbourhood.

Block 10: Parents can involve their child in cooking and talk about food groups and healthy eating habits.MathGeometry (Block 7, 8, 9)

Patterns (Block 10)Block 7: identifying lines and curves, creating figures using lines and curves, identifying lines and curves in shapes and solids.

Block 8: naming, creating and describing flat shapes.

Block 9: identifying solid shapes, naming solid shapes, features of solid shapes

Block 10: making a pattern using 2 or more shapes, create a repeating pattern.CB: pg. no. 45 to 68Drawing lines and curves, drawing flat and solid shapes and naming themParents can help children to identify lines, curves, flat and solid shapes.

Parents can help children to create different figures using flat shapes.हिंदी  २

नोव्हेंबरमोर–कविता, घोंसलाकिसका–पाठऔरकरोनक़ल–पाठपाठकावाचन, नएशब्दलिखना, प्रश्नोत्तर, व्याकरणकार्यपुस्तिका में दिया गया कार्यनएशब्दलिखना, प्रश्नोंकेउत्तरलिखना, व्याकरणनए शब्द याद करना, कविता याद करना, पाठ का वाचन करना|मराठी २ री नोव्हेंबरमूळाक्षरे, मान्यज्ञान

वाचन ,लेखननोटबूकमध्येमूळाक्षरेलेखनवाचन

सराव,गोष्टअंकलिपी ,मराठीचाटॅलेखनवाचनसरावलेखन वाचन सराव  उजळणीV.Ed. and life SkillsMutual Respect Contd..Activity- Video, DiscussionJournal work- write the golden words, list of actions that make you feel good or bad.Life skills- to respect yourself and others

Std. IIISubTopicClass Room ActivitiesContent Bk (Green)/ Student Wk Bk (Red)Note Book WorkActivities to do at homeEngLITERATURE- Simple (Block 12, 13)


Degrees Of Comparison (Adjectives)Description of events using imagination, Brainstorming using pictures (lesson based), Making different words using 3 – 6 letter words given, Drafting essays using Venn Diagrams, Review a paragraph-creating checklists.Content Book – Simple


Block 12S1, S2, S3, S4;

Block 13S1, S2, S3, S4Literature – Spell Drill, Word Meanings, Questions & Answers

Grammar –

Degrees Of Comparison (Adjectives)Reading of the lesson. Parents can encourage children to describe places and special events using details from the five senses.  Also children can be asked to compare simple objects at home using a Venn Diagram.  While reading new stories at home, parents can ask children to compare the characters and settings in the story with their own lives.EvsScience- B9- Bones, Joints and Muscles, B10- Organ System of our body,B11- Personal care and cleanlinessActivity with play dough to make models of organs of the digestive system.CB – Science

B9-S1to S4

B10- S1 to S4

B-11 S1 to S4Spell drill, Fill up, Questions and Answers.Parents can take the students to a orthopaedic,discuss with the child working of the organ systems and explain to them importance of good health.Math

–––Block 6-Subtracting 3- Digits

Block-7 -Data HandlingBlock-6

Understanding the concept Expanding Regrouping Tens, Hundred, column method using Abacus, subtracting by

column method.


Understanding the concept of Data collection process.

Collecting information.

Pictograph with a scale=2

Bar Graph with a scale =2Block 6-

Workbook S1 to S4

Content Book:

Additional practice set 1 to set4.

Block -7

Workbook S1 to S4

Additional practiceRevision, writing numbers and number names up to 99999, Odd number and even numbers up to 9999.

Expanded form, Adding 2 digit ,3 Digit numbers,

Addition facts for numbers 10,11 12,13,14 and 100.

Subtraction and addition using column method.

Regrouping Tens and ones.

Pictograph with a scale=2

Bar graph with a scale=2Block- 6

The column method is taught alongside other methods such as expanding numbers and using an abacus. It supports mental maths and helps students understand that subtraction is based on place value

It will be great if children get an opportunity to play a lot of games to strengthen their subtraction facts.

Block -7

It would be great if the students get opportunities to represent larger data found in the newspaper and magazinesHindi२.पाठ-७  मैकौनहूँ

३.पाठ-८पाठ वाचन, नए शब्द जानना



व्याकरणनए शब्द लिखना|प्रश्नोत्तर

व्याकरणLesson Reading, Textbook ExerciseMarathiमात्रालेखनवाचनसराव

वाक्यलेखन सराव,माझेपुस्तकवाचन

लेखन सराव सामान्यज्ञानअंकलिपी ,मराठी चाटॅलेखन वाचन सरावलेखन वाचन सराव  उजळणीValues Education and Life skills Mutual respectActivity- Video , discussion————–Journal waork-Write the golden words

List of actions that make you feel good or bad.Life skill- To respect yourself and others.

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