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Newsletters – June/July 2015

Jr. KG (June/July)Subject/ UnitTopicActivitiesConversationOral/Reading/written workEngMyselfStory-Good morning Vishal, Country mouse Jerry and city mouse MerrySparrows, Ladoos for the whole family, Spotty, Fuzzy and patch

Songs-Everybody do this. When you are happy and you know it. Ten little fingers, head, shoulders, It’s time to put the toys away, We are special ,I love you ,you love me we are happy familyMy name is……I am a boy/girl

Important rules of the familyOral-phonic drill-A-ZReading-My world in pictures-page 1,2

Pattern writing

Writing capital letters-S,A,T,P,I,NEVSBody partsSense Organs

FamilySight wordsHead, hair, eyes ,nose, ears, stomach, arms, hand ,legs ,feet ,tongue, skin see ,smell, hear, taste, touch

Family,father,mother,brother,sister,grandfather,grandmother,uncle,auntName different body partsImportance of sense organs

Care of sense organsMatching worksheet and Activity pagesMathNumbersMatching, sequencing of picture cards, Pairing, seriating of body cut-outs, Sorting shapesPre-maths conceptTall/short, Happy/sad


Colour-Red, yellow

Shape-circleOral-Rote counting 1-10Numeral recognition1-5

Writing Numerals-1,2,3,4CreativeColouring, Sticking  and pasting Activities, Self portrait, I love my family badge,Gross motorFine motorBrick walk, Tunnel Crawl, Mass drill, GamesThreading beads, Blocks and  puzzles ,clay work

Sr. KG (June/July)SubjectTopicsClassroom ActivitiesStories and PoemsNote book, Pattern book and WorkbookEngMarvellous meMy senses

My family

Phonic sounds

2 and 3 letter ‘a’ words

Emotions- sad, happy, angry, surprised, amazed ,crying

Introduction of ‘qu’ sound

Introduction of opposites : big-small, tall-short, day-night, ,hot-cold with story

Reading :Communicate In English Book pgs-6 -11,14,22,38

Sight words:

School, same, different, name, I, am ,special, he, she, and, the, my ,you, like, this, is, my, mother, father, sister, uncle, brother, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, familyName CardsPicture Cards with letters

Identifying vowels by playing

Game with letters and picture cards

Draw my friend in sketch book

Conversation on :

Relations in the family

Family traditions

Family values

Games: Blindman’s buff,, Role play, mystery bag with objects of different shapes & sizesStories:Five friends and fifty five more

Dragon dreadful

The Crow and the Koel

Quest for missing friend

The elephant and the Blind Men

Goldilocks and the three bears

The strange Family

Red Riding Hood

Tom’s birthday cake

Grandpa’s boot

A tale of Opposites


Clean up song,

I have got five senses,

Ten chicks

What is  a family

My special name

Farmer in the dell

Ten little men in a flying saucer

Number name song


I love you

Where are you

Let us find a friend

I have kinds of feelingsNote BookWriting 2- 3 letter ‘a’ words-ab, am, an, ap, at, ad, ax, ag ,as

Pattern Book

A-Z, a-z, ‘a’ letter words



Pgs- WS:  S 2.1,6.1, 7.1 8.1,9.1,10.2

WS 1.1,1.2,2.1,3.2,4.1,7.1,10.2,

WS:2.1,3.1,3.2,7.1,7.2,9.1EVSAttend to personal care & hygieneWeather Update

Information on 5 senses

Concepts- hard/soft, smooth /rough

pricky /sticky, sweet, sour ,bitter, salty

Golden rules

Safety rules

Discuss the festivals they

Celebrate together

Sight words:

Eyes, ears, nose, senses, taste, see, hear, smell, touch, soft, hard, smooth, rough, pleasant, unpleasantSketch book-Thumb printingDraw and colour birthday cake

School visit

Draw my friend

Things I like

Making Popcorns

Draw sources of sound heard

Feel and match game


Making Fruit saladMathNumerals 1-50Number names 1-15

Shapes-their corners, sides

Concept- more / lessPatterning and sortingConcept: More or less up to number 10

Measuring height using non –standard

Measurements eg hand span

Sorting and patterning with shapes, beads, blocks

Forward, backward counting upto 10

Number line

Number cards

Place values using ice cream sticksNote BookNumerals from 1 to 50

Number Names  1 to 15


WS:4.1, 5.1,6.2,10.1HindiHindi Vitan Book Pgs:8 to 27Reading and listening skillPracticing on slates

Std. I

Subject/ Unit


Classroom Activities

Content Book (Green) and Student WB (Red)

Note book work


Ls 1 I like pets


Spell Drill – using flash cards

Role play


Game – Name . place animal and thing

Ls 1 I like pets

Workbook- S1.1 to S10.1

Sight words

Phonic words

Fill in the blanks with sight words




Ls.1 Plants and trees

Nature Walk

Paste the parts of a plant

Match- Fruits with seeds

To identify flowers

Ls 1 Plants and trees

WB- S 2.1 to 11.1

Parts of a plant

Word web

Name 5 trees in your neighborhood

Name 2*flowers*fruits*seeds

*uses of flowers.


Numbers and number names1-15

Number 0

Mental Math

Matching objects

Activities using number, number names and picture cards

Topic web

Introduction of numbers with ice cream sticks

Counting book

Content Book – Pgs. 1to 11

WB – S2.1 to S .1

|Number and number names from 1 to 15

Activity – number 0

Mental M|ath



१ स्वर ( अ से अ🙂 मौखिक

२ कविता – स्वर गीत


स्वरों से संबधित शब्द बनाना |






गाणे , माझे पुस्तक १ घटक १

बडबड गीत माझे पुस्तक १ घटक १ पान क्र. १,२

घटक १ पान क्र. १,२


V.Ed and Life Skills

Getting to know one another

Activity- discovering oneself/interviewing a friend and journal work.

Journal work

Life Skills- Learn to be a good listener. Share hands and greet others . Make use of golden words

Std. II

Subject/ Unit


Classroom Activities

Content Book (Green) and Student WB (Red)

Note book work


Literature – Ls.no.1 Sonia’s Dress Up Game.

Grammar-1. Sentence.

2. Sequencing.

3. Verbs.

Poem 6 Tadpole tale

* “Show and tell”- by using chana dal, thread, balloons, coloured paper.

*Sequencing game

Content book – Ls.no. 1 and Poem no. 6.

WS – pages 6 to13.

Ls.no. 1- sight words, meanings, opposites, make sentences, activity.

Grammar-* Definition on sentence with example, notes on when to use full stop and capital letters , Ex.1- Rearrange the words correctly to make a meaningful sentences.

*Sequencing- Definition, 5 sentences.

*Verbs- Definition with example, activity- draw and colour the following actions.


Ls.no. 1 – Plants and trees.


2. PPT on different trees.

3.Observing different leaves.

4. Rubbing tulsi leaf and neem leaf on palms and smelling them. Medicinal importance of these trees.

Content book – Ls. No. 1.

WS – pages 2 to 7

*KWL chart

*Explain the following- climber, creeper , shrubs, herbs, weeds, wild plants, grass, water plant.

*Table on things plants gives us and plant sources.




3.Even and odd numbers.

1.Number game- for before and after nos.

2.Even and odd nos. activity

3. Positioning objects for Ordinals.

Content book – pages – 4 to 9.

WS – Pages – 3 to 5.

*Numbers- missing nos., no names, write in figures, before and after.

*Ordinals- 1 to 10.

*Even and Odd nos.


वर्णमाला, मात्राएँ, शब्द रचना, सबकी दुनिया एक ( कविता )

पाठ २. जन्मदिन

गिनती – १ से १०

मात्रा लगाकर शब्द बनाना |

वर्णों से शब्दों का सफ़र |


वर्णमाला, मात्राएँ, नएशब्द

गिनती – १से१०बोलनाऔरलिखना



listening skill activity based on म,क,त,न,घ letters

पृष्ठ क्र . १ते६

म, क,त,न,घ,अक्षरे वहीत लिहिले . 

VEd./Life Skills

Getting to know one another

Activity- discovering oneself/interviewing a friend and journal work.

Journal work

Life Skills- Care for belongings, Show respect for oneself and others, Learn to be a good listener(through the interview)

Std. III

Subject/ Unit


Classroom Activities

Content Book (Green) and Student WB (Red)

Note book work


Lit: L1- From a Caddie to a Champion

Gram: Sentences, Use of Can, Cannot

Writing: Personal Narrative

  1. Phonics/ Sight words – game,

  2. Reading

  3. Sentences – kinds

  4. Ordering events

  5. Fact & Fantasy

Content Book: Ls 1

Work Book: Spelling Practice, Kinds of Sentences, Story Comprehension, Recognising Details, Ordering Events, , Can & Cannot, Fact & Fantasy

Lit: Word meanings, Meanings, Ques/ Ans Gram:Sentences – Kind, ,

Writing: Personal Narrative


Ls-1 Plants

  1. Sowing of mustard seeds.

  2. Observing of a plant.

  3. Making KWL Chart

  4. Observation of different types of leaves and flowers.

  5. Experiment with plants to show fuction of roots.

  6. Stem and leaves

Content Book- Reading of lesson

Workbook– * Parts of a plant

* Different Leaves

* The world of flowers

* Leaf & Stem

* Holding onto soil

* Functions of plant parts


  1. Drawing and labelling parts of a plant

  2. KWL Chart

  3. Tracing & labelling of leaf

  4. Question & Answers


Revision of 3-digit numbers, Four digit numbers(Missing numbers, The Place value, Building Numbers)

  1. Introduction to number 1000 with the help of straws.

  2. forming numbers with number cards.

  3. Number Grids worksheet

  4. Writing Place Value with the help of number cards and place value mats.

Content Book- 3-digit numbers, 4-digit numbers, writing numbers and number names, Place value.

Workbook- Three digit numbers, four-digit numbers, introduction to 1000, expanded form, Place Value

  1. Revision of 3-digit numbers

  2. Writing 4-digit numbers and the number names

  3. Expanded form

  4. Place value

  5. Number grid


चंद्रबिंदीवालेशब्द, अनुस्वार

१. कविता – किरण ( reci )

२. रवीन्द्र की कलम से

वर्णों के ऊपर चंद्रबिंदु लगाना| चंद्रबिंदु और अनुस्वार के शब्द लिखना|


चंद्रबिंदु और अनुस्वार के शब्द लिखना|

नए शब्द लिखना| प्रश्नोत्तर


घटक – १

रंगाची नावे, छ, ऊछेशब्दऐकने

जोडाक्षरे activity, listening skill

पृष्ठक्र. १ते४

जोडाक्षरे, शब्द व वाक्य लिहिणे.

V.Ed and Life Skills

V.Ed.-Getting to know each other.

Life Skills- Learn to be a good listener, Exhibit manners, Make eye contact during conversation, show respect for everybody

Activity 1 – Discovering oneself

Activity 2 – Interview…….getting to know each other

Journal work – interview

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